Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Review: That Was It?!?

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"For Whom the Bell Tolls" had a lot of exciting and thrilling scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the season finale. The show has made it a habit to give a few answers just to take them away again. Remember Spencer and the hotel room? Or how about the trophy incident? The same thing happened this week, even though the promos suggested some real revelations. A is always a hundred steps ahead of these girls and it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Church Scene

So, after months of speculation and hours of entertaining teenage angst, what do we know?

Well... Ian killed Allison and videotaped all the girls, including Jenna - and that’s about it. Everything else that happened this week just raised more questions. To be fair, some interesting information was revealed about Jenna, Ian, and newcomer Officer Garrett. HOWEVER, nothing was really resolved.

Ian’s dead, but then he’s really not. At the very least, this one loose end should have been tied up. Now Ian will haunt the series like a bad horror movie villain, never dying, and always ready to pop out from behind a dark corner to scare the girls. Just like Mike Myers or Jason. I think we have enough mysterious, hooded figures on the show.

The Jenna and Garrett thing also felt a little too convenient. We just met him a few episodes ago, but it turns it out he’s a major conspirator on Jenna’s behalf. Does he know what’s on the video that she desperately needs back? Does he know she was forcing Toby to have sex with her and lying about it? It definitely seems like the kind of information that would kill a relationship.

Luckily, he didn’t recover the flash drive, but then, who did? If Ian had it in his pocket, he could still have it or A might have taken it. See what I mean about all the new questions?

Other than Ian, Jenna revealed that her part in this mystery is really all about self-preservation. Her new version of the story of Ali’s visit made more sense given what we know about Ali, and her relationship with Garrett seems particularly useful for her needs. I’m guessing she’s has no real connection to Ian because Ian seemed to know A and neither she nor Garrett could have been in that bell tower. We’ll find out how the Jenna-Garrett angle plays out next season.

In other news, it was great to see Lucas come back as our hero. Disregarding Mona’s “generous” offer to transform into someone cooler, he picked up Caleb so that he and Hanna could resolve their problems. It's still sad that he can't be a romantic interest for her, but I was glad to see him again.

Emily’s moving to Texas for a year, which could prove detrimental to all of her relationships (both old and new) and make A’s harassment a little more difficult. The long distance probably won’t keep her out of danger, but we might get a little less Emily in the future, which is kind of a relief. Her plot lines have been kind of slow lately.

Aria’s little tantrum over Ezra’s ex showing up at the faculty mixer was just ridiculous. Just when she starts to act like a mature adult, she ruins it with petty jealousy. They were finally free to date openly (at least until her father finds out) and she had to create drama. It’s true that unexpectedly seeing your boyfriend’s ex is alarming, but her accusations were a little extreme.

This was an entertaining, although somewhat unsatisfying, finale to the show. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long for the new season (June!) and, hopefully, for some more answers.

What did you think of what we learned?


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When does the next season begin??????


Maybe Noel is the one who helped Spencer.


I think A is Ali's brother. He would have all the dirt on the girls' prior secrets since he probably overheard Ali's convos in the past or read her diary. Don't know what his intenetions would be though. But I think A had to be someone that Ian knew, because when A went to the tower to I guess kind of "save" Spencer, Ian replied with "What are YOU doing here?" (As if he already knew who he was talking to) I mean, why didn't he say "Who ARE YOU?" So I think Ian must have known him, and Ali's brother would be resonable since they were friends. I think Melissa is suspicious as well. I don't know if she killed Ali, but I definitely think she knows more about it than she's leading on. I don't think Ian killed Alison either. His story didn't match the suffucation evidence. The thing that I thought was weird, was the fact that Ali knew who the person was that videotaped them, but didn't do anything about it. If it even was Ian. But I guess Ali's pretty twisted. Not sure about Garrett and Jenna. ALso, did you guys notice Noel Canh in the background at the end wth the crowd of ppl??? Maybe he's also somehow involved. GOD, EVERYONE IS SUSPICIOUS.


honestly this episode cudve been better for a finale...that said my head is still spinning and realy Garrett?really? can u trust anyone in rosewood these days?


i loved this ep, solid 5


I do not think Ian killed Alison. He said the wrong manner of death when he was talking in the church. He also said he was going to kill Spencer because he loves Melissa. I really think Melissa killed Ali, and Ian was Melissa's cover all along. Not that Ian is a good guy... He did obviously film the girls and was sleeping with Ali. I just think Melissa found out and killed Ali.


was it Caleb/Lucas that were in the car that hit Spencer and Melissa?


OMG!!1 it was so good, i love the Toby-Spencer relationship so much!.. too bad Caleb and hannah didn't had any scenes. Aria is soooo annoying, wow she and ezra are the most boring thing ever.
I love spencer, and her fight scene with ian had me on the edge of my seat.

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