David O. Russell to Cameo on Gossip Girl

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It's not as pressing an issue for Gossip Girl fans as the question of what will happen between Dan and Blair when the show returns on April 18.

But it's still worth pondering: Why will director David O. Russell make a cameo before the season is over? The man behind The Fighter will portray himself later this spring, as he's already shot a scene with Blake Lively in... Santa Monica?!?

David O. Russell

What brings Serena to California?

With a couple weeks remaining until new episodes air, sounds like a storyline to debate in our Gossip Girl forum. Let the theories fly!


GG=life is right!
In the books Serena becames an actrice, probably they liked the idea XD

Gaby ee

Mmm maybe it has something to do with her aunt Carol...? Dunno :S


but why....oh why would they pick that guy to play the director she runs into or auditions for? he's so gross and slimy. (watch leaked huckabees fight footage if you don't know what i mean) More importantly, why would he do it? He was just nominated for an Oscar. I guess he wants to show he can make fun of himself. If he is playing a jerk who stomps around and yells at actors, then that would be good. If he's just playing some nice version of himself, barf.


is that a typo ? april 14 ! :)


is this why cw keeps doing the are you a 902-er or a bicostal. i was like wtf? what show is bicostal? def not gossip girl


I agree with Travis, surely it's linked to her Aunt Carol? Isn't she coming into the show anyway?


She is probably going to see her Aunt. Remember back in the second season the back door pilot Valley Girls? When they did the flashback to Lily in the 80s. They lived in California so that's where I'm guessing Serena went to and somehow David will be there.


Okay, another Guest Star. That wasn't really unexpected ...


Maybe serena hooks up with him, knowing serena thats a possibility

Aint born typical

Being an actress / model is the only viable career choice I can see for Serena. So this make sense. Although it would be fun if she had a secret talent like ability to paint.

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