Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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We're excited to present the latest edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Gathered below, our panel is here to pick apart "Someone to Watch Over Me," as this ABC Family hit builds toward its first season finale.

What did critic Teresa Lopez and fans Kate Sage and Tara Gans think of the installment? Read on to find out. As always, feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Teresa: My favorite scene was definitely Hanna smacking Jenna's glasses right off her face.

Kate: The Slap, enough said. I'm so glad the girls and Toby are standing up to Jenna's bullying, and I'm so excited to see where this plot line takes us. Can Jenna really know about anything more than the garage fire incident? What is she hiding???

Tara: The sweetest scene was when Toby told Spencer to bring coffee to the policemen who were watching her. I think the girls really have the best chance to solve the A mystery and Alison's murder when they pool their resources with strong, smart men like Toby and Caleb.

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Is this it for Caleb and Hanna? Will she forgive him?
Teresa: I don't think Caleb and Hanna have much a chance... unless he saves her from one of A's nefarious plans.

Kate: Well, first, Caleb's priority should be changing his locker code. Second, Caleb should prove his love to Hanna by getting some dirt on Jenna that will open up a whole new set of clues for the girls. But if he can't do those things, I hope Lucas comes back into the picture. Where has he been?

Tara: It's over. Bring back Lucas!

Was Aria careful enough in hiding her Ezra mementos?
Teresa: The Ezra-tokens will definitely be found in a police search of Emily's locker.

Kate: As the talented Teresa Lopez pointed out in her recap, why did Aria think that hiding her stuff in Emily's locker was somehow more secure than keeping it in her room? If the police are going to get search warrants for Aria, they're obviously going to get warrants for Hanna and Emily, too, and will check Emily's locker. Also, Aria, a spoon doesn't have to be hidden, just wipe it off for fingerprints and keep it in your desk drawer or something - no one could ever trace that back to an illicit affair. Meanwhile, the book with a named inscription DEFINITELY needs to be hidden! What are you thinking, Aria? You're never going to figure out who A is with those sleuthing skills, girl!

Tara: Were these hidden in Emily's school locker, or her swim locker? If it's her swim locker, I guess there's less of a chance of the police finding it... but there's more of a chance of Paige somehow stumbling upon it, which may be just as bad.

How is Spencer going to explain the fibers in her bracelet and get out of this?
Teresa: I think Spencer won't be able to explain them, but some better evidence (like maybe a bloody glove?) against someone else will get her off the hook.

Kate: This is a tough one. For starters, good call on deleting stuff off your computer and not running away when Ian tells you to. I would also suggest wearing a wire whenever you're around Ian. Maybe slip in the fact to the police that Ian spent the whole summer doing drugs... that way, they can drug test him and, even if it won't help the case, it will at least get him fired from the high school and smear his name a bit, right?

Tara: Things are going downhill for Spencer - how long until the police trace her back to the bracelet maker and see that her name is on the receipt as the one who purchased it?


Aria wasn't trying to hide it from the police, she was trying to hide it from her mother because of the stupid text she sent accidentally to her mom, remember!!???


C'mon aria acted pretty darn brainless (or did the scriptwriters?) even a stupid 11 yr old wouldn't put things in emily's locker and keep the book beneath a cup.. the aria/Ezra storyline is already getting boring now and Hanna and Spencer seem to be the only two girls with some exciting story line...


Best scene: jenna getting slapped, it was so pleasant to see! caleb & hanna: I really hope they are not over, they were so good together! was aria careful enough?: not at all. what she should have really hidden was that book with his signature and not all those weird things that wouldn't have made anyone suspect (a spoon, really?) spencer: someone is wasting a lot of time making her look guilty! honestly I don't know what she'll do to acquit herself.


Best scene(s) is anything with Toby and Spencer. I have said this a dozen times but they are great together. I like how they are letting this relationship take time and not move too fast. Caleb and Hanna are not at the end yet. I'm almost certain he is going to come around and help Hanna big time when she needs it most, I'm thinking the finale. PLus, the writers should know how popular they are, I don't think they will just end it like that. If Aria wants to keep her relationship a secret you shouldn't hide stuff in you friends locker. If the police do, do a check on them, lockers would be an obvious place to check. Spencer I don't know if she will be able to explain it, but new evidence should draw attention away from her.


My favorite scene was anything with Toby and Spencer. They are definitely my favorite couple now. I hope the show writers don't screw their relationship up too. Caleb and Hannah? I don't know. Maybe she'll forgive him but I kinda hope she doesn't, at least for awhile. He deserves it. His intentions were wrong in the beginning. I agree. Bring. Back. Lucas. Aria seriously needs to hide her secret better. In the preview of next week's ep, police show up at Ezra's door. I do not like the sight of that. Spencer probably won't be able to clear her name. I'm not sure there's any way she could explain the fibers.


I hope this isn't it for Caleb/Hanna!!!!!!! They were so good together! I also love Spencer and Toby together!


Caleb had a troubled childhood, and Hanna identifies with that because she was fat. She did things for Alison for which she was not proud (hello - almost ratted out Aria and Ezra!) and she will forgive and understand him better. It will make them a very strong couple.


Favorite Scene?
Toby and Spencer at the fire place. Toby didn't have that support when he was a suspect, so being there for Spencer and holding her hand, was the reassurance Spencer needed to avoid running away. It also implied they had taken a step further in their relationship. Are they dating? Most likely that is the least question they would think about, but it's good to see that Spencer is not alone, someone else actually knows what she is going through. Caleb and Hannah?
Caleb blew it big time. As reassuring it was to hear that he stopped spying the moment he and Hannah formed a relationship, it doesn't excuse his initial intentions. He did feed Jenna some wrong information, and that shows his loyalty, but he has a long way to go before they reach the stage they once were. As for Lucas, isn't he into someone else? Maybe they might work better as friends. Aria hiding Ezra's mementos?
WHY LEAVE THE BOOK ON TOP OF THE PILE!!! I think she could explain that her English teacher took her special interests in books at heart, but why would he sign Ezra instead of Mr. Fitz? As for the moments, bad idea! ...but I thought the spoon was cute. Fibers in Spencer's bracelet?
Why is Spencer a suspect again, because she lied about Ian?
A teenage girl lied about a crush she shared with her sister's ex, now husband... very suspicious! Why isn't Ian a suspect? He looks the part. After Spencer's mom asked if she framed Toby, I felt sorry for her family's influence in her life, believing a complete stranger over their own daughter, not even the least bit suspicscious of her claims. You guys are right, the amount of times Ian threatened Spencer, she should have a recorder or wire attached to her, let's have the cops discredit that one!


can anyone find a screenshot of spencer's computer screen? i've looked, but have had no luck. i want to see what else was on the screen.


I dont understand why she just doesnt keep some of that stuff at Ezras, much safer option, Yes she might be a bit embarressed but im sure he would think it was cute that she held onto those things. I agree that it was strange that Jenna had eyeliner on.

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