Being Human Review: What an Episode!

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I don't know what to say about "I See Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You" other than this: it was perfection in how well it managed to volley between intense and funny moments (including a few intensely funny moments!).

I was feeling for Sally as she tried to do justice to her friend and ex-lover, albeit in different ways, and then I was laughing out loud when Josh and Aidan tried to stop the latter from turning into a vampire in the middle of dinner with Josh's family. This episode had everything you could ask for in an hour of television, except romance. Frankly, it wasn't missed.

Being Human Scene

Everything seemed to happen so quickly. In moments, it seemed, Josh and Emily were on their way to his hometown of Ithaca. Apparently, she had given her parents Josh's journal, and his dad immediately asked him how long he had thought he was a vampire. It spiraled out of control from there.

There was Aidan turning into a vampire after eating garlic... Josh smashing a coat rack after many runs through the house trying to find a stake to take out Marcus... he and Aidan fighting in the back yard. Seriously, visit our
Being Human quotes section and try not to laugh.

Elsewhere, the story of whether Josh told his parents his secret was left open and unfinished. Were the scenes were real or played out in Josh's head?

I've had some experience with domestic violence, and Sally's scenes with Bridget and Danny were quite painful to watch. The way they were filmed, it was as if Sally was Bridget's subconscious and Bridget knew everything Sally was saying was spot on. But her heart, her weak heart, couldn't let the thoughts ring true.

There is something so impossible to understand in a situation such as this. Part of of Bridget wants to stand tall and listen to her friend (and subconscious) and the other part wants to think only of the good in Danny and believe what Sally is suggesting can't possibly be valid. For some horrible reason, women still feel inferior if they don't have a partner.

Society tries tackling so many different inequalities everyday, but it still happens that some women don't feel strong enough to stand on their own. Bridget is settling for what she knows, instead of starting over, something Sally would give anything to do, but will never have the chance. I don't know if Sally's journey will continue with Bridget and Danny past this point, or if she has gone as far as her soul could take her.

For her, it was too late to make a difference in her own life, so she tried to save her friend. However, if you can't even save yourself, can you imagine the enormity of trying to bring such a truth to light in someone else's mind?

From humor ti despair, Being Human was a rollercoaster of emotions this week. The episode broke away from the UK version in such a way that I will no longer have any problem watching them concurrently. One last thing:

Could the wrapped bodies in the barn been what has become of Adian's wife and child? His family? Other families? I was thrown by that scene and I can't wait to see where it goes.


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@ Jody Johannessen -
She did not call Josh a Vampire. Look at the sentence more closely.
"when Josh and Aidan tried to stop the latter from turning into a vampire in the middle of dinner with Josh's family." She said "tried to stop the latter"; the latter being Aidan.


Clearly the wrapped bodies in the barn are vampires that are so old they can't go out during the day (Not Aidan's wife and child!). Remember, the ability to walk in the daylight is a product of vampire evolution; so really old vamps would not be able to. That's why Marcus has to wait until sunset to speak with them. Bishop basically called Marcus a mistake and humiliated him in front of the other Vampires as punishment for picking on Aidan. Marcus is probably there to cause trouble for Bishop as payback. Josh did tell his parents he's a werewolf. Nothing in that scene suggested that the conversation was in his head. Other than that, I agree with the review completely! The romance was not missed. I'm also very happy with them braking away from the UK version. The only thing this episode could have used was more Bishop! But I think that about every episode ; )


This episode was a great mix of drama and comedy. The writers and producers are doing an excellent job of making this series their own, while still honoring the UK version. I'm glad of that because I was ambivalent when I heard they were going to make a US version. I fell in love with the UK version in season 1, episode, and can't wait to finish season 3 which has just started here. I can watch both simultaneously and enjoy both their commonalities and their differences. Great job folks!


Also the uk version having watched all of them..even the newer episodes of season 3..are better...but syfy did a good job..most of the stories are the same except josh meets his parents again in the 1st season not the 3rd as the uk version does....sally is pretty much the same story...and aidan same story but different details...if you want any idea of what will sort of happen next for syfy's version then watch the first season of the uk version...if you love the us version then you will love the uk version


Great Episode...and the werewolf not vampire thing did throw me off but this episode was Awesome the only thing that would of made it better was a longer scene where aidan turns into a vampire during dinner..because it was funny and also aidan is very hott in vampire mode.


Spell check!!! And a fact check needed before posting. He is a werewolf not a vampire. From humor to despair not ti. He did tell his parents. It was not left up in the air. etc. Otherwise this is a great show.


The family diner with Aidan was amazing, so funny, great show with great actors.


How long he was a vampire? Surely you mean Werewolf?

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