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It's the character issues on Fairly Legal that keep me tuning in and "Bridges" gave us plenty. The season finale had Kate Reed on an emotional roller coaster, with both her personal and professional lives left in shambles.

We started off with a shocking disclosure: Kate's home pregnancy test was positive. I couldn't wait to find out what implications that might have for Justin and Kate's on again, off again relationship. Unfortunately, the aftermath of this revelation wasn't pretty.

Justin and Kate Scene

When Kate all but missed Justin's award ceremony, he was furious. He's mentioned this issue before. In his eyes Kate, always put her cases before their marriage. When he pushed Kate for an explanation, she blurted out that she was pregnant, then she took off to help mediate a case. Safe to assume Justin felt sucker punched.

Later, he showed up at Kate's office only to find out that the doctor called. The home test was incorrect. Kate's not pregnant. His previous anger was now laced with disappointment and he unloaded on Kate. They both looked so sad when he admitted that he spends half his time loving her and the other half wishing they'd never met. It was Kate's turn to look devastated.   

To say that Kate Reed was having a bad day was the epitome of understatement. Moments before Justin walked out, Lauren fired her. As much as I felt for Kate, I understood Lauren's fury. 

Kate kept David Smith's identity from her. That was information that held serious consequences for both of them. Kate could have shared that with Lauren. She could have extended an olive branch to her step-mother. Instead, she kept the secret and then taunted Lauren when the truth came out. I know Kate was reeling emotionally, having just found out she wasn't pregnant, but she still acted the role of the bratty step-daughter instead of a grown up, professional woman. If I were in Lauren's shoes, I might have fired her, too.

So we ended season one with Kate in need of a do over. Kate and Justin had great chemistry but a broken marriage. Kate and Lauren are smart women who could conquer the world if they could only learn to work together. What Kate failed to realize was that her personal relationships needed the same commitment and understanding that she gave her clients. 

We saw Kate all season giving her best to her clients and frequently acting immature and sometimes selfish with those she loved. Even though her flaws make her interesting, I sincerely hope season two brings us a more grown up Kate Reed.  


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it wont be the same show id kate grows up. then it takes aways from the drama............. let Kate be. i like how she loves her husband. any dumb person can see that. but he pushes her away


I love this show I watch it faithfully. Please bring it back,..also more scenes between Kate & Justin. 9pm would be better for me.


Love, love, love this show! Smart, witty, sexy (Kate is VERY sexy!) and I can't stop laughing, crying, enjoying every last moment. ***PLEASE*** come back for another season! And on the issue of Kate being "immature", please, how many of us have successful careers and yet cannot seem to maintain that same success in our personal lives! I RELATE!!!


I love this show especially for the enemies it makes.


I love Kate just the way she is. And Sarah Shahi is one of the most talented actresses I have ever had the pleasure of watching. She has the ability to actually let the audience read her eyes and emotions. She's wonderful! I hope they keep Kate as fun, frivoulous, sweet and lovable as she is. And I hope they set up a major JR - Bobby Ewing battle between Lauren and Kate for control of Reed and Reed! And I'd love some scenes with both Gerald McRaney and Richard Dean Anderson! That would be a 90's TV Fan's dream! Not that Sarah isn't! "Go Fairly Legal"!


Fairly Legal is Better than Castle,and I love castle!Sarah Shahi And Michael Trucco are such solid actors.Sara was great in the short lived Life episodes,and Michael was a winner in the four eoisodes Of Castle. This series must be renewed! KR


Kate reminds me of my younger sister. Even the hair style is similar. Her work life is successful. Her home life is 'eventful'. I hope to watch Kate "grow up" the way my sister did: from a scared child to a self sufficient woman who knows what she wants from life and goes for it. ( I also hope Richard Dean Anderson develops a friendship with Kate and Justin gets jealous. I also want both Kate and Justin to see what it is like to get exactly what they t h i n k they want. )
Let the fur fly! Neither Kate nor Justin want boring relationships. Thanks to all the actors of Fairly Legal for a very enjoyable season.


Me too! Grown-up Kate is what I want to see. Hope they will make it an interesting and a good journey.


I can't remember ever having seen anything worse on TV.This is a show for idiots, imbeciles, retards and morons ONLY. Cliches, cliches and nothing but cliches; TERRIBLE acting, a reasonably ugly girl cast as the lead, dull, predictable stories, dead dialogs, it's a front-to-end disaster. Sarah Shahi must be giving really good BJs or being otherwise amazing in bed to have convinced the USA management to allow this insult to mind to ever hit TV. Bottom line: if you like this show, you're a retard.


I agree wholeheartedly with EnoughEnoughNow. All the actors around Sara Shahi are top rate and the client stories are good. However, unless Kate stops her cutesy, immature manner in Season 2, and shows some responsibility in her character towards those around her, I'm not going to watch it anymore because her attitude ruins the rest of the show. I hope the writers change her into a more likable character.

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