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Five stars for Glee's "Born This Way" episode and only because I'm not allowed to give it more. After reading a lot of criticism following last week's episode I have to believe that those left wanting had their prayers answered this week.

Spontaneous songs were back! I don't care if you are a Jackie or Marilyn, Peggy or Joan, Rachel and Quinn's I Feel Pretty/Unpretty mash-up was amazing. The choice of songs was made even more spectacular when we later learned about Quinn's past life as Lucy Caboosey.

While I could have done without the creepy child pageant scene, Lauren played a necessary evil this week as she was instrumental in exposing Quinn's past. 

Photo From Born This Way

Great Carrie reference from Quinn, by the way, when she mused about Lauren being soaked in pigs blood in front of the entire school.

Speaking of potential humiliation before an entire student body, Kurt's return on the steps of McKinley was anything but. The Warblers soared as they sang farewell to their friend with their rendition of Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know."

I know, I know, I couldn't believe no one clapped either. Very much like no one came to the concert last week. We just have to let these inconsistencies slide off our backs and focus on the more genius moments and overall greatness of the show.

Like as Kurt received hug after hug goodbye before finally coming face to face with Blaine, was it weird or amazingly appropriate that all I could think of was Dorothy when she said goodbye to the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and lastly Scarecrow?

Sadly though, I think this emotional farewell was a prelude of things to come. The way the camera held on Blaine as he watched Kurt being embraced by his friends sent chills through my body and not the good kind like I got at the beginning of "Born This Way."

I then recalled how just moments earlier Kurt told Blaine that he would never say goodbye to him. That sealed it, sadly, for me. I fear our beloved Blaine will join Pavarotti in the big music hall in the sky, by the end of the season.

For as much as I didn't want to believe my sad realization, I did want to believe Karofsky's apology was genuine. Even if it was scripted by Santana it was good to hear someone on the show talk about the dangers of bullying. She also deserved some snaps for her bevy of memorable quotes this week highlighted by her claim that the only kind of straight she is, is straight bitch.  

Fans of Finn were treated to a great solo complete with a healthy dose of his adorably awkward dance moves. Mike Chang accompanied him in green and black and reminded me of Jiminy Cricket as he helped Pinocchio learn how to act like a real boy should. Finn has certainly looked like he was made of wood in the past but he did Sammy Davis Jr. proud on all counts.  

Kurt killed it in the Flash Mob scene at the mall and looked smashing in that USA tank from Toddland that has gotten so much press. His real moment of course came as he belted out Barbara's "As If We Never Said Goodbye." Seriously, the first word that came to mind was Emmy! If that performance didn't scream Emmy I don't know what would. All this just days after the 50th anniversary of Judy Garland's famous performance at Carnegie Hall.  Kurt returned home from over the rainbow in a sense and will never again be alone. We will continue to watch him fly and teach the world new ways to dream. 

In addition to the many memorable quotes from this week, I just wanted to mention a few last things that I loved about this episode. 

- All of Santana's mean quips, Finn's puffy pyramid nipples included. 

- Sam's Hunt For Red October quote to Santana as she wore that fur Russian Trooper hat. 

- The whole fathers and sons meeting in Figgins' office. 

- Kurt as he demanded Karofsky learn about both Eve Harrington and PFLAG if he was to be gay. 

- How even Santana was moved by Kurt's solo. 

- Puck's Jewish pride.

- Emma for getting help finally for her OCD. 

- Rachel for realizing how beautiful she really is. 

- Lastly the shirts, all of them, Amaze! 

OK you've had your fill of Oz references for today, I have rambled on long enough. Lady Gaga you should be proud. As for the rest of you, I am dying to read what you all thought.


