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At the hospital, Emily is getting treatment. Emily was retaliated against because of Josh's recent attack upon vampires. Aidan tells him to get out of town. Josh can't explain why they need to leave, and he agrees to take her home to the family.

On the way home, Josh remembers the first time he turned in vivid detail. Josh finds out his parents have been separated since he left home. Aidan shows up to family dinner. Marcus follows them to Ithaca. Aidan and Marcus fight and Marcus acquiesces.

Josh's parents confront him about how long he has been a werewolf. He claims it was a draft of a graphic novel, but in the end, he either did or didn't tell them the truth (please see the review for interpretation).

Sally tries to warn Bridget about Danny, but Bridget would prefer to think she's hearing things than face the truth. Aidan suggests that perhaps her door is awaiting her somehow stopping Danny, so she sets about frightening him. Instead, he calls her pathetic.He tells her she's nothing; she's dead, and he's alive and happy. Sally continues to try to get Danny out of her Bridget's head, but she loses the fight.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Really? You can't hear me? I'm a ghost - I transcend pseudo-hippie rock.


Marcus was provoked by a lesser being. He retaliated. Time was, you would have done the same thing.