V Season Finale Preview: Who is Lars Tremont?

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V wraps up its season - and, very possibly, the entire series - with "Mother's Day" next Tuesday night.

The episode will feature the debut of Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan on the original mini series, as the new character of Lars Tremont. Look for this secret organization member to play a key role in events.

Elsewhere on the finale:

  • Anna is all about having Lisa breed with Tyler.
  • Erica and Diana enlist Lisa's help to stage a coup against her mother.

Visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for a detailed rundown and watch the official trailer for it now:

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The reason ratings sank so low is they took too long to get where they did. Too much melodrama and not enough action. Plus it was like Earth was being invaded by Victorias Secret and GQ Magazine supermodels or something. Looking forward to "Falling Skies" on TNT by Spielberg. 10 episode season 1 already filmed starts next month. Hopefully its good enough to get Season 2. Looks like series version of War of the Worlds (remake).


March 11th, 2011 12:44 PM
This will NOT be the series finale for V, just season finale. I am sure the show will be back! WRONG. The cancelled it. Its dead an buried.


I am so annoyed with V, it's great seeing the old characters coming back, but how can the makers do that without mentioning what happened in the original V. If they want to rewrite the whole storyline then they should exclude the original characters. The whole breeding thing was already done, and diana was a bitch who wanted the humans for food, not the great gal she is portrayed as now... argh!!!


the idiots at fox made certain that i'll never watch their network again when they cancelled "terminator- the sarah connor chronicles". now it's abc's turn to not make the same mistake.


Why is it that they stop these really good shows mid way leaving things on a brilliant cliffhanger and that's it? they have done it with Moonlight,,Defying gravity,, Earth 2,,The sarah connor chronicles,,The gates,,,Stargate universe just to mention a few ok some are old programms i know but,,perhaps if they promoted these a little better more people would watch them...so please stop taking off good programms to replace with some of the crap they dare to call entertainment..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring "V" back! I watched it in 1980's- u stopped the show until then. Took me 20 years of excitment! U better bring it on now, heck no not other 20 years! Lars was so hottest back then- now I still think he's whew hot!( Would be more excite if Lars is Anna's father!!)


email ABC this is a good show! A bit more promoting would help. Amazing Season Finale.


Keep asking ABC to bring it back, they might listen to viewers.


This will NOT be the series finale for V, just season finale. I am sure the show will be back!

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