The Good Wife Round Table: "Ham Sandwich"

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What an ideal time for the second edition of The Good Wife Round Table.

Following this week's explosive, shocking episode of the CBS drama, lead critic Matt Richenthal is joined below by fellow TV Fanatics Jeff Kirkpatrick and Carissa Pavlica, as they delve into Kalinda's secret, the relationship between Alicia and Cary and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Forget this episode. The conversation between Alicia and Cary may have been my favorite scene in series history. It summed up everything I love about the show: rich characters, mature discussions, complicated relationships and not a word of dialogue wasted.

Carissa: I'm with Matt: Cary and Alicia talking on the phone at the end. For all of their posturing, they have grown to care about each other, and they both care about Kalinda. I'm glad they finally let go of their drama and put it out there.

Jeff: That's tough because there were several scenes that were just fantastic. I guess I'd have to say Eli preparing to bare his bum to the democratic leader. Unbuckling his belt while appearing to listen intently to what the man was saying was just hilarious.

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Does Alicia drink too much?
Matt: I haven't seen her flash her boobs once at work, so I say no.

Carissa: No. In fact, the beers with Kalinda and the wine at the end of the day make the show seem more real for me. If Alicia didn't drink, she'd have to be close to an angel, and I just don't buy it. She's far too multifaceted not to have some vice, and having a few drinks is not a bad vice to have. I do, however, dislike their children more and more each week and wonder if they weren't switched at birth.

Jeff: I don't know that she does. So she has a glass of wine at the end of the day, big deal. It's actually good for the cholesterol! But given her mentally and emotionally draining job, I'm almost surprised she isn't a full-on alcoholic.

Will Lockhart/Gardner represent Bishop again?
Matt: I actually doubt it. Did you notice the look on Donald Lee's face after he learned Bishop killed his wife? He shut that opposing lawyer up for the guy's own good. When even someone as smarmy as Lee is scared, it might be time to pull the professional plug on this relationship.

Carissa: I hope not. At some point they have to realize that money does not trump morals. To represent someone so reprehensible will not be good for the firm, no matter how much money he has. As for the relationship between Bishop and his wife, they were both scum. She knew who she was getting in bed with and made the mistake of thinking his love for her would keep her safe no matter what she did. Bishop's money won't keep the firm any safer than his love kept his wife.

Jeff: Of course. At the end of the day, it's all about the Benjamins. It also provides Alicia with yet another moral dilemma with which to grapple. Side note: I found Alicia's appeal to Bishop's wife to be right on point. How could that woman use her son like that? Despicable. Not that it warrants her murder, obviously, but kinda doesn't make you feel all that sorry for her.

Give us your reaction to Kalinda and Peter's secret.
Matt: A woman has slept with her best friend's husband? On any other series, I'd write this off as soap opera-ish, more appropriate for Desperate Housewives than The Good Wife. But this show has spent nearly two seasons proving how intelligently and maturely it handles storylines and relationships. I trust this will play out in a similar, fascinating manner and I make a prediction: it will result in Alicia ending up in Will's bed.

Carissa: I've just been waiting for this. The very first time Kalinda and Peter shared screen time, I knew they slept together. I've always assumed it, especially when we learned she worked for Peter for a time. I also thought that was why Kalinda felt so close to Alicia. A respect grown from guilt that turned into friendship.

Jeff: To quote Leslie Knope: Crap on a spatula!! Now that was a bombshell I did not anticipate in any shape or form. Peter is such a douchebag. He's known Alicia and Kalinda have worked together for over a year and never bothered to come clean with her about it? Obviously he really hasn't changed.

This is what I love about The Good Wife. No holds barred; no topic untouchable. On the one hand, it's incredible drama, especially when they've done so much to establish the tight, albeit informationally-challenged, bond between Alicia and Kalinda. On the other, though, it's going to be a little sad to see that all come crashing down. I like Alicia and Kalinda as soul sisters. I can't help but wonder more how Cary will react when he finds out.


Does anyone remember the Heart episode when Peter found out that Kalinda worked for the firm. That is when Will needed a favor from Peter and showed up at the apartment and Alicia was some upset over it. This was the start of the Kalinda secret from Alicia but not by Peter, the best way to handle this is let dead dogs ly and move on. This was way back in season one now its episode 18 of season two, thats a big gap of time.


Leola, & Fellow posters. Maybe there is no relationshio with Peter & Kalinda (sexually) going on, and it may have something to do with someone else?situation. Peter & Kalinda never clearly said anything about an affair..
I do know that Will had a dark past, and it will come out. Diane seems like she may consider the Judge sit again. Overall, this show has an element of good drama, with a soap opera twist. Gret Show, great work, and research from the creators, awriters!


There is no way Alicia will sleep with Will, his dirty past will be brought out pretty soon. As for the Kalinda/Peter affair it never happened, somehow Peter helped her out of a major felony rap but it seems it might come back to bite them. The word killer was used in the promo to the upcoming episode that will bring more light to what went on.
All in all we will see Alicia stay THE GOOD WIFE.


