NCIS Promo: Do You Trust Vance?

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After this week's episode, which was primarily lighter fare, NCIS raises the stakes big time next Tuesday with the return of Special Agent E.J. Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris).

Introduced several weeks ago as both a love interest for Tony and a rival for Gibbs, those two components will complicate matters for the mysterious E.J. in "Two-Faced."

When Barrett returns to lead an investigation of a death that may be connected to a series of murders - triggering the port-to-port killer story line - tensions with Gibbs rise.

Also intriguing? Vance's role in all this.

The Director

The Director always plays it close to the vest, but he's clashed with Gibbs more lately than ever before, especially after their recent blowup over the interrogation incident.

Did he bring Barrett in to say on (or unseat) Jethro in some fashion? Why is a separate team assembling in D.C.? Does Vance have an endgame we've yet to understand?

What do you think? Do you trust Vance?

What his role is in the serial killer story arc is unclear, but it will be interesting to see play out. Follow the jump for CBS promo for "Two-Faced" and comment below ...

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It could be worse you guys we could still have Jenny as the head of NCIS


i'm sorry, a rival for gibbs? PUHLEASE, like that little blonde could actually rival him. i don't trust her, but it's weird, because for a while, vance and gibbs had quite a close relationship, through the beginning of season 8 right to his accident. i think vance ultimately trusts him, but he gets a lot of pressure from above to do things the right way


Don't trust EJ or Vance (although I was beginning to warm up to him before all of this)they seem to have an ulterior motive and I believe that EJ has "befriended" Tony as a means to that end. She has not yet been a very likable character so unless the writers redeem her soon, I am beginning to think that we aren't suppossed to like her. It seems like the only ones who like her so far are the anti-Tivas or anti-Zivas and they will latch onto anyone for Tony who isn't Ziva. I am neutral on Tiva so I can say without bias there is no chemistry between Tony and EJ - Tony and Ziva do have chemistry, although it is not always the right kind. I would be happy if they remained good friends and partners amd leave the romance out of the office, but alas the writers will play that angle until the very end - it generates too much buzz - both positive and negative - to take it either way.


I don't like Ziva but she keep coming back anyways Im sure onces they find out who Vance really is he be ok


I want to trust Vance. I keep hoping that while he may not be telling the truth, and keeping some things to himself, he has the best intentions for the team in mind. I don't like EJ. She doesn't need to return. I could do without her.


i think vance is jealous of gibbs and his team because team gibbs respects gibbs and nobody respects vance.


I think Vance see Jenny in Gibbs and that why he acting the way he is


hard 2 say:he's always hated Gibbs for doing things Gibbs way-and he gets it done (i'm the same way-i'll get job done-no matter how many toes get stepped on!!!!!!!!!)I'll say don't trust Vance just cause of what happened in the 2 parter


no hes out to brake Team Gibbs agian and I dont trust EJ either

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