The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Daddy Issues"

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Welcome to weekly The Vampire Diaries Round Table, as our esteemed panel is here to analyze the latest episode of this CW smash, reviewed HERE.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by TV Fanatic writer Steve Marsi and fellow critic Eric Hochberger to discuss topics from "Daddy Issues" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: It was short, it was simple and it wasn't snarky. But, man, it got me when Elena told Caroline "We're gonna slumber it." The show doesn't often stop and focus on friendship moments such as this. It was beautiful.

Steve: My favorite of many great Damon quotes was, "I'm steering clear of all women at the moment... trust me, it's in the best interests of women everywhere."

Eric: Can I just cite the entire fight sequence between the vampires and werewolves in the woods? Very dramatic and well-filmed all around. And I didn't see Jonah coming to the rescue!


Do you trust John Gilbert?
Matt: On one hand, he tried to burn Damon alive. On the other hand, he has recently-sewn-back-on fingers. So it's hard to say. But I was moved by his speech to Elena and his rejection of the ring he gave Jeremy and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. For now.

Steve: Does anyone? This guy was shady even before this mysterious, quasi-unexplained return that smacks of suspiciousness.

Eric: Yes, I trust him... to keep me guessing about his intentions!

Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
Matt: The bathtub. Call me a sucker for blood and bubbles.

Steve: Best tie ever. The only downside? Every subsequent episode not bookended by Ian Somerhalder in the shower will now feel like a letdown.

Eric: The shower. The tears in my eyes from Damon's touching admissions to Andie made it difficult to see a lot of the bathtub scene.

Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
Matt: Team I Understand Both Sides. I felt worse for Caroline, of course, because she was tortured for hours and all. But put yourself in Tyler's position: he's as confused and lost as one can be. I don't blame the guy for his hesitation in unlocking that cage.

Steve: Going with my girl Caroline on this one. Vampires all the way. I like Tyler, but haven't seen enough of his team to feel any sort of loyalty to his canine kin. Plus, Caroline is very cute.

Eric: Team Tyler has alliteration going for it, but Team Caroline is on the side of the girl who was trying to protect her friends and who was shot full of wooden bullet holes. I'll go with the latter.

When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!?
Matt: I have no idea, but I was very troubled by their sudden closeness last night. Fans haven't come together to finalize a nickname yet. Jonnie? Beremy?!? Hurry up and sound off!

Steve: Around the time Alaric went looking for Isobel, happened to find John and decided it'd be cool to bring him back instead because he can help. Both developments were sprung on us out of nowhere.

Eric: Who said they were dating? High school is all about hook ups these days. Just because Jeremy put his arm around Bonnie, and just because they shared a table at the Grill, doesn't mean they are anything more than friends with benefits.


no it’s “the new *cock* needs to HARDEN for at least 24 hours…”I guess it suhlod have taken Viagra before hand…


Isyss's “Daddy Issues� Round Table Reply… My chosen scene is definitely the Vamp/Were Fighting Scene. Watching the brothers bonded in action, was beyond an epic thrill; and emotionally reminiscent of their 1864 closeness. My chosen quote {likely to remain top-listed/branded!} is Damon’s instructions {not since w/Vicki when he said “no more talking, let’s dance�…Ending this episode wet from a welcoming bathtub, with his sultry words: “Just stop talking. Just kiss me. Be my distraction.� …With particular mention of those last three words…Evoked uncontrolled, unspeakable responses of my exuberance as an uncompelled, more than willing, volunteer for the permanent position! Dayum sexy phrase! Thus, this scene was hotter than the scorching shower intro; that caught me up like a close-line-to-the-throat! I am Team Caroline. I originally was often annoyed by her character. But Candice/Caroline had abso-bloody-lutely earned her Femme Fatale creds. as a Vamp to be reckoned with; especially with the hedonistic Brady torture she just endured! Random comment…I am dying to see Isobel come back in any capacity! ;> Again…The Vampire Diaries’ Hit Squad Did It Again! *Standing Ovation to All!*


This was such a great episode, thrilling and suspenseful as usual. I loving my VD fix each week. I have never been so happy to see Damon's shirtless & wet shower scene - this was definitely one of my favs, although the bath scene was quite good too. Anytime with Damon shirtless is fine by me. Any of Damon's lines are my favs. TEAM CAROLINE, but i feel sympathetic towards Tyler of course, poor guy. I hate jules. There is only one word for her. bitch. and I don't trust her, does she only want tyler because he's the only lockwood left, is he like the alpha male or something? And what's with Matt, is it me or does anyone care about him anymore? Uncle John had gotten himself a haircut, he was looking quite fine, though i still don't trust him. I agree his speech to elena about her parents tugged at my hearstrings, but not as much as the slumber party scene. Also liked to see Bonnie/Jeremy together, even if it's just as friends for the moment, at least she's not with Luka! P.s I like Beremy as their nickname. It's cute. Can't wait to see what happens next in Mystic Falls. I look forward to reading the spoilers!!


Hmm, shower or bath scene? Honestly this depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I can go for a bath and sometimes just a hot shower. Yeah, either way I'm pretty good.
While I definitely can see why Tyler is hesitant of everyone around him, I'm going with Team Caroline. In the end it's the Vamp's I want to survive.
I didn't take Jeremy and Bonnie as dating either. I took it as they are friends hanging out that will eventually lead to dating.


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
The Bath scene
Andie: Why do you kill people?
Damon: Because I like it. It's in my nature too. It's who I am. But then I have to stay together to protect her and she wants me to be the better man which means I can't be who I am. Do you see the problem I'm having, Andie? Do you trust John Gilbert?
not really he up to something but that nothing new. Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
I think the shower was hotter just becuase the bathtube sence was more of a pull at the heart sence. Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
I still don't really like Tyler. so i'm team caroline i love who she become when she turn. When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!?
that when i was saiding when i saw them getting close in this ep. I feel like i caughing the middle of a movie.


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Elena and Damon hanging around the grill and Damon telling Elena that she shouldn't just expect him to be the good guy just because it's her asking...Damon, she knows it, we know it, and you know ARE going to be the good guy if it's HER asking :P Do you trust John Gilbert?
No, he's obviously hiding too much to be trusted. But I do trust that he wants the best for Elena...he truly loves his daughter. Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
Shower!!! Didn't see too much of Damon in the bathtub... ;) Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
Team Caroline!! Tyler's an idiot and a jerk. He saw what they did to her! How can he go back to them?!?!? When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!?
Not dating! Just hanging around and practicing some serious flirting :) But, they're teenagers, they're probably the only normal teenage pair in the whole show (i mean, interaction wise...):P and, when they do start...what about Beremy??? :P XDXD


il most definitely go with team caroline she was just trying to protect her friends all the way i just pity her all locked up stuff...and i want john to get katherine out so the battle can begin...and bout bonnie an jeremy??its just a temporary crush bonnie looks kinda older.....and the bathtub damon??was totally hotter.


I love Bonemy! Team Caroline! See how short Tyler got to tell Jules about the moonstone ? Don't trust him. And the shower +1! Saw a lot more ian-naked-skin.




team caroline all the way.. loved her & tylers figth at the end.
but tyler just seems very lost
loving stefan & carolines friendhsip, way mroe into damon usually btu this week it was stefan. so sweet

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