The Vampire Diaries: Casting for Greta

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With The Vampire Diaries going on hiatus until April 7, fans have many weeks to ponder pressing show-related questions. To wit:

Who should portray Greta?

The daughter of Jonas and sister of Luka, this witch will debut on episode 19, the same day viewers will finally meet Klaus. A casting notice describes Greta as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.”

Dr. Martin and Luka

With that in mind, sound off: what actress should come on board in this key role?


@Larissa--I agree about Jessica Szohr, she'd be great on the VD.


The new witch should be Raven Simone, Keri Washington, Jennifer Freeman, or bianca lawson??? Tiffany Hines.. who plays Jaden in Nikkita... but she would be a wonderful asset to the vampire diaries set! Well im out of ideas at the moment... im sure anyone you choose will be exceptional!!!


I think the person that should play Greta is the same person on the picture when Jonas realize his son was dead so he brought the picture out and went to go get revenge.

David and sabrina 2014

I don't really know what actress should play the role of Greta but I probably think that it should be a person who can become part of the helpers and the good people of the show. People always know that help being combined can help others and spread peace. What I can't really wait for is for episode 19, the arrival of Klaus. I wonder how the vampire brothers and the good people of Mystic Falls will end him, but one thing's for sure is that it will be truly epic and outstanding. Vampire Diaries just starts getting better and better everytime. =)


Wow Kevin and Julie should be ashamed of themselves they give guest stars more plotline and depth than they do bonnie. I feel sorry for Katherina graham and I hear Kevin making another show about witches damn that's like a slap in the face to all bonnie fans. I mean how can u make another show about witches when the only regular on tvd is a witch and u write her such crapiness. i cant even begin to fathom the disappointment I feel for the writing of this character its like never gets her own storyline she's always being used to prop up another character. and I guess I've figured out the big and oh so predictable finale death........ ugh that's all gotta say about.


Keke Palmer, Christina millian, that black girl from gossip girl( nicole something), Jurnee smollet(the great debaters, roll bounce, girdiron gang), kyla pratt


Hmm.. what about Jessica Szhor from Gossip Girl? She is hardly on that show anymore, this would be a good way for her to expand her career. Plus she has that cool carefree attitude.


Hmm, what about Jessica Szhor from Gossip Girl? She is hardly on Gossip Girl anymore, this would be a nice way to expand her career. Plus she has the cool, carefree attitude.

Reese williams

hahaha just for funzies we should sometime in the future get one of the Charmed ones on there.
get Rose McGowan to orb some witchness up in there, honkie style :D (it's okay, i can say that, imma honkie ;))


Obviously, not on the Vampire Diaries. ;-)

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