V Season Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die?

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V will wrap up its season season on March 15. At this time, the odds for a third are unlikely, but one thing is certain:

IF the ABC drama is renewed, it will return this fall with a different cast. According to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, only two characters are locks to be living following next month's finale: Anna and Erica.

Saying he chose his victims based on "what would be most devastating for the characters I want to continue," Rosenbaum says at least two of the following people will be killed off: Ryan, Tyler, Jack, Lisa, Diana and Chad.

Serpent's Tooth Scene

Ryan and Jack may need to pray for their own lives at this point.

"People are going to be shocked," Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) told TV Guide. "When we read the script there was initially shock, then sadness."

It sounds from that quote as if Lisa is safe, but that's all we can say for certain. Who do you think V should axe?


The entire decision can be dumbed down to one statement. If Diana goes, so goes V. Period. She has provided the most interesting element to the show, revived it for fans of the past (original) V series..and she adds depth to the show. She is the only one who can foil Anna. Let's face it, a baddie such as Anna is only fun if they are tripped up once in a while...as Jane was in the original show by various other people such as Pam, Lydia, Charles, and others. Is Diana the last hope of the 5th column? Or, does she have her own plans? Remember that expression of evil you saw on her face when she learned humans could breed with Vs? It was the old Diana "coming out"... This Diana is more calculating, wise, and patient. She is a far greater force to be welcomed... ...or feared. This is the real story. Is she Hitler or Jesus?
They kill her, they kill the show.


if lisa dies i'm not watching the show anymore. Her and Erica are the best 2 charcters. I wouldn;t care much if ryan, jack, or even chad died. But bloody hell i want that bi*ch anna gone, but i kinda understand that they need to keep her on if there's gonna be a season 3


I agree with the other person, we all love Diana and want her to be on the show, she is the only reason i am watching, I did not even watch season one, but when i heard Jane Badler is coming back as Diana, I went and bought Season 1 to catch up, so please keep Diana and let our voices be heard, send these messages to abc network please


Let Diana stay, we want her on the show and she is the main reason i am watching, if she goes, we will never watch again


I hope Diana STAYS, she is the reason that I started watching V again and I hope that she comes back in Season 3 and take over Anna and be the queen once again. If Diana goes, then I will never watch this show again and I know over 200 other people who expressed the same view, don't kill Diana.


DON'T AXE V!!! V is one of my top favortie Sci-Fi shows in the world. V ALL THE WAY!!! JOHN MAY LIVES


Tyler definitely needs to be a character that dies. Has he really done anything in the 2nd season? Except show up occasionally with his hands in his pockets, say one irritating line and leave? I'm all for his character dying, especially now that Erica seems to be turning to the dark side. Once she has no Tyler, she will have less to live for. I doubt that Father Jack or Hobbes will die, the way they are setting those 2 up this season makes that pretty obvious. They are like her dark and light side. One pulling her to destroy no matter what the cost and the other voicing caution and reason. Hopefully Lisa does not die, maybe the half breed baby because Anna and Ryan both love the child?


anybody but Diana! She goes, I will not watch again!


Tyler, definitely !! He gives all teenagers a bad name !!


Cannot believe they would consider ending the series after only two seasons. Whenever a clever and truly entertaining show hits the air, if it is too smart for the general public, it goes away. Thanks to the dumbing of America, we leaving shallow and idiotic shows (all reality TV) on the air while killing those shows that make us think. I agree that Tyler must go. He is to moody, brooding and yes, annoying.

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