Hawaii Five-O Review: "Na Me'e Laua Na Paio"

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I don't like Jenna Kaye.

I know she's new and it will take some time for her to develop, but the introduction of Larisa Oleynik's character did not endear her to me. In fact, I'm a little shocked that McGarrett would allow her to join his investigation after her little sob story about why she was chasing Wo Fat.

Larisa Oleynik on Hawaii Five-O

"Na Me'e Laua Na Paio" was filled with little problems, making it feel like a filler episode. Its sole purpose was just a deliberate way to pepper some interesting things around a fairly run of the mill story. Or at least that's what it felt like when Hawaii Five-O splits its focus on two things at once.

If this had just been about McGarrett and Agent Kaye, or if it had just focused on the story regarding the murder of the man at the comic book convention, more could have been accomplished.

There were some interesting twists and turns in what was meant to be the main plot. It veered from the convention and brought back a murder from a few months before through some seamless detective work. But when will the convenience of a suspect suddenly confessing when faced with all the evidence stop being used?

It was as if the writers realized they had to wrap things up.

Even though the suspect asked for a lawyer, the sudden pressure from the Five-O for him confess automatically worked. Obviously, there had to be time to get to the little showdown between McGarrett and Wo Fat, but there are other ways to go about it.

The comic book convention was a bit of a backhanded compliment to geeks. Mostly because no one really said anything negative, but not one person in the background of the event was dressed in just jeans and a T-shirt. I know some of the people involved in this series have been to a similar show. Not all of us geeks dress up. And furries? Really? I thought it was a comic book convention.

Also on my nitpick list has been the blatant product placement. Between the Bing mentions, and persistent flashes of the Chevy logo, it's beginning to feel like commercials taking place during scenes. It's not cool, and it's starting to get on my nerves because there is nothing even remotely subtle about it.

Even though all of Wo Fat's appearances have been brief and cryptic, I have to respect a villain willing to openly face an opponent. McGarrett is in for one bumpy ride now that he knows about Wo Fat, but that should make things more exciting for the rest of us.


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I did not start to watch this show because I liked the old one so much. Alot has to do with the cast. This is very nice to see. I find that I wanted to see the guy that was in Lost. So that was one reason. Another is the guy playing Steve. I had seen him in other shows. So I find no lose in this show. It is well put together. I am writting to say very good job. Thank You for the show that is given alot of thought.


Wow, Larisa Oleynik's acting is really, really bad. During the scene when she spewed out her little sob story I could feel O'Loughlin's increasingly tenuous grasp on his acting. It's bad enough that Five-O brought on such a poor actor to play such a weak, cliched role, please don't make me watch her drag the rest of the cast along with her.


At first I didn't like the new agent, but warmed up to her when they revealed that she is merely an analyst on her own. Now she is a much softer character in relation to the 50 team and should fit right in with her geek assets as well as the comic relief of her gum chewing. Her character should fit right in like the new geek-girl on NCIS Los Angeles. No problem with product placement - the people are all over & makes the show seem more realistic. I also feel the background music is to loud and pounding. Find myself reaching for the controls everytime there is a chase scene or a transition from one scene to another.


All I have to say is ------ Hawaii Five-O is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not like the new character. There was no chemistry between them. I do agree, however, the scene with Danno on the four wheeler-great! IMO the show is going in the right direction but I wish they would show Danny's ex more. And I have read Jean Smart is on another show, they should bring in another woman around her age as her assistant or replacement..??


I mostly liked this episode a lot. I adore Alex O'Loughlin and I also would watch him read the phone book, not only because of his looks, but also because he's an excellent actor and he would make it interesting. I'm not too sure about the new character, but the reason for her intrusion seems plausible. I don't think they need a new permanent team member though. I wanted more of Wo Fat in the episodes, but that may not happen until he and McGarrett have their big battle, hopefully many seasons from now. The show is moving in the right direction. As for the product placement, I've hardly cared about it, or even particularly noticed. Some people just complain about the dumbest things. This was one of their better episodes, because it wasn't predictable.


Good Episode,I like the scene when mcgarrett is running after that guy and Danno is on a four-wheeler and he says "Want a lift" and Mcgarrett doesn't say anything and Danno says "I guess not". Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are good as Mcgarrett and Danno.


I agree with you review didn't like this new agent Jenna she was annoying I wanted to FF through her scene's but could bc of the amazing Alex O'Loughlin there was zero chemistry there and she act like a teenager Steve need someone like Ziva fro NCIS not this chick and I don't want a new team member I like the 5-O how it is now. For the eppie it was a OKAY!! nothing more it was to rushed for me and very predictable weak plot and bad writing IMO somehow this eppie didn't get me the team was off even the banter was weak right at the beginning of the eppie that stupid conversation about what Danny had in the lunch bag come on they are mature people who work for the police and the other one is a Navy Seal!! I hope it will improve very soon because the ratings were down again!!


Wow. Loved it and disagree with the review. The new girl was introduced awkward, but thinking that is the point. Thinking she's meant to be awkward. She sort of matches Max a little maybe. SteveO with WoFat was awesome. Intense. He was pretty intense with new girl too, and wanted her to know who's in charge here. Also loved the comedic moments in the murder story. I thought it was mostly a great ep.


Adding a new character before the end of season 1? Does not bode well for H50 if you ask me. This is an average TV series, nothing great. I mostly watch because I really like Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, the others are just O.K.

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