I agree with Matt. Alicioa goona find her reason to sleep with Will >(
Not to mentioned, a few epidsodes ago, Kalinda was trying to talk Alicia to sleep with Will, maybe to have something over her. Kalinda may have a secret crush on Peter.
I hope she doesnt give in to Will. ~Patrick


Has anyone seen the upcoming episode promo, I think Blake has got it wrong about Kalinda and Peter, I ran it over and over and it sounds like Peter got Kalinda out of a major felony (murder) then changed her name to cover it up. There was no mention of any hooking up going on, he fired her to cover up and have her get lost. Blake doesn't know the whole story he is just speculating in his currupt mind. As a woman who has gone through the same problen as Alicia and holding on I see the bigger picture, no one knows the whole story and maybe its better not to just move on and try supporting instead of accusing him.


I think we all are going to be surprised in the end, it is being built up as a total blast of life. We are all on the side of Alicia but she is not the one who will be destroyed after all the hidden crap is exposed, there will be several people involved in curruption on different levels. 1. Peter, What has he done since the biggining of this series ? 2. Will, Since the start has been involved in 2 felonys ? 3. Blake, Lying to the grand jury, deep ties to Will ? 4. Kalinde, Is she trying to hurt Alicia ? 5, Alicia, How much does it take to get the edge off ? Now there are some of the facts to explore. 4,


Favorite Scene?
Alicia and Carey... took everything by surprise. It was good for them to have a decent conversation after weeks off banter on opposing sides. It shows that at some point in the future, they could actually work together. Alicia's Drinking?
What drinking! Alicia does not drink too much! Most we've seen of that was to get the edge off, but like Matt said, she hasn't once flashed her boobs at work. Lockhart/Gardner and Bishop, it's inevitable. Even though this recent interaction was sullen, it was no surprise the kind of person he was and what he was capable of. It all depends on the following case. Lockhart/Gardner needs to get back on their feet before they decide who they kick out, until then well... Kalinda and Peter's secret? Reaction....
(loooooong pause) At some point there were eye rollers when Blake kept rattling on about Kalinda's past (argh, tell us something you haven't said before blahblah). Then Blake revealed the big jaw dropper, hold up, REWIND! What! Definitely unexpected. Blake surely landed the final blow, leaving Kalinda herself rattled and speechless. I don't think there would be any coming back from that one. It was enough for Alicia to forget the ones she did not know, but she's bonded with Kalinda, that one would hit hard. Maybe this would finally give Alicia the excuse to break away, she needs out of her misery.


After watching this weeks episode it is easy to see the bigger picture, during the cross exam of Kalinda by Cary about who ordered the hit on the doctor from episodes past he already knew that Will did and that Blake did it. Alicia's eyes showed her reaction to it, showing the Will team the dark side of him and the past conection with Blake.
Regarding the subject of Alicia's drinking it is getting worse, we only see the one wine or tequilla but at home the daughter sees alot more and thats what we see at the bar also. If my daughter told me that I am drinking more it would open my eyes real quick before it gets way out of hand.
For the Peter and Kalinda situation we only heard it coming from Blakes mouth,


I wish they referenced the issue of race that was addressed in the show. Aside from that loved the read wish it was a video.


I loved the round table and I think there is one thing that I took away from the episode and that is I think Cary has the information about Kalinda and Peter. I thought that Blake told Kalinda he told what he knew to the ASA wouldn't that be Cary since he was leading the Grand Jury proceedings. I actually thought that, that was why he called and I got the impression from the call he was sitting between a rock and a hard place.
His boss is out of a job and Peter very well could be his new boss so how far do you take that information and if he uses it against Alicia he may never be welcomed back to Lockhart/Gardner. SO either way he loses. You know if he uses the information to hurt Alicia in any way he losses Will as an ally and future employer and if he uses it against Peter he is out of a job if Peter wins.
I think he was using the call to her to say without telling her what he knew that Blake was gone and this was going no further.
In the end I really believe that Cary does not want to hurt Alicia any further so he used his respect for her to just make it stop with him.
Now as I see the cliffhanger well I see the last episode being where Alicia does find out after Peter has won the election and ends up at Will's door. Then we will be left with did she or didn't she and what happens now. I believe it will come out after Peter wins the election and now Alicia is boxed into to being the Good Wife or finally seeing just who Peter was and is and put herself, her heart and her feelings first.
About the kids if Grace was my daughter and she spoke to me that way she would be a very lonely child. She is what 14 at the most dictating religion and drinking habits to her mother and the boy whose name escapes me well he has become just as obnoxious.
I do not think that it matters what happens I just know that it is going to be a very interesting ride the rest of the season and I say hold on and enjoy it.

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A Chicago grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.


Kalinda: Ever get the feeling something bad is going to happen.
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