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The Good Wife Season 2

"Closing Arguments"

Despite their tense relationship, Alicia and Kalinda rush to prove their client's innocence in a murder trial in the second season finale.

"Getting Off"

Alicia and Will defend Stephanie Engler (guest star Sarah Silverman), when one of the clients of her adultery website is murdered.

"In Sickness"

Lockhart/Gardner defends a patient in a liver transplant case against rival attorney Patti Nyholm. Meanwhile, Alicia deals with emotional fallout from Peter's one-night stand with Kalinda.

"Foreign Affairs"

The election results are in. Peter and Kalinda's relationship is out and a dictator complicates a lawsuit.

"Wrongful Termination"

Michael J. Fox is back again. The actor reprises his role of Louis Canning on this episode.

"Killer Song"

Will and Alicia defend a woman who is suing a convicted murderer this week. There's also action on the campaign front.

"Ham Sandwich"

The Good Wife focuses on Kalinda this week. What will happen with her indictment?

"Great Firewall"

Will and Diane work to oust Bond from the firm this week, while Eli receives a major tip. He hopes it will force Childs from the race.

"Silver Bullet"

Does Wendy Scott-Carr employee an illegal alien? That's the question Eli has on this episode.

"Net Worth"

The state's attorney candidates hold a private meeting this week, while Alicia confronts Will about the voicemail. Rita Wilson and F. Murray Abraham guest star.

"Real Deal"

How do Peter and Eli get the youth vote? That's a major question at stake on The Good Wife this week.

"Silly Season"

Alicia takes on the case of a client who confessed, under duress, to killing a fellow prison in mate. Elsewhere, Peter gets blackmailed by an opponent.

"Two Courts"

Will uncovers information about what Bond plans to do with the firm this week. He also hires a jury consultant for a case.

"Breaking Up"

Alicia and Will face a dilemma on the first episode of 2011. They attempt to turn a client's son against his girlfriend.

"Nine Hours"

Alicia receives a tip from a courthouse clerk this week, regarding the case of a death row inmate. From there, the firm races against the clock to stay the man's execution.

"On Tap"

When a client of the firm's and a friend of Will's is on trial for taking payments from Muslim extremists this week, Alicia and company listen in on FBI wiretaps to help get him off. They discover interesting facts as a result.

"Bad Girls"

Alicia takes on the case of a teenager accused of attempted murder this week after she gets in a car accident while drunk. The teenager is played by Miranda Cosgrove.

"Poisoned Pill"

Michael J. Fox guest stars on this episode of The Good Wife. He plays an attorney who actually plays up his disability and takes on Alicia in court.

"VIP Treatment"

We pick up right where last week's episode left off on "VIP Treatment," as both the firm and Peter react to the news of a third candidate in the race for state attorney.

"Cleaning House"

Alicia risks disbarment when she gets caught up in an ethical scandal that could damage Peter's political campaign. Elsewhere, a third candidate is revealed for state's attorney.

"Breaking Fast"

Dallas Roberts guest stars on this week's episode. He plays Alicia's brother and he gets himself in trouble for remarks about Peter.

"Double Jeopardy"

Cary squares off against Alicia this week. They take on the case of an Army reservist accused of murdering his wife.

"Taking Control"

A new firm merges with Alicia's on the season two premiere of The Good Wife. Also, our heroine continues to be torn between men.

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