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We already know that Joseph Morgan has landed the must-hyped role of Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

Now, thanks to the detective work of Michael Ausiello, we can confirm the actor/character's premiere date: April 21.

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With nothing else to add, we'll conclude this update with a few pressing questions:

  • Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister?
  • Will Elena be turned this season?
  • Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless?
  • What main character will die next?
  • Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire?

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Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister?
Hmmm...fishy! But i think believer him... Will Elena be turned this season?
NOPE! It's to soon! It'll ruin it.... Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless?
Just all the time please! What main character will die next?
Hopefully BONNIE :@ but i think Matt might die :'( Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire?
Better be and i think it will be VAMP because he so loves caroline!

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what I think about this season goes incredibly mysterious. What I think about Elena being turned is by 3 things:
1:Elena may not be ready to be turned yet
2:Stefan still may think that turning Elena could be a big mistake(or is still undecided) but still keeps her protected
3:Elena should just be turned to end the curse and let vampires and werewolves live in peace.
The arrival of Klaus is what will bring Mystic Falls to a face-off battle. It will be the most ultimate time of the season that can't be missed.=O What will become of Elena,the salvatore brothers,and the people of Mystic Falls? The season is what has the answer.
P.S. I don't really have to care about Damon going shirtless again but my sister is what she'll truly want. Tyler should just stick the good vampires to help them,for Jewls to screw off or just die,and have the goodest people of Mystic Falls to combine together and keep the town safe and restore peace. All evil vampires have got to go.


Cannot wait for Klaus. The only for sure/guarantee's we will see. Damon will chase Elena and Damon will cry. LOL


I don't think elena will be turned this season, maybe in next one... I really hope it's soon, because I want her to remember that damon said he loved her... I think Tyler might be the one to die next... And I want to see damon shirtless in every kind of circunstances.


i agree with you on EVERYTHING you said!!!!but until April...thats too long!!!!!:(


@ Gabby. I read the books abut that doesn;t have much to do with the programme, they're playin it out a little different. doesnt mean she'll be changed same time as books did it


obviously none of you guys read all of the books if u read the books(like me) then u would know what happens and even if Elena even changes


I cannot wait to see Klaus on Vampire Diaries and hope they have him make a dark but sexy entrance like with Elijah. I do not think Elena will be turn, maybe season finale yeah, but I say it is too early. I think Tyler will stick by Jules and try to make Jules join with him in helping Elena and Caroline.


I think that Luka's dad, Alaric and Matt will bite the dust along with Jules - her part in the sacrifice will ensure it.
Tyler will come back with more confidence/maturity and be involved in disrupting the sacrifice, witnessing Matt's death and starting to reconnect to Caroline - though that won't really become a full fledged romance until next season.
I don't think Elena will be turned till next year - still too early, too much human angst to mine out of the character.


yeah, I also think it may be too soon for Elena to be turn BUT with the fact they gave us, I think it is the only way to get rid of Klaus. Just give her some blood, get her sacrificed bu Klaus, kill Klaus and then tadaa!
But I don't know...just wait and see cause if I trust some writers these days, vampire diaries's writers are one of them!

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