Max: You're my girl and I want everyone to know that.
Naomi: Oh hell yes!

Next time you fake me out like that I'm gonna let you drown. I'm gonna make you drown.

Ivy [to Raj]

Getting old is a bitch, Annie.


I'm going crazy because of the sneaking around...the lying. Maybe we should break up.


Annie: What's Musso & Frank?
Marla: What's Musso & Frank?! You really have a lot to learn.

She makes the Grey Gardens chicks look like Martha Stewart.

Annie [describing Marla to Liam]

You are wound up about this interview, aren't you?

Naomi [watching Silver crazily try on outfits]

There's something about you, Annie, that I like. And nobody else applied so the job is yours.


It's like one big nerd orgy.

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