Castle Review: "One Life to Lose"

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Following the tension filled two-parter, Castle returned this week with “"One Life to Lose," an episode that brought back the funny, as well as a whole lot of guest stars. 

 The installment centered on a fictitious soap opera called Temptation Lane, which Beckett just happened to be a huge fan of. The hour was filled with soap stars such as Corbin Bernsen, Rebecca Budig, Cameron Mathison and Jane Seymour. We also had a small visit from David Eigenberg, who reminded me how much I miss him since his days as Steve Brady.

Soap Opera Set

There are many reasons to love this series. It is witty and possesses great comedic timing, but most of all, it knows how to make fun.

Case in point: this nod to Nathan Fillion’s soap opera past on One Life to Live. Overall, it was pretty awesome. It also gave a chance for Beckett to address what us TV Fanatics love to call “shippers.” They poked fun at how invested viewers become of a couple (we doesn't love some Caskett!) and provided us with the best line of the night:

Castle: Esplanie. Lanie and Esposito. Like Fox-Can. We can call them Esplanie, which is perfect because they are always explaining things! | permalink
I am officially putting in my request to have a boys’ night for the detectives and Castle. They headed to The Old Haunt here, the bar Castle purchased in Last Call.” I am totally in for watching some bromance between the guys, especially if it means more awesome hand shakes between Castle and Esposito.

Some other thoughts:

  • “Katherine Beckett! I never...Who knew that Beckett is an undercover soap opera lover? Keep peeling back those layers, Castle, and nice move getting those autographs!   
  • Looks like Martha is getting her groove back.
  • Alexis really needs an arc of her own, even if it is a small one. Get her in trouble, catch her with her boyfriend... just have her do something besides hanging at home with Martha.

Overall, a solid and balanced hour. A fun-filled follow up to the previous episodes. What did you think? Did you enjoy the slew of guest stars this week? Sound off now.


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I was disappointed that the guests were not from One Life to Live


wow LOVE LOVE this show and the humor is what I enjoy the most You want serious ? go watch the very dark and borderline creepy Criminal Minds kind of show . This show is a wonderful mix of mystery and humor and they nail it most all the time . The cast is amazing and getting better all the time and I have never deleted from my DVR the ending to the show that they all went out singing Piano Man it was a classic !!!


I loved this one. It was a good break after the very serious dirty bomb episodes. So funny all the jabs at soap operas and the audience who gets overly into them but in a good way because Beckett loves hers and Castle is right up there too. I agree, Martha dresses fantasically well. I'm thinking of taking pointers from her, but I don't have Castle buying me outfits to apologize.


One of the best series on TV. Good balance between the funny and the seriousness. I still like the Beckett and Castle tension. Don't be too hurry for them, 'cause they will lose that nice Momentum they have on the show. That all folks !!


While good as usual, I am ready for some more serious notes than continual wise-cracking by Castle. The more serious show a few weeks ago was much better and more exiting and had more tension, etc. We need to keep Castle from getting into the slap-stick humor and constant wise-cracking. I keep wanting to say - 'give it a rest Castle'. And, the romatic tension between the two characters is what gives the show some 'zing' so-to-speak. Getting them hooked up would just be oh-so-so. This happend to Jane Seymore when she married her romantic interest; we had a taste of it on Bones when their fantasy episode had the two married and in bed, it didn't have any realism to it at all.


I love this show, but didn't like this episode. Beckett and Castle better do something romantic soon or I will spend my time watching Harry's Law which I record to watch Castle. Things are just getting a little old. I love Castle's Mother and daughter in this so, so gorgeous.

Sue ann

I thought it was charming. I don't watch soaps, although I did see a few episodes of General Hospital back in the 1960's, or perhaps the 1950's, in the summer. What this reminded me of was the movie Tootsie, set partly on a soap opera set. I just laughed and laughed. I do love this show, and I believe it could still survive on its wit if Castle and Beckett got together before the last episode. The writers here have more multi-faceted characters to work with than did the writers of Cheers or Moonlighting. But that's not up to me. I just like to watch, and laugh. I really do enjoy seeing the beautiful way the costumer dresses Martha in greens. She is truly gorgeous in all her outfits, even those I'd never have thought would go with red hair. Her style is impressive.

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Esplanie. Lanie and Esposito. Like Fox-Can. We can call them Esplanie, which is perfect because they are always explaining things!


Oh My God! You watch Temptation Lane! You're a fan, a big fat Temptation Lane fan!


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