Being Human Review: Things Will Never Be The Same

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Can you believe what Sally went through with Danny and the exorcist this week?!?

It was fantastic when Sally inhabited the exorcist's body long enough to talk to Danny and for the exorcist to know what he did to Sally. I was happy to finally hear a human say Danny deserves what he gets. I wonder if we will see what that is.

Going Dutch Scene

Elsewhere, the elders were a nasty bunch of old curmudgeons. They seemingly refused to change and adapt to the new world.

I would have encouraged them to quickly go back to their cocoons. They were whiny, uppity and downright annoying. Why haven't the modern vampires figured out a way to dispose of them by now?

Marcus was such an idiot, a brown-nosing jerk who really thought by spilling his guts to the Dutch that they would kill Bishop and put him in charge. For a split second, I almost felt sorry for the dolt.

Apparently, Bishop had a plan similar to the one executed by the vampires on True Blood. He wanted to increase their numbers and bring them out into the light. I didn't see that coming. It was a pretty good idea, actually, but he was foiled again. It turns out that when you don't share your plans with your minions, you are sometimes left all alone.

How incredibly gross was it that the big dinner for the Dutch elders consisted of a pregnant woman (compelled, of course) tied to a table so they could eat her twins. Really? I don't even know how to feel about that scene. It was far more than I needed to know. But the final outcome of the dinner was classic. Made me root for Bishop. He gets more fun to watch every episode. He really is a crazy nut who wants to rule the world.

It was a groovy fight scene, and the music played during the action really worked. I love when things turn out so much differently than I expected, and this was an awesome way to wind up the story of the Dutch elders. After Bishop killed a few of the elders, Aidan (literally) turned the tables on him and saved Heregen.

Every minute of this episode left my mouth hanging open.

Just as Marcus was set to kill Aidan, Rebecca stepped in and killed Marcus. Yes, I know we all watched this together, but it was worth repeating because just when my mind was set that she was unforgivable, her redemption was set in stone.

Unfortunately, she wasn't set in stone, and turned to dust. I was finally looking forward to her future with Aidan, how they might together try to bring peace to the vampires, but it wasn't meant to be. Instead, she became a tragic heroine of epic proportions.

I loved the way Josh handled the announcement of Nora's pregnancy. It happened much earlier than I would have imagined, and he made the event so comical. As usual, Josh said the wrong thing at the wrong time when he really wanted to say the opposite. Fear has a way of jamming your own foot down your throat. In spite of their still burgeoning relationship, it grows stronger and more realistic each week.

If I didn't know better, I would have said this made an awesome season finale. We still have two episodes to go, though, and at the pace they're taking the show I cannot wait to see what they hold. It's become a cliche, but that doesn't make it any less true:

"Going Dutch" was a game changer.


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How/why/what is compelled?

Neon glo

And didn't ANYONE wonder what happened to that poor pregnant woman? I wanted to see someone rescue her!

Neon glo

Carissa, you don't seem to get that "the Dutch" are very old and powerful and the offshoot of an older, even more powerful bunch back in Europe. Bishop has started a war like a Mafia don - it's going to get very nasty. And you must not have been paying attention; Bishop's plan to rule humans has been discussed in past episodes.
I liked seeing the exorcism sequence, but Sally looks seriously damaged. It will be interesting to see how she get "healed" of that assault.
And, really, Josh's dream was too obvious since they did it before very recently. I knew as soon as I saw the baby gifts that he was about to see a nightmare were-baby. I thought they should have made it howl, though! X)
I've watched some of the BBC version and am trying not to get the stories confused. I think the writing is improved here, as if they had time to think better of their choices. There, the vampire boy was sent off to live with his mom. That's just stupid; how could that possibly work out? I also don't get why ghosts in the UK apparently can touch and interact as if they were alive. But maybe I missed something. I need to see more of them, if I can.


I have seen every episode since it started. I just love the show.


i love this series! there was so much action. i adore the characters. even crazy like a fox bishop.


This show had a slow start, but boy is it making up for that. Josh cannot stop putting his foot into his mouth and now with the baby coming; I wonder if the girlfriend has supernatural problems in her family?!
Poor Aidan has done little else but cry the last two episodes. They keep breaking his heart and I cry with him. Was so happy to see Sally finally get a break with Danny the liar. That smirk sure left his face fast.
Only 2 more episodes of the season, I'm just getting warmed up! Nurtz!


:always love the show although last nites episode w the pregnant woman was disgusting, almost turned the tube off, glad it did not turn out the way I imagined!


I really enjoyed last nights episode, it was a good attention getter. I'm loving it more and more every time I watch it. I can't wait till next week to see what revenge Sally gets on Danny, she looked pretty mad and a bit possessed, It's going to be GOOD. I was a little upset Rebecca decided to leave but she truly redeemed herself and her love for Aidan, but was glad to see Marcus gone.So ready for next Monday to get here. HURRY


I'm sure Danny is going to get what's coming to him in a very satisfying way. That is a story line I'm most excited to see. I'm beginning to like Bishop. I hope he isn't killed off. He is a great foil to Aiden in their love/hate friendship. I was sorry Rebecca decided to die, I was beginning to like her, too.


Last night show was,great hope sally puts it to danny,Kind of sad about rebecca.Loving josh more every week.Can,t wait until next week.......

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Being Human Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

So greedy. And they think we're uncivilized.


Edler Vampire 1: They're not chained.
Elder Vampire 2: Were they compelled?
Bishop: There's no need. They're here by choice. Some because they hope to be diners some day and some, they have issues.