Big Love Finale Review: A Major Letdown

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Well, that was a letdown.

"When Men and Mountains Meet," had some shocking scenes, but overall I felt disappointed with how the show ended. This was the final episode, after all, and I felt that the writers held out in some areas, while rushing to complete other storylines. Case in point:

It was left for us to believe that Lois is killed by Frank.

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Throughout the years, Frank and Lois had been each other's worst nightmare, but as the series dwindled down, they became closer than ever. Lois made Frank promise to end her life when things got really bad, but I was shocked to actually see him go through with it. I felt that the writers needed to prove that Lois and Frank really loved each other so very much after all, but really it just made these characters past interactions seem fake.

I knew that Carl would play a role larger than the minor cameos we had been given, but it wasn't until the final scene with Bill meeting him in the street that I knew what was going down. The writers added a layer here primarily for shock value because we all knew it was Alby that we expected to be holding that gun.

Speaking of Alby, besides the quick mention of him and Adaleen, we never got to see any closure to his story.

How much time will Alby spend behind bars? What will happen to Juniper Creek? Who became the new prophet in his absence? It was odd that the writers would leave his storyline filled with so many holes and unanswered questions.

Barbara's mission to become a priesthood holder almost tore the entire family apart. It took finally getting the chance to have the power she so desperately wanted for her to realize that it wasn't worth a dime without her family being there.

Out of all that happened on the finale, having Bill request Barb give him a dying blessing was by far the most memorable scene.

He knew how important it was for her to be taken seriously, especially by him, and this action caused quite the reaction as we found out eleven months later that Barb took over Bill's church. In an odd way, Barb finally got the freedom in her religion for which she yearned.

Margene figured out that her life's purpose wasn't just to be Bill's third wife. She mentioned to him that as time passes she would want to go on missions to help the poor and unfortunate. At first, we watched Bill struggle with this idea, but eventually he was willing to accept her life's choice. He even told Nikki to be supportive.

Margene was by far my favorite character, but I wasn't happy to learn that after eleven months after Bill died she cut off all her hair and left her children to go help others. A part of me believed that if Bill were alive, he wouldn't want the mother of his children to be gone for such long periods of time.

Elsewhere, Nikki didn't get any closure. She remained same old Nikki throughout. Maybe the writers were trying to show that she was the glue that held this crazy family together.

Cara Lynn was completely absent in the final minutes, only leaving us to guess where she could be. The meeting that Bill had with Cara Lynn was super strange and felt like he was trying to show her that he was okay wither her relationship with her teacher.

We all knew something had to happen before Bill got rushed off to jail and dethroned from the senate, but I wasn't expecting him to open up a can of worms about making polygamy legal. It was strange to watch him be so proud of what he created by imagining himself speaking to his forefathers. The writers never let us know what he was writing on his patio, nor if anything ever happened with the amendment. 

As great as it was to see Sarah and her beau, whatever happened to Joey and Wanda? What about Tinny? All season long these people remained MIA, but I was certain that they would have made a cameo for the finale. Oh well. I guess the writers didn't deem them worthy enough for the send off.

It was sad to say goodbye to such a beloved show, but I am happy that it ended with the sister-wives together and the original song revamped and sung by a woman. God only knows what we'll be without you, Big Love.


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is there going to be anymore big love in the future


What about the illegitimate baby with the Russian woman? Her pix is up there in the promo for this series...... And my dvr didnt tape the last 3 mins of the show. Thought I could read about it here. Ending was disappointing.


I can't believe the writers said they wanted to emphasize the enduring bond of these three women! Were they watching the same show? These women hated each other for most of the seasons. Yes, there was some strange bond between them, half the craziness of their situation, and the other half their love for Bill. It's truly hard to imagine that these three women, who regularly spoke to each other with such animosity would stick together after their No. 1 reason for being together passed away. I felt for a show that was constantly in chaos, to end the show with such a sticky sweet, "happily ever after" ending was out of character. Y'all, know that family is not going to be together for ever. Margy would be the first to go, once Bill left.


Realy! this was a crapi ending!....i think the writers smoke somthing!...very disappointed!...


I was shocked they killed Bill off. I loved the series but was so disappointed with the last show. I agree they should have killed Nikki off. She was horrid in all the shows. Marjean leaving her three children was so out of character according to the family theme. Now this is something Nikki would have done. The show could have and should have ended better.


I think you missed a number of things. First, Bill was clearly amending his church's doctrine to allow for women to have the priesthood. Thats why he asked B to do the blessing and he told Ben and Don that family is at the foundation of faith, not vice versa. Also, while I understand that euthanasia is controversial, there is a way to see the last scene with Lois and Frank and both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Anyways, nice to see your keen interest and insight. Jeff


Che-Che, A lot of astute observations and some humourous ones as well. Actually most all posts helped me process my disappointment and also shine light on some points I was too angry/upset about to focus on. I erased it from my DVR -- not wanting to view it again because I was so angry and disappointed. How can the writers sell out/cop out on the finale? At least the finale could have been a two-hour event and show some kind of meaningful montage of their lives like "Six Feet Under" did where the viewer cries and feels completed with their beloved characters?????? I'm so done! :( Oh, and Bill being killed off? Heinious cop-out.


I thought Nicki was lying to Cara Lynn about her lover's (teacher's) feelings for her -- that he was relieved to give her up and all that. I fully expected that he would try to reach her again as his true love. Interesting that Nicki accused Cara Lynn of stuff that she, herself, did -- taking birth control, lying, etc. This was so disappointing to me. Speaking of disappointment. This was an easy wrap-up for a complicated story. Too little, too late for Margene's sudden passions to be believeable -- Nicki to suddenly be in love with Bill, Barb to suddenly be THAT invested in turning everything up-side-down in her belief system. Although Barb's change was the most believable. Really, it reminds me of the finale of "The Sopranos" -- a complete copout of writers a satisfying ending and wrap up as if they're on a schedule. No! Not necessarily a fairy-tale "happy ending" -- just something acceptable to a discerning audience.


I agree, a bit of a letdown. Big Love set high standards for itself after so many episodes have left me saying OH MY GOSH out loud. I would love to know what became of Adalene, Alby, Rhonda, the compound, Frank, and Don (without HomePlus). I think far too much time was spent on the Senate BS. I think the story-lines that were addressed were rushed. Too bad, I will miss this show for sure!


Less than satisfied with this ending. Seems to me that the show got too complicated and the writers
just plain ran out of time....maybe 2 more shows would have helped. Does it bother anyone that bill's brother (a pivital character who killed Roman) was missing from the entire last season with zero explanation? And wasn't there a younger teen daughter also just cast aside? Still this was one of my favorite shows and i'll miss it. One last thought, was nikki's (cloe sevigney) satement about "I'm GOING DOWN with the ship" a thinly veiled pun to her infamous BJ scene in the brown bunny?

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