Gossip Girl Review: A Dair Affair

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Now that's what I'm talking about.

This was one heck of an episode of Gossip Girl, with tension slowly built throughout the winter boiling over on all fronts, and leaving us with even more intrigue as we head into a mid-mid-season hiatus. "Empire of the Son" lived up to the hype.

The real reason for Russell's vendetta against Chuck was revealed (in the opening "previously on Gossip Girl" montage, and then later). Lily finally prepared to face the music. Rufus remembered he's on the show. Ben was vindicated.

And, lastly, there was the kiss heard 'round the Upper East Side and Brooklyn.

Dair Moment

You could sense a Dair kiss was coming whether you're a Gossip Girl spoiler junkie or not. From the opening moments, Blair was still stalking Chuck but is in a really good mood.

Blair does not walk around in good moods, people.

Meanwhile, Serena got a call from Vanessa for some reason, but is confused and upset that Ben is blowing her off. Nate? He's being Nate, and exploring his feelings for Raina.

Chuck learns about Nate and Raina from Russell, who also hints (so subtly, with that orange outfit) that he knows Lily's secret. Lily and Chuck try to find out what he knows.

Try as they might to do their thing, which they don't really understand or want to admit, Blair and Dan are handcuffed by sneaking around. It's Dorota who catches her on it.

Soon we learn that Ben has been ignoring Serena because his mom is in town, while Lily thinks Ben revealed the secret (Vanessa hinted this) and that's how Russell knows.

The affidavit is also missing from Serena’s drawer. There's no mention of Eric or Damien, both MIA this week, and their role in outing Lily. It all leads up to Chuck's big party.

After Serena accuses Ben of outing her mom, she learns that it was Ben's mother who rifled through her stuff and gave the affidavit to Thorpe so that he can clear his name.

Russell tells Chuck to hand over Bass Industries or else. Raina was hiding and overhears, devastated that her father, her idol, would resort to such an underhanded tactic.

Lily is ready to turn herself in. But there's more to it than that.

A Lily and Serena Photo

The major secret revealed last night was a bit odd, as it was a reference to a blink-and-you-miss-it Season 2 scandal, but it did help explain Russell's hatred of Chuck a little.

Russell Thorpe reveals that his wife died because of Bart and that’s why he’s seeking revenge. This would have been more shocking had it not been given away earlier, but still.

Serena's father, William, returns and tells Rufus they're going to form a united front. Rufus is just excited to form any sort of dialogue at this point. Stay tuned on this front.

Rufus' other contribution last night, along with Dorota, was to convince Dan and Blair to stop fighting it. Why the plausible deniability? Why not embrace their true feelings?

Embrace them they did, as Dan made the first move - refusing to back away - and insisting that they kiss, just once, to ensure their relationship wasn't more than platonic.

We have a feeling it's a lot more than platonic.

"For crying out loud, Humphrey!" Blair said, before kissing Dan as the screen froze and the credits rolled. She surely spoke for many fans across the country ... but what next?

The Dair cliffhanger was vintage Gossip Girl, leaving us wondering whether Chuck and Serena will bust them, where Louis the Prince fits into this love rectangle, and more.

Here's our first look at where things pick up April 18 ...

Terrific stuff last night, and plenty to keep us guessing as we suffer through another long break. A handful of final thoughts before we turn it over to your comments ...

  • Apologies to those who like him with Serena, but does anybody else think Ben and Vanessa would make an awesome, irrelevant couple? Anyone?
  • This was not a good night to be Chuck. Not only did Russell throw him for a loop, TWO exes are in the arms of friends. Well, one friend and Dan.
  • Nate's streak of being involved with every girl is legendary.
  • Who do you think will find out about Dan and Blair first?

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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Last season Chuck gave his so called true love away to uncle Jack-the rapest and he slept with Jenny (remember season 1, he's always been attracted to her)!!! After that he fell in love with Eva then with Raina!!! Come on people, would YOU take the guy back? All he has to do now is to let Blair be happy, maybe he'll learn something. I'm happy Ben's gone. Among all Serena's inappropriate boyfriends (married man, brother-in-law, ex-con...) he was the most boring. Maybe she should try to hook up with ... no one?
Btw, I regret the show is only about love affairs and business. It's supposed to be about people (mostly students, well, I guess they're still going to college) from different social class living uptown, trying to become -descent? successful?- grown-ups, about fashion, about parents/children relationships, friendship ... Since season 3 these subjects aren't explored in an interesting way and that probably explains the ratings: good couples don't make a show (ok it helps, still), good scripts and good acting do.


Is it just me or does Blair seem to make other characters more interesting.


