Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers: Who is Going to Therapy?

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So... that was it?!? Such was our critic's reaction to the first season finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Before reading any further and gaining insight into season two, check out the TV Fanatic review and see if you agree with this writer's assessment. Okay? Ready?

A Quartet of Liars

Pretty Little Liars returns in June and executive producer Oliver Goldstick says at least one significant shift will involve Ezra and his job status.

“We’re putting Ezra in a new place,” Goldstick tells TV Line. “Mr. Fitz [is] leaving Rosewood High... It will definitely put ‘Ezria’s’ relationship in a new context... We’re going to play it very much as a relationship that has many obstacles - the teacher/student element may be lifted, and other [problems] present themselves next season.”

All of the girls will be "in trouble" when the series returns, Goldstick previews, adding the following tidbits:

More Maya: Bianca Lawson is on her way back to the show. “Maya went off because we had to shake it up a little bit,” Goldstick says. “We all thought it was interesting to see what would happen if when Maya went away, Emily was put in the position where she was the one who became the teacher in the relationship. The Emily/Maya relationship had played itself out at that point and we wanted to give new drama and a new path for Emily. But there are plans for her to return. We adore her.”

More Spencer/Toby: Look for this relationship to grow “very much in Season 2," teases Goldstick, adding that it "is more complicated because of what happens in the finale."

Professional help on the way: “As a result of what happens in the finale, the girls’ status in Rosewood becomes very precarious, very shaky,” Goldstick says. “If they weren’t thought of as liars before, they will certainly be thought of as that when we start the second season. They’ll be sent to a therapist who has some strong ideas about when these girls should interact again, if at all."

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Avatar that season finale was just toooo much but i still luvd it


I think A's a bunch of people. I think there's someone spying on each girl and someone in charge. I'm not sure who but I think Jenna (Who I don't think is really blind) is the leader of them all.
The TV show isn't following the books, but I don't think Ian killed Ali. I think Ali's still alive. But she's not A, and I don't think she has a twin sister either.
Some people think Alison was/is evil, but I think she's nice.


You are all thinking wrong. There is much more to it then you all think. Nobody will every find out who A is because I am so careful and smart. I did everything premeditated. Revenge is everything! Trust me!


i would love to see what will be the reaction of paige if she see emily and maya together.


i think hanna and lucas would make a great couple. I also love toby and spencer.the programme is amazing :)


I am very upset that Hanna's min pin, Dot, is not on the show. I love my pet min pin and would love to see the min pin on the show. The min pin is a central character t the storyline. The min pin is A.


Also here are possible a's and why - Jason, he had oppurtunity and he could do stupid things when he was high - Naomi, Riley, and Mona I know i said not Mona, but with 3 people it would be easier to pull off - Sadly, Toby technically has as much motive as Jenna (the sex tape)


Everyone in here are sticking with the obvious suspects. -Jenna -Mona -Melissa -Allison they said that they were going to not listen to the book as much so don;t think its the same a and also stop looking at the obvious suspects My best guess out of those would be Melissa. I feel this becuase she lives in the barn where they used to hang out at. She could have s=found something in there like a diary (like in the book) U neva no! Also


lil lil google bubble!
March 25th, 2011 8:21 PM
YAyyyyyy Mayyaaaa!!! I seriously grew up watching Bianca Lawson she is so talented and gorgeous. So i think she needs to be with Emily so they can jus be pretty together or something. and if not maya then emily should jus go straight. I LOVEEE TOBYY HE IS SOOO CUTE! and plus he is dating my favorite character so i love toby and spencer. aria and ezra r juss boringgg ohh and these girls need a shrink so i have no problem with that Overall i was dissappointed with the finale. too much aria and ezra boring relationship and less solutions to the mystery
I totally agree with u


first of all i love pretty little liars! my favourite couple used to be Ezra and Aria but now I think i love Spencer and Toby more. I love them together, because Spencer is being rebellious because he's not exactly the type her family want her to be with :/ so i think it's great that they are together.
i dont mind emily being gay, but i really dont like maya. there's just something about her i dont like. i really want her and samara to get together, i think they would be a really good couple. as for ezra and aria, i think they should get back together but the producers need to make the relationship a lot more interesting ;) AND HANNA AND CALEB! i loveee caleb! i really want them to get back together! i think the next season is going to be really good, but i think if they are going to make more seasons after, then we wont find out who A is for a LONGGG time. :( BUT I LOVE PLL

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I have to borrow Emily for some girl talk. Not girl on girl talk, just girl talk.


If you believe a lie, it becomes the truth.