Pretty Little Liars Cast Members on Season Finale: OMG!

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What can Pretty Little Liars fans expect from this drama's impending season finale? Shocks, surprises, painful jaws that drop open violently upon viewing various scenes. Isn't that right, cast members?

"It goes out with a big bang - jaw to the floor," says Tyler Blackburn (Caleb).

"You are not going to believe what happens. [The finale] was so much fun to film, it was absolutely crazy," says Troian Bellisario (pictured, Spencer).

"There's going to be a couple of huge things that happen to Melissa that just leave a lot of loose ends," says Torrey DeVitto (Melissa). "She has two really huge things that happen to her."

Room Raiding

Bellisario says her character's world will get turned "upside down" starting tonight, as police officers raid her room.

The actress also tells E! News that a confrontation is brewing between Spencer and Jenna.

"The crazy thing about Jenna is that she is totally evil and she has a perfectly legitimate reason to be... There is a really great scene coming up of Spencer facing off with Jenna because Jenna gets pretty jealous."

Where will it all lead? What might make the finale so startling? Visit our Pretty Little Liars forum and let the guessing games begin!


The finale is not next episode but the one after, and i agree Toby and Spencer have amazing chemistry together. I think Ian locks Spencer up so it seems like she has run away to make her seem guilty so he won't get the blame. You kind of feel sorry for Jenna even though she is a bitch and she is so pretty without her glasses!!!!


Ooh. The finale is going to be amazing. Oh My. lol
And a confrontation between Jenna and Spencer is going to be fun to watch...Jenna has a legitimate reason to be jealous, Toby and Spencer's chemistry is amazing lol


when is the season finale?


Can't wait for the season finale!! PLL's been great all season.

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