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This week's episode of Bones treated us to a new cast of quirky characters, serving as a pilot for a spinoff show aptly titled, "The Finder."

While I was expecting nothing less than a B&B minimized episode, Walter, Leo and Ike stepped up to the challenge of integrating into a mix of already established characters without stepping on any toes.

Geoff Stults on Bones

While Booth's vehemence towards Walter isn't resolved until the end of the episode, their initial sparring was rather disconcerting. I do give them credit, however, for giving Walter an interesting introduction, as we first find this new character contemplating the philosophical distinction between ninjas and samurais.

I appreciate Leo's textbook-like reference to the law on multiple occasions throughout the episode, as well as his reference to a religion which apparently values gifts like those Walter possesses. Of Ike, I have to say that her accent was slightly distracting and often hard for me to understand, and her particular place within the group remained largely unresolved for me, except that she's a pilot doubling as a bartender.

Which brings me to my next point: do they really work/hang out at a bar with no customers? How do they financially support their business, or do they rely solely on FBI consultant fees? Technical concerns, but certainly ones that could be resolved if "The Finder" does, in fact, find a home of its own in primetime.

I also wondered about Walter's sudden enchantment with Brittany Stevenson. He goes to investigate her, ends up kissing her, and then ends up on a hunt for her killer as if they had been star-crossed lovers. I didn't particularly agree with how that storyline was delved into without any pretext, yet I suppose for a pilot truncated plots are par for the course.

If there was one thing I was hoping they would have gone left out of this episode was Walter's stripping down to investigate the dead man's apartment. I recognize that this is perhaps some kind of insight into his "process," but I certainly could have done without the emphasis on the time he spent on the commode. It was sufficiently awkward and when he flushed on the phone with Brennan I about died.

I also don't understand how any of the things he did in the house demonstrated his ability to find things. He surmised depression, torture and a terminal illness by parading around in boxers. I don't think I get the connection.

What I'm still having trouble grasping is what the point of this episode actually was. With all the introductions and personality quirks I can't even remember what the real importance of the original set of remains really was. Body, treasure map, latitude and longitude and Leo and Ike dropping off the murderous curator in a crate; that's all I remember related to the case.

Now That's Teamwork

What I do distinctly remember is Walter's recovery of Brennan's Seventh Grade Science Fair medal, and the newspaper clipping featuring a picture of her and her mother. It was a nice moment for Brennan, and it was obvious that Walter was sweet on Brennan a little bit. Go figure he would be attracted to someone Booth was also attracted to! Also, it was the first time in a long time we've seen Brennan genuinely emotive for quite a while. It was brief, yet refreshing.

Same goes for Booth, whose story about skipping off base to be at Parker's birth was a nice insight not only into his relationship with Walter, but also with his son. Booth has always been a family man, but it's always nice to discover another story. It reminds us that even while we're meeting new characters, there's still so much to learn about the ones we've grown to love over the course of six seasons.

Also, who enjoyed the print of Hart Hanson on Walter's oxygen tank just before the dive? If you missed it, go back and watch again. If you're on Twitter and follow Hanson, you'll know it when you see it.

All in all, I might take a chance on "The Finder," but I certainly missed the Jeffersonian team.

So, was the spinoff-pilot a success, or were you upset that B&B and the Jeffersonian team took a little break this week? Would you watch "The Finder" if he had his own show?

Sound off on last night's Bones below!


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Also, on a side note. Psych, Burn Notice, etc are on different networks i.e. USA Network and not on Fox. I liked that it was a different type of story that could go in multiple directions and is not yet another murder/cop/medical same old same old show.


I thought it was awesome! I would totally watch that show.


There is already BURN NOTICE, PSYCH, THE MENTALIST, even HOUSE to an extent. Do we really need ANOTHER show about a quirky and brilliant dude with keen powers of observation?
This was not BONES. Tacky, slipshod backdoor pilots are so HAPPY DAYS. Blah.


Fiona lost her Irish accent on Burn Notice after a few episodes. The producers of this show should do the same or it will get canceled. Better yet replace Burrows with Jaime Pressly.


Awkward, stiff acting with an awkward, wobbly plot. Taking advantage of the loyal Bones audience to hawk a shaky pilot seems inconsiderate and greedy.


Erm, it's not that London accents are awful (thanks for that, Megan) - Saffron Burrows is indeed English and southern, but she's posh southern. What you're hearing is a posh girl trying to do a rough cockney - and doing it so awfully I genuinely struggled to remember whether she was english or not. Just cause she's english however does not mean she can do regional accents (I know I certainly can't!). I'd be interested in the show if she'd drop the stupid cockney.


I think the reason the majority of you are sour with this episode is because no head way was made on you're precious "will they,wont they" obsession in Bones and Booth,but to each his own. As for me,I would totally watch The Finder if it gets picked up as a series. I think Geoff plays Walter very well also he and MCD are great together if you actually watch the episode you can feel their chemistry through the screen. Ike might be a miscast though lol She wasn't bad, I just think she should tone it down some, less annoying sidekick and more level headed bartender chick who is a Pilot like she is supposed to be.


The Jawman said it all.... I would have used other words.
But I agree with his feelings/thoughts.


I think that I would check out The Finder to see how it would go. I enjoyed watching the small glimpse of quirks that help to realize things that most people wouldn't even notice. I liked his legal advisor character, he has different depths...not so sure on the pilot/bartender chick. She is introduced first as just his bartender and not that involved, then shortly thereafter is trying to The Finders brain healed by some random friend that she knew about from the past. A lot of unanswered questions, but I guess that was the point to a certain extent. Giving you a small taste with holes so that you will be interested in filling those holes when the show itself comes around. I did miss the B&B crew. I was a little confused during most of the episode wondering why so much focus was on The Finder and where were B&B. I of course thought maybe thats what the network was doing, but only coming on here did I get the straight answer that it was done on purpose.


The idea for the Finder didn't draw my attention, I will continue to watch Bones but not the Finder if it does evolve into an actual show. I thought it was sweet that Walter brought back the science medal and newspaper clipping to Brennan, and the moment about Booth and Parker was sweet, but otherwise I really didn't care.

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