Harry's Law Review: "Send in the Clowns"

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In what has to be one of the most mis-named episodes ever, "Send in the Clowns" was suspiciously absent on any form of clowns or even the sassy humor I've grown to like on Harry's Law.

Typically, I really like guest star Richard Kind’s work, going back to his work on Spin City and Mad About You. However, had you asked me to describe an ex-boyfriend of Harry, I would not have picked his character of Slumach.

Richard Kind of Harry's Law

Consider the odd pairing: Harry and her strong integrity and moral character dating a fast-talking loose, moral individual such as Marty. Would a Patent Attorney really end up dating Law Trash?

Then again, maybe it was Kind cast in the role of Marty that really had me scratching my head. I have always seen him in more comedic roles; actually, except for his recent guest appearances on
Burn Notice, I can’t really remember any other serious roles.  

It seems to me that if you are going to cast someone like Kind who has decades of comic knowledge under his belt, you would plan on the character being a bit more in his wheel house. Scenes like him threatening the doctor with a trip to the wood shed and blowing up at Harry, while very well acted, didn’t feel natural coming from the actor.

Meanwhile, does anyone else feel like the romance between Malcolm and Jenna has been tacked on to the show the way every restaurant in California sticks a lemon wedge on tea? 

I think David E. Kelly is an amazing writer; but he may be letting an assistant write this sub-plot.  It plays like it was penned by a first-year college student who grew up on 80s teen romance movies.  

Last week, Jenna was mad at Malcolm because he wasn’t asking her out. This week, Malcolm is mad at Jenna because she said she tends to date beneath herself. What’s next? Is Ducky going to show up to take Jenna to the prom? Is Malcolm going to admit he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend who gave him a pen when he gave her his heart?

To round out my confusion and disappointment with this episode, we have the last scene of Kathy Bates doing a monologue. First, it made no sense in the context with regards to the people that they flashed to. Second, it did not fit within the context of the case she worked on or the one Adam took.  

What was the point of Harry walking down the street talking about the people we meet and showing two regular cast members and two guest stars? It seemed like it was a dramatic build up, and then... nothing. No pay off, just confusion. Had the credits not rolled at that moment I would have thought the show got cut off. 

What did you think? Who would you pick to play Marty? Or were you satisfied with Kind in the role?


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Are there any more out of work untalented actors looking for work. They can get a job at Harrys office. Another destroyed great show.


My friends and I LOVED the first season of Harry's Law. Could hardly to wait to watch it and call each other to discuss it. We all are totally disappointed in the second season. It is disappointing that the characters in the first season have been cut out. The chemistry between those characters made the show as well as the cutting edge Harry had. The adding of the new characters do not add anything to the program. Neither does the moving of the office or the fact that at least two story lines are going at the same time. We have been giving it a chance but have all agreed we won't be watching long. Sure wish it could go back to its original premise.


Another hit for David Kelley and Harry's Law. Love it!!


My husband and I enjoy Harry's Law hopefully it will not go off air~one of the best shows this season. Great actors.


I just wept at Harry's final summation. it's the First Amendment in action. it's who we are. fine work, kathy bates!


My mother and I have a bet . She says the doctor expert witness is David leasure from empty nest and Joe isuzu. I say i isn't who has the answer for me. Thx


I think this show is excellent. Having several subplots woven in with the main plot exemplifies brilliant writing. My only issue with the monologue in this weeks show is that it could barely be heard due to the loudness of the music at the end. Kathy Bates is excellent, of course. The actor who plays Tommy Jefferson is also great - just the right degree of being irritating. I like the idea of not having him on every episode which avoids overexposure. Thank you David Kelley for this fresh, new series!


help! Just watched my DVR of this episode and it pixalated the very end. what was the result of the robbery trial and what happened to the transgender dancer? I would greatly appreciate someone posting a summary of the very end so I don't have to watch the entire show again on line just to get the last 3 minutes.


This show is epic, so glad we're actually going to start covering it!


This was my favorite episode. It was a relief not to have to see Tommy Jefferson in his half-baked imitation of Denny Crane. I didn't have to go make popcorn. I thought that Kind was funny and quirky. You go, Kathy Bates!

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Marty: That's a respected lawyer there.
Doctor: That makes one of you.

Harry: Are we ok Marty?
Marty: Why wouldn't we be?
Harry: You told me to go to hell.
Marty: Well, it's not I won't be going there too; you know that better than anyone right?