Desperate Housewives Casting for Bree Love Interest, Potential Series Regular

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Did you really think Bree would remain single for long?

With Keith out of the picture, network sources confirm that Desperate Housewives will soon bring in a new love interest for this character, a detective that might stick around for awhile.

Bree at the Window

The middle-aged man is described in casting notices as possessing "strong family values." He'll start out as a guest star, but there's potential for him to become a series regular on season eight.

Yes, Paul Young, you should be scared.

UPDATE: British actor Jonathan Cake has landed this role.

Beverly brooks

I just sorry for Bree. No happiness for her at all. On another think, solve this kidney problem with Susan as it getting very tiring.


Instead of getting her in the sack with the next guy she lays eyes on, I'd rather see her doing some scenes with her grown up kids Andrew and Danielle. Those scenes are always great. Also, what was with Bree telling the reverend that her kids never call her anymore? Andrew lives up the street in the house she paid for (he popped up during the riot). Don't the writers even watch their own show anymore?


This is ridiculous! so soon? wtf, I'm so past caring about Bree's love life at this point, I thought they would leave her single for awhile... geez they really have ruined her with all this foolishness


Officially don't care about Bree's love life hahahaha. How many guys has Bree been through. There's a name for that kind of lady. Seriously, though she should have take Orson back as he still loves her. Forget that, there was no need for Keith to leave in my opinion. They were opposite but perfect for each other and he truly loved her. Brian Austin Green why? I think Karl and Keith have been the best lovers for Bree and real shame Keith is gone. Marc Cherry just bring him back. I bet he does come back for a special guest appearance, Bree rejects him like she rejected Orson for Keith, then the new guy leaves then we start all over again with Bree new love zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........


You mean if there IS a season 8...which at this point, remains to be seen. Poor Bree. They've ruined her.


Dude How many Lover does she need

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