The Vampire Diaries Review: This Means War...

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I want the boy more than I want vengeance.
Let's get both.

It. Is. So. On.

For weeks during the hiatus that concluded last week, fans had heard about the impending vampire vs. werewolf war. On "Daddy Issues," it escalated. Big time. And poor Caroline suffered at the hand of the shot 'heard round the world. Or the shots heard 'round the world, really, wooden bullet style. Ouch.

Jules and Tyler

You know it's an exciting, action-packed episode when it starts and ends with Damon wet and naked... and those scenes are merely an afterthought.

While Damon did utter some classic lines this week (Vervain is an "acquired taste," he isn't that tall, etc.), there's not much to pick apart about him at this point. We get it: he loves Elena, he can't have Elena, he constantly struggles between good and evil. I love the character, but there's little new to say about that cycle right now.

Fortunately, this installment was a great platform for Caroline, Stefan and Tyler, while it did an tremendous job introducing Brady. It's easy to understand everyone's viewpoint in this burgeoning bloodbath, which is a sign of great writing.

Caroline is still new at this vampire thing and was trying to protect her friends, but when it backfired, she cut ties with Tyler. In response, he went back to the only real family he has right now - and can you blame him? His dad is dead, his uncle is dead and Jules is talking about a code of honor and loyalty. He could use a lot of that right now.

Stefan, meanwhile, is always trying to play peacemaker, but had no choice but to fight back when confronted in the woods. Can't imagine that brawl (one of the best filmed, most tense sequences in show history) will go a long way toward helping him earn Tyler's trust.

Then there's Brady. He's a villain, sure. But he's just living the life he knows. He's likely grown up around those who instilled in him a mortal hatred for vampires. I'm certainly not rooting for him in this feud (the guy doesn't even have a superhero haircut), but I appreciate that he comes across as a multi-dimensional character.

Overall, a tight, solid, focused hour of television that continued to raise the stakes. I'll leave you with a few questions:

  • Do you trust John?
  • How touching was that group hug between Elena, Bonnie and Caroline?
  • And the "I love you" mouthing. Sorry, Delena lovers.
  • Here's your first look at next week.


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So just started to watch the show (online) and I cant believe how many Delena fans their are. Im sorry I just dont like/trust him. Yes he is hot but in my opinion Stefan is HOTTER! I know that yall have seen more episodes than me (im working on that) but right not and I think even in the future (no matter what i have read) I will always be a Stelena fan!!!!! GO STEFAN!!


Loved this espisode. Caroline and Stefan are not going to be a couple (think pilot). Stefan has got a lot of love, respect and understanding for Caroline and he thinks of Caroline (with Tyler) as what Lexi was to him. Elena's love for Stefan is reinforced with his touching but simple act of comfort to Caroline. I don't trust John. His visit to Katherine said enough. Although I think he will not actually let anything happen to Elena. Elijah seems to be a man of his word given that Jonas saved the day but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Damon - love this guy. He is so wicked, witty , funny and so hard on himself. It must be so difficult for him that he cannot have Elena. But then he loves his brother and knows he cannot take her away from him. Bring on the rest of the season! Thankgoodness they do not string it out for months. PS: The fight in the woods was the best so far. Can not wait to see what other tricks the vampires and werewolves have.


caroline should just tell matt about her secret so that she wouldn't have to lie anymore and they could live (or be undead) happily ever after :P


ok ok ok... i ssooo love Delena!!!! i mean seriously they would make a very very interesting and hot couple. anyway i don’t trust john hey he is helping out Katherine out of the tomb. again i loooooovvveee Damon. um Delena that is.


the stelena 'i love you' was just adsfsdfd


The wolves don't stand a chance. Damon and Stefan have Elijah and the warlocks on their side. The wolves are toast!


There weren't too many Stelena scenes this episode, besides i was too mesmerised with Damon's shirtless scenes. TEAM Damon! i love the moments between Delena. I hope to see more scenes with them but it's too early for Elena to suddenly say, oh wait I love Damon, when she will probably always love Stefan...i think she does care about Damon and hopefully down the track the writers will give us some juicy moments, but for right now i'm enjoying the other couples. Beremy and Forwood! But how can you not love Damon, seriously. Also, if Tyler's out of the picture and Matt dies (cough) then couldn't something happen between caroline and stefan? I'm just putting it out there! ;)


While I do like Stefan and Elena together, I do want to see Damon and Elena get together for a while. Let Stefan and Elena get together at the end but let him get involved with Caroline for a little while. Not too long though.
It's starting to drag on with Damon and Elena though. They need to get together soon as I feel they are starting to kill the moment.


I hope Damon and Elena get togther. They would be better then her and Stefan. But all in all it was a good espiode. Cant wait 4 next weeks.


I love how "Stelena" fans are so obsessed with the idea that "Delena" fans are just inventing the Caroline/Stefan chemistry. Kinda doing something very similar to what you're accusing others of. I totally saw it and I rarely even watch the show and don't back any pairings so far. I don't really think Elena should be with anyone, she's been a total boyfriend obsessed, friend ignoring biatch from what I've seen and only ended up hanging out with Bonnie and Caroline because her boyfriend suggested it. So typical, so sickening.

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