Diar FTW


WOW, I can't wait til april!!!
I hope Ben actually is gone for good and the whole business storyline over. It will be much more interesting to see what Chuck does with the company now that he knows what his father did. After all, he was only trying to protect this "legacy" to finally please his father...
With that purpose gone he should be pretty lost and confused which could be a great opportunity further develop this character. I personally didn't like him very much lately, so maybe this will help him get on my good side again ;-)
But if he gets angry about Dair, even just a little bit, I will be so pissed!!! Serena would have a reason to be mad, cause her best friend making out with her ex is not exactely nice. But Chuck has no right to be mad. He has moved on and dated other girls (that he supposedly cared about very deeply) so he can't possibly be mad if Blair does the same. If he throws a fit it will only ruin the character more. Please writers, let him be hurt, but not act like a jealous boyfriend. As for Dair, I still LOVE THEM! Possibly even more than before!
My guess (or my wish) is that next episode they will realize that there actually IS more than just friendship but they will be exposed quickly. And between Blair not being completely over Chuck and Serena probably endling their friendship over this and Dan being Dan and everybody being against them in general, they will back down, before the relationship really begins. But that gives their attraction/friendship more time to grow and eventually their repressed feelings will come out again and they will have to deal with them. This way and in the end, if they do come together, it will be even more awesome :-)


That's all I have to say.


@Kimmie Dude. Gross. PB shave his chest? He looks a lot better with a hairy chest. It adds on to his ruggedness; plus Nate and Chuck have shaved chests. Let's go with something different here. Heh. But personal preference aside, television these days seem to trend to anti-chest hair whenever well-bodied men are half-naked on screen. PB had to shave his chest for Easy A and nearly every movie he has done without a shirt on-screen.


What was the scandal in season 2?

Kimberly anne

WOW!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know where to begin.
First off, this episode really delivered big time! The beginning and middle were moving a little slower than I wanted to, especially with the Ben and the avadavat. Seriously, this guy is so stiff in his acting that it hurts to watch his face. Although I must admit that Serena was very convincing in with her final scene with Ben. So I guess this is the end of them. I am glad because they really didn’t have any chemistry. The truth was I only liked them because it distracted Serena from Dan.
So Lily is going to jail in this episode and Eric is not in it? Come on now, and they didn’t even give us an explanation as to why he wasn’t. It was confusing when Serena’s dad showed up because I didn’t really understand what he meant. But can’t wait, maybe he will break up Lily and Rufrus for good.
Nate and Raina…they were cute in the last episode, but I felt as though they got pushed to the side in this one, because there was so much happening. I don’t really care if they are together or not. I’m just glad that base on the way this episode planned out, Chuck does not appear to be head over heels for her as much as I thought. For once he put his company first and I like it.
One thing I don’t get is, why didn’t Russell tell Raina what really happened to her mom. This will surely turn her against Chuck once and for all and maybe Nate too. Instead he leaves to Chicago and leaves his daughter there? Now on to Dan and Blair:
Okay, at first I thought the writers stretched the whole secret friendship a little bit. I mean, yeah they are completely opposite of each other but meeting up in secret like that is a little over the top. But overall I like their storyline the best.
And one thing; what did Rufrus mean when he talked to Dan at the party and said something like it would be crazy for him to hang out with someone like Blair Waldorf? He is a social climber and he is looking down at Blair? Like what gives him the right to do that? He needs to leave!
So Chuck wants Blair back now that he has hit rock bottom? Umm no it does not work that way. He has been pushing her away for too long, so he can not just walk back into her life looking for comfort. As much of a huge Chair fan as I am, I do believe that Chuck needs to fight for Blair and work for her love again.
As much as I hate to admit this, the last scene was the best scene of the entire episode. There is chemistry between Blair and Dan and I can not deny it. But he seriously needs to shave his chest hair off because we see a sex scene, or if we see one at all. I like that the producers did the kiss. They paused the kiss to make it the Dair cliffhanger. I like that Dan came to her and suggested the kiss, but Blair in the end initiated the last move.
I cannot possibly wait 6 weeks for the new episodes. The promo looks, amazing and I see there is another kiss!! Can’t wait.


One of the best episode of the season! But, i was expecting so much more from the HUGE SECRET the producers were talking about.. But still, if it helps understanding russel's vendetta against the bass family, it's alright. Also, i really like how the it ended. I like it when there's a real cliffhanger in season or mid-season finale. It makes things interesting.The dair kiss was a good one, so i was happy with that. Now, i just can't wait to see what will happen when chuck and serena will find out. Am i the only one who doesnt want to see the prince back? i so do not want him to come and ruin all of this! argh.
AND, Jenny NEEDS to come back. She makes things so much more interesting! remember all of your reactions when she slept with chuck? caused trouble between serena and nate? love or hate her, she makes good television. but vanessa can go kill herself as far as im concerned.


Frankly I quit watching GG for quiet a time. Than Dair happened and I´ve decided to give it a try.Just hope that the writers will actually give them a longer time 2gether than Serena and all her crushes. I mean Ben was so nice and they lasted for what 5 episodes. Ugh! Anyhoo I was a big Chair fan but Blair soo deserves a better guy. i think it would be surreal for them to be a couple ever again.

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