Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers: Who is Going to Therapy?

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So... that was it?!? Such was our critic's reaction to the first season finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Before reading any further and gaining insight into season two, check out the TV Fanatic review and see if you agree with this writer's assessment. Okay? Ready?

A Quartet of Liars

Pretty Little Liars returns in June and executive producer Oliver Goldstick says at least one significant shift will involve Ezra and his job status.

“We’re putting Ezra in a new place,” Goldstick tells TV Line. “Mr. Fitz [is] leaving Rosewood High... It will definitely put ‘Ezria’s’ relationship in a new context... We’re going to play it very much as a relationship that has many obstacles - the teacher/student element may be lifted, and other [problems] present themselves next season.”

All of the girls will be "in trouble" when the series returns, Goldstick previews, adding the following tidbits:

More Maya: Bianca Lawson is on her way back to the show. “Maya went off because we had to shake it up a little bit,” Goldstick says. “We all thought it was interesting to see what would happen if when Maya went away, Emily was put in the position where she was the one who became the teacher in the relationship. The Emily/Maya relationship had played itself out at that point and we wanted to give new drama and a new path for Emily. But there are plans for her to return. We adore her.”

More Spencer/Toby: Look for this relationship to grow “very much in Season 2," teases Goldstick, adding that it "is more complicated because of what happens in the finale."

Professional help on the way: “As a result of what happens in the finale, the girls’ status in Rosewood becomes very precarious, very shaky,” Goldstick says. “If they weren’t thought of as liars before, they will certainly be thought of as that when we start the second season. They’ll be sent to a therapist who has some strong ideas about when these girls should interact again, if at all."

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I Think Aria And Ezra Know They Are Probley Heading Down a Dangerous Path But They Are In Love And When Two People Are In Love They Will Do Anything To Keep That Love &That Special Bond They Share. Also iThink Emily Is So Fuckin STUPID She Is The Worse Character To Me I Cant Stand The Way She Acts She Was So Stuck On Maya And Then Paige Who I Think Is Fuckin Ugly Anyway! I Think Spencer Is Right It Isnt Her Fault That Things Are The Way They Are Her Mom Needs To Stop Babying Melissa Stop Being Sucha BITCH And Try Listenig To Spencer ! Hannah Who I Love Should Have Gave Calab Another Chance Because I Truely Believe He Didnt Want To Do What He Did Jenna Offered Money And He Needed It He Apologiged For It And Told Hannah He Was Sorry And That He Love Her And I Think He Was Sincere. I Think Mona Might Be -A She Doesnt Seem Like Much Of A Good Friend To Hannah Really Most Def Not The Other Girls She The Only One Who Seems To Still Be Press Because Ali Made Them Popular And Doesnt Want To Let That Go Even If It Means Making The Other Gils Ali Made Popular Look Like LIARS!


just read the books, bitches -- A


You don't know anything. Try finding me! See where that gets you. Revenge is everything. Good luck bitches. - A


here is the bigest spoiler so guess whay well ali has a twin yes i knowthe twin name is courtny we will call her c amd ali a so well c always waited to be a in third grade she even tryed to kill her so c when to a mental hospiol for a long time but she got out the day a meet aria spence hanna and emily we wil call them the group well the truth is a never even meet the group because c and a were at home at that time and c whenout side and pretended to a while a was in the house their mom grabed her to take her back to the hospiol thinking she was c try 2 be a again so a got c crazy life and c got a prefect life so the night a ake c got killed c aka a was home again and she was going to get revenge whena a aka c left the barn c aka a killed her for taking her life and c aka a was -A all along she did every thing and famed everyone like then hanna was hit by a car and saw ali in the hospiol that really was ali but not their ali their ali was countny oh and also a aka c and jenna plan the firework thing you see toby was rapeing jenna and their parnet told toby to stop shoting fireworks out his tree home or his will be sended to mility camp so jenna ans ali planed it because jenna knew about c but it when all wrong and jenna got blind oh and also jenna and ian r going to be murdered by ali and ali is going to try and kill the group but ends up dieing her self so remeber the real ali never knew the group countmy did oh i also most forgot toby is going to kill his self so that is all and if u want to know how i know this well i am related to one of the makers of the show so what now and to all of u who think u though who -A is u got it all wrong sooo bye i hope u get it and pretty little lair is a craxy sick show :D


Okay here it goes i think -A is a maybe a few people like garret, Ian and maybe Jenna. i don't think Jenna is -A because all throughout the season everything links to her which makes you think she is -A but as we all know things are never as expect in rosewood...I also have a feeling that Jenna isn't blind because if everything went wrong for her her safety net is that it was the girls fault shes blind. I think Ian and Jenna didn't have a relationship i just think that Ian has the videos of Jenna and they both hate the girls and want to get rid of them, so they team up to take them down ( evil i know) Now garret is the one to be worried about because the girls have no idea that he is totally not on their side as he has something with Jenna and when he found out that the girls had the video of Jenna i bet he wasnt happy i think Ian crashed into Spencer; they were brought to hospital; garret was with the other girls; and Ian waits back at the church because he knows Spencer has gone back to get the phone because he was watching them. Toby deffinitly saved Spencer i just know after what she said to him about him being her safety net and only trusting him that he would follow her and make sure she didn't get hurt but seeing Ian trying to kill her he throws him over the side of the thingy and hides his body because he dosn't want to get caught. I feel really bad for Mellisa because its so unfair on her, all her relationships have gone down the drain and each one because of Spencer, i bet in season 2 shes had enough of her last but not least, i HATE the relationship with aria and ezra because it is way too dramatic and its gone on for too long i feel like they are dragging it out. :) cant wait 4 season 2 :) if you read all of that tap yourself on the back well done!! i just had to get that out there i was about to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx


Hey! There obv's not going to tell who -A is because that would ruin the mystery! They might in the last ever episode! And if they do tell who -A is what will the girls be doing!


I think that Garrett is -a. He could have easily followed Emily to Maya's house and could have taken something important from the boxes with Alison's stuff. Also, in the season finale we figure out that he was much closer to Jenna and Ian than we thought. Also, it looked as if Ian knew who was killing him. So maybe that gave us a hint. Lastly, he was the only one who knew where Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily were. Maybe he was the one who sent the last text saying to "Buckle Up"


i hate paige, i think she's ugly and clingy and gross. i want emily to be with that blonde girl, i don't remember her name, the one paige was supposed to have lunch with to talk about being gay etc. i hope caleb comes back or that stupid mona tells hanna about the letter and she goes to find him! effing love this show, hope it runs for ages.


hi< evryyyyone! i loove this show!
i read the bookss and hav ea fewww frieds on the set and found out that a is none other that yoou think! OMG it scared me! watch to fiind out. i shouldve became an advertiser than a singer :)

Avatar that season finale was just too much but i luvd it anyway!! but now i have 2 many unanswered questions n i still wanna kno what melissa n ian were tlkn abt tht nite when spencer was eavesdropping...n y is it tht noel is ALWAYSSS present when something big happens??!! n we always c him in d crowd in black...i def think that A is a bunch of ppl n he's def 1 of them n mayb his friend sean 2...i rly hope that A isnt mona tho cuz 2 me she's just a dumb self-centered bitch! oohh n i dnt think jenna's blind n wats up with her n ian n garrett...thrs alot goin on btwn them that we need 2 find out abt n i luvvv the couples :) i want caleb n hanna 2 get back 4 ezra n ari i think aria blew all of tht out of proportion in d last episode tht waS IMMATURE! n i luv tobey n spencer hope they wrk out...n as much as i hate ian i dnt want anything 2 happen 2 melissa's baby luvvv PLL

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