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Parks and Recreation Review: Gone Camping

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Interactions between members of the Pawnee Parks Department are hilarious enough when they're just sitting in an office. They don't need a unique setting to bring the absurd and funny.

But take the group "Camping" and it's no surprise the results are an incredible hodgepodge of the out of place (Ben), the depressed (April), the Thunderdome-residing (Tom) and the neurotic (Leslie).

And, of course, the comfortable-in-his-favorite-surroundings-until-Jerry-ruins-his-chance-to-kill-something-by-talking-about-teenage-sex (Ron).

Ron Camping

Sure, the episode had its heartwarming moments - Chris and Leslie briefly bonding over his admiration for her, Andy continuing to be awesome with April - but it was mostly just a chance to sit back and spend time with these goofy, lovable individuals.

Chris returned, only to feel like he was walking in quicksand and then to humiliate Ann by accident again. This storyline has really given Rashida Jones a chance to play someone other than the straight woman. It's been fun to see Ann as someone other than the calming influence to Leslie's crazy for a change. Let's hope she doesn't really move to another country.

We also enjoyed another appearance by DJ Roomba, one of the few items Tom won't be returning today. It sounds like he'll be busy, so, Tom, we invite you to visit our NCIS: Los Angeles season one episode guide section in order to catch up. You're welcome.

Donna read about her erogenous zones; Andy drank champagne to survive a one-hour trek through the woods; Leslie's boob saved the day; and, in the end, ideas spewed out of this enthusiastic boss's mouth. She may not have married Alf in real life, but Leslie's dreams of running a profitable, close-knit town are clearly coming true.

Thanks to an ensemble that is, literally, the funniest on TV, this was yet another tremendously enjoyable episode of Parks and Recreation.


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Really enjoyed this episode, I was a little nervous where they would go after last week but I thought it was wonderful. For some reason I love when Ben and Tom have a seem together. April and Andy are adorable and I laughed out loud when Ann tried to kiss Chris poor girl. This is one of the few shows on television i really look forward to watching and when I watch the re-runs I see little things I missed. Oh can't forget as always Ron is/was perfect!


Entertaining episode, but last week's was way better. I love Parks and Rec anyways.


This was such a funny episode. I love Aziz Ansari so much!


this was a great ep