White Collar Review: "Countermeasures"

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While this week’s White Collar was a pretty solid episode, I wasn’t completely sold on the intrigue of this mysterious character who came into town, nor was I especially enlightened on what June was like back in the day.

You knew from the beginning of "Countermeasures" that Ford was sketchy, and it took the whole episode just to watch Neal confirm that fact. However, Billy Dee Williams did a good job in his guest star role. It was nice to see a veteran actor stopping by for an episode.

White Collar Guest Stars

The further we get into this second half, the more we keep getting overtly reminded of this struggle between, as Peter so eloquently put it, “a con or a man.” We keep getting these glimpses into the dialogue Neal is having with himself about where he is, who he is, and where he’s going.

Peter doesn’t seem to think that those two parts of a person can co-exist. Will Neal be Peter’s case study in this regard as we continue to watch the former grow?

There was little to be heard of on the music box front, as the final two episodes of the season will apparently provide closure to that storyline.

Mozzie is in the process of constructing the radio that will reproduce whatever frequency the music box possesses. I guess I would just like to get to the point, seeing as there is only one episode remaining before what is sure to be an epic two-hour finale.

Other highlights from the episode include:

  • Peter apologizing to Satchmo for leaving his handcuff key out where the poor, lovable lab could swallow it - and Elizabeth insisting that Peter apologize. Cute moment.
  • Neal, June and Ford belting out a classic tune around the piano. You don’t usually get a glimpse into the other talents of the cast, so it was nice to see them eloquently integrate those aspects here.
  • Elizabeth noting Ford’s eagerness to avoid June from taking out the photo album. Peter always refers to her as his “best agent,” but you have to love the relationship that she shares with her husband and that she always seems to come up in the clutch and aid him.

We're stuck with a week off from new episodes before heading into the final two installments of the season. Gives us plenty of time to analyze "Countermeasures," at least. What did everyone else think?


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Please, i would like to knoow the name of the song that Neal and June are dancing on at the end of the episode?

@ Lape

I've been waiting for someone to answer that question for three years now... still nothing! :(


Here's the info on the song, of which Matt & Diahann sang an excerpt: "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)" is a popular song written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer for the musical 'The Sky's the Limit' (1943) and first performed in the film by Fred Astaire. It was popularized by the American singer Frank Sinatra. And, yes, Matt was really singing. He sang at the Kennedy Honors a few years ago and was featured in an episode of "Glee" this year (in which I really appreciated his acting skills: made his character one that audiences loathed in about 5 seconds, which was the point, but he did it effortlessly, like a chameleon; I also appreciated his acting in the small part in the movie "In Time" (where he was a total opposite from the slick/upbeat "Neal Caffrey").


What is the name of the tune Neal and June dance to at the end of the episode, not the one they sing, but the one they dance to... I think it's the same Ford was playing at the piano after Neal and June sing together at the dinner party!


This was a very good episode. Nice touching moment when Neal asked June to dance. Forging Bonds is still my favorite this season and I hope it is one that they discuss on the extra footage on the DVD's. I am also looking forward to hearing the whole song Neal and June teased us with. I wish Jeff would write in something for Neal to sing with his guitar and his mentor from the Eagles.


I am pretty sure that the final episode---whenever it airs---is two hours.


Yes, Matt was really singing. He sang at the Kennedy Center Honors and proved just how gorgeous a voice he has. TWO HOUR finale?!!!! Chandel, I think you misunderstood. Two more episodes and THEN the finale. WC ends the season on March 8th.


The song Neal and June were singing was "One for my Baby (and One More for the Road)". Loved Williams' appearance in this episode!


I believe the song name was "One For The Road." Was Matt Bomer really singing with her or was he faking it? To sing well with Diahann Carroll takes some chops, so I wondered if it was really him.
All in all, I thought it was a good episode.


I love how peter said find a other way to get these guy because he not taken his wife on these and then Neal call his Wife I fell down laughing and peter face


Any idea what song Neal and June were singing? Google isnt enlightening me

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