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Pretty little liars is my favorite show EVER and i really want to know who A is. When Ian was trying to kill Spencer because of what she knew, i think that was A... right? and i think A is a group of people that are spying on the girls. I also think that Melissa knew that Ian was bad all along but she also wanted to get rid of Spencer. And the end of the show was crazy, either 1) A took Ian's body and did something to it. 2) Ian is still alive and he was "acting" like he was dead. or 3) the police guy- the bad one- took ian's body because he was trying to help him. i really want to know who A is and i hope that in the next season they'll give us more clues and more shockers of to who this A person is. It would be really cool if it was Alison herself like in the book. But my guess is that its someone that we never expected it to be... someone that looks so innocent and yet creapy. Here are my guesses: Mona, Melissa, Noel, Ezra?, Jenna, Ali, Ali's brother, or..... "it" could be something.


Defintely taken from the book. Ian's alive and waiting, hopefully having planned everything he'll have some really good alibi! Weird how Spencer pushing Ali was kind of brought up, it was such a big thing in the early books and the therapist! That means so many more plotlines from the books could be brought back! Can't wait for the reurn at least its only a couple of months away and will keep the summer tv interesting.


The writers better have a reeeeally good explanation for this whole "A" thing.. I mean.. It has to be someone from the school because in the beginning (second epi or sthing)..A was clearly watching the girls with Jenna in the school cafeteria... Then the Hanna accident.. If Noel is not A, what was the point of the "She knew too much" text and getting her hit by a car.. Then the hotel room storyline...
Plus the whole Ian/Melissa/Ali thing is..um.. a little bit weird..

BTW, the missing body is taken from the books (sort of), so that's not really THAT forced...



Do you even watch Emily's scenes?

Why should Emily get a boyfriend? She obviously doesn't swing that way.


The finale was not that good and I hope that season 2 premiere will make up for it.


I'm a HUGE PLL fan but the finale kind of bothered me!!! Jenna is secretly talking with Ian AND the cop? then Ian just disappears??? This is one of those shows that sometimes when the episode is over i just want to SCREAM! On a side note...i hope Lucas bringing Caleb back turns out well! I LOVE Caleb!


If there is a God, we will have more wonderful Spencer/Toby scenes, the two of them are starting to hit their stride and they're great for each other!


The town of Rosewood needs to be turned upside down. I would hate to live there. They all think their lives are so great that they think four young girls would make this crap up? That's the ONE THING that I dislike most about PLL. And I love PLL.


i dont really like whats set up for season 2
it should be toby and spencer are ok and there relationship becomes stronger and caleb and hanna should get back together and he helps find out who a is and i hated that they didnt find ian cuz now everyone thinks ther liars its so unfair and emily should get a BOYfriend already
i am inlove with this show soooooooo much its my favorite show i just dont want to see it crash like gossip girl but i trust the writters to keep pretty little liars the best show ever

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