Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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We're excited to present the latest edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Gathered below, our panel is here to pick apart "Someone to Watch Over Me," as this ABC Family hit builds toward its first season finale.

What did critic Teresa Lopez and fans Kate Sage and Tara Gans think of the installment? Read on to find out. As always, feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Teresa: My favorite scene was definitely Hanna smacking Jenna's glasses right off her face.

Kate: The Slap, enough said. I'm so glad the girls and Toby are standing up to Jenna's bullying, and I'm so excited to see where this plot line takes us. Can Jenna really know about anything more than the garage fire incident? What is she hiding???

Tara: The sweetest scene was when Toby told Spencer to bring coffee to the policemen who were watching her. I think the girls really have the best chance to solve the A mystery and Alison's murder when they pool their resources with strong, smart men like Toby and Caleb.

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Is this it for Caleb and Hanna? Will she forgive him?
Teresa: I don't think Caleb and Hanna have much a chance... unless he saves her from one of A's nefarious plans.

Kate: Well, first, Caleb's priority should be changing his locker code. Second, Caleb should prove his love to Hanna by getting some dirt on Jenna that will open up a whole new set of clues for the girls. But if he can't do those things, I hope Lucas comes back into the picture. Where has he been?

Tara: It's over. Bring back Lucas!

Was Aria careful enough in hiding her Ezra mementos?
Teresa: The Ezra-tokens will definitely be found in a police search of Emily's locker.

Kate: As the talented Teresa Lopez pointed out in her recap, why did Aria think that hiding her stuff in Emily's locker was somehow more secure than keeping it in her room? If the police are going to get search warrants for Aria, they're obviously going to get warrants for Hanna and Emily, too, and will check Emily's locker. Also, Aria, a spoon doesn't have to be hidden, just wipe it off for fingerprints and keep it in your desk drawer or something - no one could ever trace that back to an illicit affair. Meanwhile, the book with a named inscription DEFINITELY needs to be hidden! What are you thinking, Aria? You're never going to figure out who A is with those sleuthing skills, girl!

Tara: Were these hidden in Emily's school locker, or her swim locker? If it's her swim locker, I guess there's less of a chance of the police finding it... but there's more of a chance of Paige somehow stumbling upon it, which may be just as bad.

How is Spencer going to explain the fibers in her bracelet and get out of this?
Teresa: I think Spencer won't be able to explain them, but some better evidence (like maybe a bloody glove?) against someone else will get her off the hook.

Kate: This is a tough one. For starters, good call on deleting stuff off your computer and not running away when Ian tells you to. I would also suggest wearing a wire whenever you're around Ian. Maybe slip in the fact to the police that Ian spent the whole summer doing drugs... that way, they can drug test him and, even if it won't help the case, it will at least get him fired from the high school and smear his name a bit, right?

Tara: Things are going downhill for Spencer - how long until the police trace her back to the bracelet maker and see that her name is on the receipt as the one who purchased it?


What if Emily's locker is searched and the police find Ezra's mementos in there, only to come to the conclusion that Emily and Ezra were having an affair and not Aria and Ezra?? It could get Emily into a lot more trouble and Ezra in prison.


I personally do not like Lucas and Hanna because he is a creep and I am pretty sure the friends wouldn't accept that he was the one who smashed Allison memorial and Hanna cover it. Aria should have also gotten ridden of that book because that is the most important one. Spencer and Toby was as cute as always and cannot wait for more of them.


@Kristina Jade Norris
Yes it was because of her mom and dad but if the police gets on the locker they well ask wath and why it is there and as soon they know its aria´s and Mr. Fitz thell get the tip ot the´re thing. the episode was about aria and ezra gething cought but... where whas ezra? it could get better if ella talked to ezra about that and ezra not knowing what to say..


leons is the place A made Hanna eat all the cupcakes and then wanted her to throw them up..she found the money in the paper towell dispencer also that day at leons


What is Leon's cupcakes?????
I think Toby and Spencer are sooo sooo cute together, plus they have that whole shared experience thing going on :)
Lucas is just spooky and annoying, i'm glad he's gone


I'm pretty sure Aria was just hiding her stuff from her parents, not the police. I don't even think she thought about that. And I guess she could just say the book was a gift from Ezra because he's her english teacher.
As for Hanna and Caleb I hope theyr'e not over, you can see how much she likes him, and I don't think she'll ever feel like that about Lucas, and it never seemed like she felt that way about Shaun.


her mum is getting the evidence thrown out from the room search so the fibers dont matter as they are inadmissible in court. also please tell spencer to wear a wire around ian, that whole convo could have saved so much time if she'd recorded it!!! also i dont think it matters if the police find arias stuff it doesnt prove or show anything; its all just stupid mementos like a spoon. the police will have no interest in that.


AND duh her fibers will be on there, they were together that night.. they ARE friends


Jenna had makeup on under her glasses.... I have a friend who is blind and it is almost impossible for her to put on eyeliner, I just found it very strange she had full eye makeup on. Having Leons cupcakes makes her look really guilty, and just cause they delete them doesnt mean they cant find it on the hard drive.. silly girl


Spencer pushed Allison the night she died, didn't she? I think I remember they got into a fight and Spencer pushed her when she was wearing the green sweater. That might be how the fibers got there.

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