90210 Review: "Nerdy Little Secrets"

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She's come undone! Which "she" exactly? Take your pick!

The West Bev High chicks were in full frazzle on "Nerdy Little Secrets," whether it was Silver acting like a spaz; Naomi jealously flipping out; Ivy getting pissy or Annie's new charge losing her grip on reality. There was never a dull moment. And the ladies ruled the evening since the boys were pretty much nonexistent.

Crazed Silver

Silver was infinitely entertaining in manic mode. Not for nothing, but she sure seemed to be having a blast getting ready in the morning. Bright orange hair? Why not?!? While she may have been driving everyone else a little crazy with her mile-a-minute chit chat and nonstop costume changes, she seemed more alive than she's been in the past few episodes.

Moping around feeling guilty for backstabbing Adrianna or declaring her sappy new love for Navid was getting boring. So what if she rifled through interview outfits like a meth freak. Naomi had the right attitude. Just sit back and let her do her thing. Adrianna certainly saw no harm in it.

Wicked, wicked Adrianna messing with Silver's head (literally) and loving every minute of it. How great was her reaction when she walked in and saw the new Silver?!? Personally I enjoyed seeing Silver erratically run down Pacific Coast Highway after her scooter ran out of gas. And why would an NYU alumni care what color her hair was? No offense, but it's NYU not Harvard. That dude seemed to share my opinion and was impressed with Silver's passion for film.

Until Silver went and blew it with her incessant calls and middle of the night passionate pleas. Black Swan much, Silver?

Naomi couldn't seem to get enough of her nerd stallion, Max. How the tide has turned for little Naomi. Once the queen bee that all the drones buzzed around, she now is the one doing the buzzing. Another one acting crazier and crazier.

Suspicious that Max was getting it on with his team buddy, Alex, Naomi followed Max to his Academic Invitational Championship where she busted in on him cramming with Alex. Feeling like a fool when she realized they were cramming books and not body parts, Naomi was forced to acknowledge that keeping their relationship on the down low had made her reach rock bottom. Jealous and irrational, the lying and sneaking around had gotten to her. And apparently Max felt the same.

His declaration of love was adorable. Both when he proved his loyalty to her by giving the wrong answer provided by Naomi during the final round of the championship and by not showing interest in any of the nerd girls at the after party. The both of them strutting down the halls of West Bev hand in hand and Naomi's "suck it" face was priceless. Geology rocks indeed. But can Naomi get any skinnier?

Ivy shared more screen time with Raj than she has in the past. Maybe that was because Dixon was (thankfully) nowhere to be found this week. Raj seems to be a good influence on Ivy. I mean, she was even wearing heels this week. Sandal wedge heels but heels nonetheless. She may have gotten incredibly pissed at Raj for pretending to be a drowning victim, but it was all good in the end.

He got her to overcome her increasingly irrational fear of the ocean and, in turn, she got him to overcome his own fears.  Chemo is a tad bit more serious than surfing but, still, one hand washed the other. Ivy reclaimed her place in the surf world and Raj drew strength from watching Ivy conquer her demons.

Annie came into her own, too. The writers are definitely stepping it up with her storyline. What was once an annoying twit has developed into an interesting character. Landing a job as the personal assistant to long-forgotten, aging actress Marla Templeton, Annie found a kindred spirit of sorts.

I liked that Annie was enamored of old Hollywood and could keep up with Marla talking about Peter Fonda and John Cassavetes. She may have not known what Musso & Frank was, but she seemed genuinely thrilled once she was there. Just as thrilled as when she found Marla's Walk of Fame star and Life magazine cover. It was heartbreaking to share in Annie's discovery of Marla's possible dementia. And even sadder to realize what Marla had been planning. Hopefully Annie will be able to convince Marla that she's more than just a fan but a friend as well.

And the truth shall set you free.

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Not gunna lie.... Naomi totally rocked the "Geology Rocks" shirt!!!


'spaz' is hardly an appropriate word to use to describe someone with bipolar..in the UK at least it is a very derrogatory word for someone with mental or physical handicaps...


What is wrong with the world today? As if we don't have enough girls mocking other girls for being overweight NOW you girls are slamming our 90210 cast for being too skinny! Honestly?!? Leave them alone. All of the girls are perfect just the way they are. They strut around on our screens in those little outfits and look amazing! To say that it looks like any of them could be anorexic is just as bad as asking a heavy girl if she's planning on throwing up after her next meal. We need to support each other & accept each other for EXACTLY what we look like. Besides, true beauty comes from within... With that in mind... Looks like you girls have something to work on after all. :)


Ivy was surfing to the roots, the seed 2.0 :)


Raj is SO HOT!


When Adrianna only appears in an episode for 10 seconds, I ask myself why I just wasted an hour of my life. Things were no different this time around. Arlene was right when she said "can Naomi get any skinnier?" I'm so sick of hearing people say that AnnaLynne has an amazing body when she actually looks like she has an eating disorder.


@s: I agree. Naomi is the best character in this show.


I Like:
- Naomi and Max
- Naomi's car
- Silver's new hair
- Navid's iguana
- Marla's cat OK i think that's all.


Naomi is the best part of this show.


does anyone know what song Ivy was surfing to in the Nerdy little secrets episode???

90210 Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh my God...who did this to you?!? I'm going to search lost and found for a hat.

Naomi [upon seeing Silver's orange hair]

Naomi: It's not nice, it's Gucci.
Max: If I start swanning around in Gucci my friends will know something's up.