Castle Review: "The Dead Pool" ... Sink or Swim?

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The latest installment of Castle showcased the murder of an Olympic hopeful and an appearance by Castle’s mentee. Did the hour keep up to par or did it barely stay afloat? 

"The Dead Pool” showcased everything we have come to expect from our favorite detectives/writer - twists and turns in a unique case, fun humor, and the build up of Caskett. The series is on a roll with their episodes, no season slump happening here!

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As usual the case was fun, but not nearly the highlight of the episode. There were a lot of high moments; let’s discuss now. 

Poker night was back! Castle invited along Alex to the routine game and showed him how the real writers do it. Short but sweet appearances from Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane. These boys really knew how to put the newbie in his place. Loved it!

Stealing cars can’t be that easy. Of course Castle would have seen the video of how to break into cars with medical supplies. And of course I would go search for said video as soon as the episode was over. No luck here.

Secondary Stories. The past two weeks provided arcs to Martha and Alexis. This week it went to Alex Conrad. Can we have a week where it goes to Lanie & Esposito?

So after the pizza wars, some said we needed more Caskett time. Thanks to “The Dead Pool,” we got it. Castle has been pretty sneaky lately, finding ways to get closer to Beckett.

Tonight - honesty was the best option. I was smiling at my TV when he admitted he was jealous. I couldn’t stop smiling when Beckett confessed she thought it was sweet and that she is a one writer woman. Thank you writers!

Season 3 has given us real baby steps with these two. They have a platform built on trust and emotions. Now it’s time for them to have some fun!

A few weeks off until the next new episode and only a few left to go. Until then, sound off on “The Dead Pool,” and make your guesses for the real mystery for the end of the season (check our Castle spoilers page if interested!)


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Sue ann

Jim G. -- scuse I meant MY first comment on this episode, five below the other one.

Sue ann

Hi, Jim G. If you meant that I was the one who did not mention the tribute to Stephen J. Cannell, yep I did, in my first comment, which was the first on one this episode. If you didn't mean me, never mind, as Emily Latella would say. :-)


kirsten I'm not sure, but I think that he's played by Andy Lawerence.


You didn't mention the nod to Stephen J. Cannell during the poker game. It was awesome to have the "missing man" chair with a drink for Cannell (who passed away in real life). Was a great episode... best line every "Know what I did after I wrote my first book, I shut up and wrote twenty-three more"

Sue ann

I just read a spoiler which says that the show is looking for actors to play the Captain's wife and daughter, to appear near the end of the season. Doesn't sound good for the Captain.


i'm dying to know who the guest star was...the one that was the childhood friend that helped him steal the cars. i know i recognize him as a child actor but can't for the life of me figure out who it is. please help it's driving me crazy!!!


I really enjoyed this episode. The tribute to Cannell, with the full glass and poker chips, was touching. The hazing at the poker game was fun. Esposito flattered but worried about being a muse, Montgomery's concern, Alexis and Martha teasing Castle, it was all good. The ending was just right. Hopefully the mistakes of the early part of the season have been righted.

Rich carlton

Classic Castle! For the first time in a while, I felt really good after watching and can’t wait to watch the episode again. I started watching with some trepidation and not really into the case last night. And really smiled when the Captain yanked Castle’s chain about Alex. The poker game was great to see again and I must admit I loved watching the roasting the writers gave Alex. The last scent with Castle and Beckett was “classic� and I loved his boyish way of telling her he was in fact jealous. And of course laughed at Esposito wondering if a "dude" could be a muse. I feel like the Castle/Beckett train is back on track. Now it's on to LA.

Frank lee meidere

The comedic run between Castle and Captain Montgomery was priceless. The timing was perfect.

Sue ann

I too have had my truck opened for me by a locksmith with a blood pressure device. Had I known that would work, I would have gotten out my own, except that the thing was in the house, and the house key was in the truck! Ah, well .... I was most pleased by the subtle tribute to Stephen J. Cannell. I had been pretty upset by his (far too young) death, and because it had not been mentioned on Castle, although he played a fairly good part in the DVD extras in season one, in addition to his on-the-program appearances. I teared up when they mentioned him and paused -- indeed, typing this is making me tear up again. I will miss him, too. When Beckett said "Always", it was indeed a squee moment. The writers on Bones should be forced to watch Castle to learn how it is done. Beckett and Booth are not as smart as Castle and Bones, but sincerity trumps brains. And fortyseven is right. The line about mythology jail had me cracking up.

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