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It was an ok episode--much better than last week's Night of Neglect--which was g-dawful (although I liked a few of the songs and Rachel and Mercedes scene was good--other than that not much happened--Finn acted like Rachel's song from sectionals hadn't affected him at all)--but not great--supposedly all of the original cast had to sing prior to getting cast--does than mean Mike Chang can or cannot sing. He is an incredibly handsome guy--and is a great dancer--I would hate to lose him--but can he sing--yes or no? And Quinn--she was so nice last year--and except for the end of this episode--she has acted almost as bad as then except she is not spying for SUE. And again Finn, while he doesn't want Rachel to change--he didn't really show any of his inner turmoil--at wanting Rachel back. Personally I think he really does love both of them. As for Funeral episode--this is the 1st I've heard of it--could it possibly be Finn's Mom--she's been AWOL from several scenes she should have been in. What if they feature her in an episode to make Burt a widower twice over? I will say that this is really the 1st episode since the wedding where Finn told us he was going to 'MAN UP' that he actually "MANned UP". He's been pretty much a nothing since the wedding--going after Sam's girl--ie Quinn--but is this episode he came out for Rachel, wasn't repulsed by Quinn's former self, and told Burt he's watch over Kurt. Where has this Finn been hiding. Finally why has Sam been in the background so much--he's a great singer--and very easy on the eyes--he could give Mike Shum's abs some very healthy competition. And so now in the words of Sam's Bieber song--"I'm gone"!!!


The mash-up of I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was really amazing! Apart from being the only song which fit this week's theme (Born This Way doesn't count as the whole episode revolves around it). I also love the locker scene when Finn and Quinn were arguing. It was very well shot scene, creative too.


It's not Blaine for crying out loud! He's coming to New Directions next year and Darren himself has said that Kurt and Blaine aren't breaking up any time soon.


@The Rumor, all the sites are saying it's a female character so unless you're suggesting Blaine is hiding a secret gender it's pretty concrete it isn't him (the fact that Darren Criss is signed for season 3 and is saying he looks forward to what is written for 'Blurt' confirms it too!).
I fear it is either Sue's sister, Bieste or Becky. I am hoping it's Terri though (her harpie character has run it's course, although as soon as she slept with Will I was convinced she really will end up pregnant).


honestly the best part was emma's declaration of being plagued by the fact she is ginger and the things people call her.... including the most recent that gingers dont have souls!!! shout out to South park is always amazing!


Jeez, two things I loved the most in the whole series: Quinn walking like she's a queen of the school in 1x01 and Quinn running to rip the poster of big-her. The music was awesome and this made me love her ;] Anyone agree that they were two of the biggest scenes in whole series? (I mean, if we put aside the singing stuff) ;]


OMG! Blaine will be at risk of dying in the funeral episode!! A secret source told me!! That is why they did the "goodbye moment" between Kurt and Blaine in this episode. It looks like in the episode "FUNERAL" there will be several people at risk, (Burt, Sue's sister and Blaine). But we won't know who will be in fact the one who dies until the end of the episode. The episode will start with the funeral scene without showing who the unlucky victim is, and will flashback three days before the incidents occurred. During the episode it will show a number of leads that will make us think any of the three people could be the one who dies, BUT at the end we will discover that none of the three persons at risk is the one who actually dies, BUT SOMEONE ELSE who wasn't at risk during the episode. OH MY FREACKING GOD I JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHO WILL BE THE REAL PERSON WHO IS GOING TO DIE NOW!!!! WHO WILL IT BE?????? (Well I actually know, but I won’t spoil that BIG surprise, prepare for some tears at the funeral episode people, because it will be an unexpected one!!!)


loved this episode to bits.
but am i the only person who thought Beth was going to be mentioned when Quinn talked about getting personal and that lauren does not know her at all? and with Puck's shirt too..that was a little bit of a let-down. it would have been a good opportunity.
but all-in-all, I LOVED BORN THIS WAY!!


It's got to be beastie.... Everyone loves her and it's unexpected!


Completely agree GossipGleek! I have never really liked Kurt or Quinn. I LOVED Puck in this episode and it completely made up for last week's bore.

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