Supernatural Spoilers: Season Finale to "Bring Mythology to a Head"

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There will definitely be deaths on the Supernatural season finale. So stated producer Sera Gamble during a panel discussion this month.

What else can fans expect from the May 20 installment? Without getting too specific, series creator Eric Kripke offered the following teases in an interview with TV Line:

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The season is “building to a left hook that I don’t think [fans will] see coming. We will bring all of this mythology to a head. We bring purgatory to a head. We bring the war in Heaven to a head. We bring the mother of all monsters - the wall in Sam’s head - to a head. All of it does come together, but I think in a way that’s really unexpected and surprising and really great.”

Kripke actually wrote the finale and tells fans it will be "powerful and emotional." We can't wait.


Suz! How can you say that? The finales have been so heartbreaking! I think the writing has been excellent. God! I hope ther is a season 7!


I bet Castiel and Crowley are teaming up this whole time. In fact, I have info that tells me that Crowley and Castiel were in on the "burning of Crowley's bones." Crowley is now in purgatory. I don't know what he's doing there, but I know he wants to rule it. Perhaps Crowley and Castiel will rule purgatory and heaven together. I do also hear that someone will die, and a new Monster or God will be unleashed... or a new place. Hence, the Haunter of the Dark.


oh my god.. i dont want supernatural to end yet. i have a question, why do they want know where tha purgatory is? i must've missed where they explained it or it didnt explain yet?


I'm quite excited! Hopefully there will be a Season 7 though... I don't want Supernatural to end, although it will eventually. I can't wait for what will happen!! I hope it's very emotional.


I love supernatural and it sounds like to me they are tieing all the loose ends up in a nice tidy bow incase a season 7 doesn't happen. I was just getting into the Eve story arc and it sounds like she is going back to purgatory (similar to lucifer and his cage storyline) but I really do hope they leave some door open so the brothers can come straight back into the game. I like the idea of all of Eve's monsters trying to carrying on her work without and a hunter vs monster war. i deffo think it is time for angels to return to heaven and for supernatural to go back to its season 1-3 routes.


More mythology will be brought to the table. For one the Goddess Fate will confront Castiel. She is angry because Sam and Dean and Team Freedom fought their destiny - their fate - and because of them Michael was locked in the cage with Lucifer leaving heaven in chaos so that Balthazar self indulgently decided to go back in time to prevent the sinking of the Titanic because he didn't like the ending of the movie.In the mean time Eve is going to be raising all kinds of new monsters as well as bringing together skinwalkers, werewolves,vampires etc. Everyone from their past is going to be coming back.


Another season finale written by Kripke means another very disappointing season end. Kripke and crew built up the Season 5 finale to be something so huge, they only ended up disappointing everyone when they couldn't deliver. The same thing will happen with Season 6. The only true way to "shock the fans" now would be to have the last 15 minutes of the episode start with a direct reshoot of Dean rising from hell as he did in S4 E1 and we find out that seasons 4, 5 and 6 have been nothing more than an angel induced nightmare Dean has been forced to live through and that's their idea of purgatory. . . everything is only a nightmare.


The comment regarding deaths being common in series finales is a logical fallacy. The characters do not die exclusively in the finales, all characters have met untimely ends throughout the show many episodes away from the finale.. Dean's repetitive death due to Loki/The Trickster/Gabriel's time loop he leaves the brothers in, Sam & Dean are shot in the chest in "Dark Side of the Moon" & the entire episode is filmed on the other side, in heaven. Recurring characters in the show do meet their death & stay that way, in a very unexpected way.. Just look at Ruby, Bella, Gabriel/Loki, Rufus Turner, Ash, Joe, Ellen, Anna, Pamela, Crowley.. Just off the top of my head..


I keep hearing this isn't the series finale, only a season finale. Is that true?


They always say someone dies in the series finales, I am so used to it now that I don't really find it suspenseful. A character dies and is resurrected. E.g.
-Sam; died season 2 finale, resurrected in season 2 finale.
-Dean; died season 3 finale, resurrected in season 4 premiere.
-Bobby, Castiel & Sam; died in season 5 finale, resurrected in season 5 finale.
It's so repetitive, however, I do like the show and still follow it ever since season 1 and I do like the idea of bringing more mythology to the table.

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