Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "Smother"

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"Where is that line between attentive mothering and complete smothering lay?"

This is the question Cooper and his team must find the answer to in order to stop the brutal murder of new mothers in "Smother".

It’s been a trifecta of really good episodes. This makes the third well developed and well told story in as many weeks. We even got a little peek into Mick’s background when we learned about his little sister Jenna. I wish we had gotten a little more of Jenna; but, I am happy for what we got.   


I did not see the twist of the crimes involving two unsubs. But, this unexpected twist did make for some great editing dynamics as we went back and forth between Mick/Prophet to Gina/Beth as each pair profiled their assigned unsub.

Of course, it was also a pretty unexpected development that it also ended up being a mother and son combo.  

When I realized what topic we were getting into, I got a little worried as this was a very delicate topic to cover.

I give the writers and production staff full marks for the gentle and subtle way they approached the abuse that Trevor received at the hands of his mother.

They could have very easily sensationalized or over-blown it to the point that it would drown out the actual story from the episode, but didn't.

We also got to see Cooper doing a little physical activity as he went smashing through the fence to catch our teenage unsub Trevor. I have to say that Sam Cooper moves pretty well for a big guy. I guess having an office above a gym is paying off after all.

Who would have guessed?  

I am glad that Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has hit a clean stride. We don’t realize how much little things like introduce the team members to the local police or saying characters names as you give out assignments really connect us to the characters. Both of these took place this week and worked it's charm of making me feel like part of the team. 

Speaking of connecting to characters; where is my Gina LaSalle episode?

I want to know more about her dammit! Beau Garrett was a great choice for the character but we don’t know much (if anything) about her. Hop to it people, I am sure I am not along in wanting a Gina episode!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior? Do you think the show has hit its stride? Sound off below.


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I WANT A GINA EPISODE LIKE TODAAAAAAAY!! BEEN WATING FOR IT SINCE THE BEGINING OF THE SEASON!! PLZZZZ MAKE A GINA EPISODE!! SHE'S THE ONLY CHARACTER THEY HAVEN'T "FOCUSED" ON YET...but overall I really liked this episode and I really love this series!! hope it gets renewed so we can have A GINA EPISODE!!


@Paul- I loved the song in the closing scene too. The song is called "Blood" by an Austrailian band named "The Middle East." Great indie folk music, if you like bands like Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire. Anywho...Back to TV. Great episode! You guys are right the show keeps getting better and better. (Even though the mother-son thing was really unsettling.) I look forward to Suspect Behaviour more than the original Criminal Minds.


The song at the end of the episode is Blood (The Middle East).


You are definatly not the only one biting at the bit for a Gina centric episode - we've have a few Sam eps, a few Beth eps and even Prophet and Mick have had episodes where their characters have taken center stage.
i just hope Gina isn't going to be treated as the JJ of the group (only a profiller not a liason), in that she gets very little screen/background time. Hopefully this will be rectified in the coming weeks.


Great show and great episode! This show is definitely getting better & better each week. I thought the twist with the mother and son was unexpected & played out really well. It had less gore and more substance. The unsub (Trevor) did a great job showing a very dark and creepy side with a little insight in where his life turned bad.


This show is getting better and better with each passing week, they have found their beat and is making it work, now if only people will give up their anger and prejudice to give this show a chance, that would be even more great.


Somebody out there please let me know who the artist is, or how I can find this song, PLEASE!!


The music at the end of this episode is incredible!!!! HOW do I find the artist!!!

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