Brendan Hines to Guest Star on Castle

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This could get awkward...

On an April episode of Castle, Brendan Hines will guest star as Alex Conrad, the first-time author whose debut novel received a glowing review from the show's title character. So, what happens when Castle invites his protege to the precinct?

He cozies up to Beckett.

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As first reported by TV Guide, look for Castle and Beckett to handle the case of a swimming star's murder next month, only for the former to grow irritated by how open Beckett is with Conrad.

How will Castle gain the upper hand? By inviting the young author to a poker night that includes real-life writers Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane.

Best known for portraying Eli on Lie to Me, Hines also recurred on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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As a huge Lie to Me fan, I couldn;t be happier to see Hines get this opportunity to show off his talent. If Fox gives Lie to Me a fourth season, we will see even more of this wonderful actor and musician.

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