Big Love Review: "The Noose Tightens"

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The writers of Big Love were able to cram over five different storylines into "The Noose Tightens" without it feeling too overwhelming. In fact, by the end of the episode, all I wanted was for it to be next Sunday so I could see what will happen next.

Concerned Bill

Barb got word that they are looking into her involvement into how Margene became a part of the family. I was surprised to see Heather admit to Barb that it was because of her that the cat came out of the bag. Barb's reaction wasn't surprising, but it was sill shocking to see her throw her beautiful cake across the kitchen. The old Barb would think twice about ruining such a wonderful desert.

Meanwhile, Margene doesn't give up on her intuition that something may be going on between Cara Lynn and her teacher. She follows Cara Lynn and verifies this developments. This scene was tense, but not as intense as the one that followed with Nikki confronting Mr. Ivy in his home.

Cara Lynn isn't as dumb as she appears to be. She knew that even though Nikki doesn't approve of their illicit relationship, there is nothing Nikki can do from stopping them from seeing each other, especially because it would draw too much unfavorable attention.

If Margene didn't have enough to handle this week, her product guru, Michael, took time to confront Margene about her relationship with her family. He told her that he believed that she is in a cult. Ironically enough, her family believed that she is in a cult with the Gogi berry juice company. For a minute there, I felt like Margene would be swayed into believing her family is a cult, but Margene does end up choosing her family over her business. Whew! Close call there.

Speaking of a close call, Nikki really got a second life pass. I knew after all the years of the constant fighting with Alby, one day he would snap. And that he did! Alby tied her up, dressed her in compound attire, and put a gun to her head. As luck would have it, he decided to kill Rhonda's husband instead of his sister. I was happy to see that Nikki wasn't a goner, but was I the only one who was confused why he shot Ronda's husband? Was because he knew too much?

As bad as all Bill's wives situations may be, nothing can top Bill's current state of affairs. He tried to get out of the sticky situation by giving up his seat in the Senate, but it was a little too late. They are going to try him for illegal relations with Margene. He could be facing up to twenty years. Oh, and yeah, Alby tried to have him killed.

Bill has so much on his plate, I wouldn't be surprised if the series ends with him dead from a heart attack or by his own hands.

Lois made a brief cameo in the resident home, but Frank was no where to be seen. We also didn't get to see any crazy Rhonda. Overall, this week's episode was brilliantly executed and definitely left me wanting more.


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Amazing episode!!!!!


Really good show last night. I hope Alby dies in the next episode- he's so evil.


"It fits the egomaniac side but it doesn't fit the calculating, two steps ahead of everyone else." I never realized until last night that this show is a satire. That's the only way to explain it. I was laughing my guts out at the continuous, unending stupidity of these characters. Just when you think one of them might actually be making a rational, productive decision, he/she reverts to form, and out comes the laugh track again. As for the quote, to my way of thinking Bill is far from a chess pro. His track has been one step forward, two steps back all along. I hope this ends with him alone, walking down some abandonned train track fading into the distance.


It was awesome. I can't wait to see what the writers did for the finale. Does anyone know what happened to Bill's brother Joey and his wife? Thanks!


i loved the episode!...i can just feel the build up to the finale starting and i am soo excited!! i just hope i'll be excited all the way to the end


It's infuriating that Bill offers his resignation. I mean infuriating. He is, ostensibly, not crazy and never has been. He's been revealed to be a bit of an egomaniac as the show has gone on but, again, he's always calculating and thinking two steps ahead. What's the point? It's this: Bill even deciding to run for state senate in the first place is incongruous with his character. It fits the egomaniac side but it doesn't fit the calculating, two steps ahead of everyone else....well, maybe he wasn't always two steps ahead but he was amazing at reacting to situations and finding the expedients necessary to resolve any situation. That said, it bring me to what my wife and I have been screaming since last season "What the hell do you think is going to happen, Bill!?" Seriously, did he think he'd be elected, come out as a polygamist and then be celebrated? He thought he'd be accepted? Barb had already been excommunicated, couldn't he have seen that and just called it good? Keep the stores and the casino and move on with life! He knew he was risking it all, he knew it. I can't believe that he didn't find a non-polygamist third party to set up some sort of trust/holding company whereby Bill could ostensibly divest himself of Home Plus (while still earning the income)'s almost too much to believe that he'd be this stupid. It's made for great, but maddening, tv.


I love this show and I wish it wasn't the last season. Tonights episode was fantastic, awesome and totally mind absorbing. I wish it would keep going. Tom Hanks, keep it on the air. Please, there is so much more to say and see. I love it. Marg


I really hope that Mr Ivy goes to jail. Seriously the sexual relationship that he's having with 15 yo Cara Lynn turns my stomach and if it is allowed to go unpunished now that everyone knows would be a travesty.


it was an awesome episode that is racing to the finale. i hope that it isn't a let down when we get there.

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(to Cara Lynn) There's a lot going on right now. I want to make sure there's nothing more I need to worry about.