Who Gets Kissed on NCIS Tonight?

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Romantic moments on NCIS aren't too frequent, but with Valentine's Day still fresh, it looks like we're in luck this evening. One of the special agents gets kissed. But who?

"Somebody has a crush and it ends up in a lip lock," Pauley Perrette (Abby) teased at the Grammys Sunday. "[Kisses happen] very few times over eight and a half years."

"I'm not saying who it is, but some fans will be excited and some fans will be angry."

Identity Theft Victim

NEVER BEEN McKISSED: It's gotta be Tim, right?

In tonight's episode, we know a botched assassination attempt forces NCIS to protect a Defense Minister's daughter, who becomes smitten with McGee. How will Abby react?

Of course, it could be a separate plot line that leads to a lip-lock. We know that Ziva's BF Ray is coming to town at some point, although we don't think it's this week.

Share your comments and theories below!

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What happened to tim ? both my wife and I say he is ether sick ,lost a lot of waight or isn't the same actor does any one know ?


I would like to see Tim and Abby do the "lip locking", but how would that relationship work in the work place? Would one of them have to leave the show? I really enjoy them both and I can hope the writers will do what they need to do to keep the show what it is. Great Viewing every time !


Vance and his wife


I think its McGee


I hope for McGee's sake it is him. It's time for him to get a dose of romance, however awkward and full of humor it might be for the audience. Maybe Ziva's guy is a joke; an 80 yr old retiree from Florida who found a spirited companion in Ziva to go traveling with or skiing or whatever. Red roses or black for Abby tonight or a red-haired someone for Gibbs. Whatever it is it will be fun to watch.


McGee and about bloody time too!!!!


its tim for sure but wish it was tony.

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