Lisa Tucker Cast as Greta on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries has founds it Greta.

Former American Idol contestant Lisa Tucker, who finished 10th on season five, will debut next month as Luka's sister, the young witch Klaus has been reportedly holding hostage.

Lisa Tucker

Greta will first show up on April 21, the same installment during which we'll meet Joseph Morgan as Klaus. Her magical character is described as "cool, hip, smart," and "a bit of a thrill-seeker."

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wait is that Lucia's sister?


I think that Greta probably be the answer of knowing where the witch thing is to kill Klaus and she will help them through witch communication since Klaus will not let her out of sight.


Id love to also see Caroline and taylor together coz they have amazing chemistry, and Matt is a little boring and too afraid of vampires. Also can someone plz plz plz tell Jenna already!!! It's getting annoying that she doesn't know. They have pushed it with Jenna not knowing anything.


I agree, I'd love to see Bonnie and Damon together Very sexy


Bleh, I just want more Nina.

Reese williams

let's hope she breaks hold of Klaus and her and Bonnie work together. I'd be down for that :) lol.
nah too easy, obviously there's gotta be some sort of witch-rivalry goin on here. Cant wait for these episodes to start up!!


Love the witch part of the show. Bonnie is my favorite. Gretta looks like she'll be an interesting witch. Though, no match for our gorgeous and tough Bonnie. Me and my friends are still hopful that our two gorgeous people on the show get together. Damon and Bonnie would be the sexiest couple to ever be on a TV show. Jeremy belongs with someone cute or high schoolish. Bonnie's way to sexy for that little boy.


I think she'll be really awesome as Greta...I look forward to seeing her on TVD.


wasnt my first choice but i know shell do awesome

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