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Five stars for Glee's "Born This Way" episode and only because I'm not allowed to give it more. After reading a lot of criticism following last week's episode I have to believe that those left wanting had their prayers answered this week.

Spontaneous songs were back! I don't care if you are a Jackie or Marilyn, Peggy or Joan, Rachel and Quinn's I Feel Pretty/Unpretty mash-up was amazing. The choice of songs was made even more spectacular when we later learned about Quinn's past life as Lucy Caboosey.

While I could have done without the creepy child pageant scene, Lauren played a necessary evil this week as she was instrumental in exposing Quinn's past. 

Photo From Born This Way

Great Carrie reference from Quinn, by the way, when she mused about Lauren being soaked in pigs blood in front of the entire school.

Speaking of potential humiliation before an entire student body, Kurt's return on the steps of McKinley was anything but. The Warblers soared as they sang farewell to their friend with their rendition of Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know."

I know, I know, I couldn't believe no one clapped either. Very much like no one came to the concert last week. We just have to let these inconsistencies slide off our backs and focus on the more genius moments and overall greatness of the show.

Like as Kurt received hug after hug goodbye before finally coming face to face with Blaine, was it weird or amazingly appropriate that all I could think of was Dorothy when she said goodbye to the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and lastly Scarecrow?

Sadly though, I think this emotional farewell was a prelude of things to come. The way the camera held on Blaine as he watched Kurt being embraced by his friends sent chills through my body and not the good kind like I got at the beginning of "Born This Way."

I then recalled how just moments earlier Kurt told Blaine that he would never say goodbye to him. That sealed it, sadly, for me. I fear our beloved Blaine will join Pavarotti in the big music hall in the sky, by the end of the season.

For as much as I didn't want to believe my sad realization, I did want to believe Karofsky's apology was genuine. Even if it was scripted by Santana it was good to hear someone on the show talk about the dangers of bullying. She also deserved some snaps for her bevy of memorable quotes this week highlighted by her claim that the only kind of straight she is, is straight bitch.  

Fans of Finn were treated to a great solo complete with a healthy dose of his adorably awkward dance moves. Mike Chang accompanied him in green and black and reminded me of Jiminy Cricket as he helped Pinocchio learn how to act like a real boy should. Finn has certainly looked like he was made of wood in the past but he did Sammy Davis Jr. proud on all counts.  

Kurt killed it in the Flash Mob scene at the mall and looked smashing in that USA tank from Toddland that has gotten so much press. His real moment of course came as he belted out Barbara's "As If We Never Said Goodbye." Seriously, the first word that came to mind was Emmy! If that performance didn't scream Emmy I don't know what would. All this just days after the 50th anniversary of Judy Garland's famous performance at Carnegie Hall.  Kurt returned home from over the rainbow in a sense and will never again be alone. We will continue to watch him fly and teach the world new ways to dream. 

In addition to the many memorable quotes from this week, I just wanted to mention a few last things that I loved about this episode. 

- All of Santana's mean quips, Finn's puffy pyramid nipples included. 

- Sam's Hunt For Red October quote to Santana as she wore that fur Russian Trooper hat. 

- The whole fathers and sons meeting in Figgins' office. 

- Kurt as he demanded Karofsky learn about both Eve Harrington and PFLAG if he was to be gay. 

- How even Santana was moved by Kurt's solo. 

- Puck's Jewish pride.

- Emma for getting help finally for her OCD. 

- Rachel for realizing how beautiful she really is. 

- Lastly the shirts, all of them, Amaze! 

OK you've had your fill of Oz references for today, I have rambled on long enough. Lady Gaga you should be proud. As for the rest of you, I am dying to read what you all thought.


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I heard that Blaine is already scheduled for the next he won't be going away any time soon...if he did then the Producers might be getting a surprise visit from Madam HBIC, ME!!!!!!


The one who is dying isn't Blaine. Ausiello just said it is female. Ok! Blaine is gay I know, but not female to me!!huahuhau
And it isn't emma too!

Van ayson

ut was great except there was no SUE!


finn was so adorable this epi.
i almost forgave him!
Lauren was bitchy...I LIKED =D
quinn (or should i say lucy...?) deserved a taste of her own medicine.
the finchel line, "rachel, dont do it. you're beautiful." killed me for at least 20 minutes...
i was non-stop tweeting ever since i saw the #glee hashtag in the corner (my account is AleccaOfficial, follow meh and talk glee!)
i still hate quinn, although she earned a little of my respect.
santana, i loved ur bitchyness. have you been watching gossip girl's blair waldorf lately?
thats it with me. oh. and kurt GET OFF THE SHOW U ANNOY ME!
not cause he's gay, but hes just annoying! any1 agree? u either love him or hate him. okkayy im done now ;)


Hey, I see there's another Beth on board. I'll sign mine Beth V. from here on out. To the other Beth who posted: Good observance. Puck was indeed awesome in this episode. Actually, I was pinching myself during the show. Asking myself is this happening. Everyone was perfection. Also I'm excited about the possibilties for Emma. But I want Brittany to stay with Artie. We need another love interest for Santana, but I don't see that happening. (Santana was awesome in her deviousness, "Harrington-ness" :))
Beth V.


Thank you, thank you, Marilynn for the news about Blaine! That makes me SO happy. And, Honeylee, me too! I can't believe I only just found you all. I feel like I found a place where I belong. If any of you haven't seen it, on youtube there is the cutest clip of a group of friends who are watching the kiss scene. It's adorable.


Chris O'Hara,
Your critique echoed almost all of my thoughts about the episode. Especially that my first thought after Kurt's solo was also "Emmy" and I decided he also needed a Tony! :) Glee just gets better and better. I am sad about Kurt and Blaine having to be more apart. It made me wonder if Darren Chris is going to leave the show since his career is sky rocketing and that they're writing him off. I also thought the lingering look back at Kurt was ominous. It hurts me. Well, Chris Colfer couldn't be more amazing. I just want to squeeze him. (I'm a middle-aged lady, he could be my kid, y'all). He's so precious. You can just watch him blossom more and more. I'm also glad Barbra got her props. I realize she has become somewhat eccentric, it seems, but anyone who remembers "What's Up Doc?" or "The Owl and the Pusscat" as well as her singing voice will recall her brilliance. I could really just go on and on raving. So, I'd better post and read the other posts!
P.S. Finn was so cute. Every number was superb. We have a saying here in Texas: Dang!


@one I didn't think what Lauren did was untypical. Do you recall that Rachel hired her to bug/spy on the Glee club to see who was and wasn't singing?


Loved the episode, and for unusual reasons: The story. Yep. I have long since given up on any sort of character development (or fidelity to the characters we've come to know), but I thought as much as the show pushed us forward, we were reminded of who all these people are, and what really motivates them. Excellent. The 1:30 running time meant that the first song didn't show up until, when, 30 35 minutes in?
Santana, striaght BITCH - but she's 'our' straight bitch now. The tough auntie that kicks ass on anyone hurting the family. Chris Cofer's voice - I kept thinking how remarkable he is as a performer, there's really nothing like him anywhere. It was a great show, and a great reminder of how, when Glee is ON, it is amazing.


yes,YES, Y E S. Chris Colfer, I kiss the ground you walk on. What a talent. Kurt is back where he belongs and we love him. The story between Emma and Will needs a little push, but maybe therapy will get the story going.
There was so much in this ep, to my surprise I did not even miss Sue.
I have no idea what is planned for Santana and Dave. Her getting together with Brittany or any other girl would bore me. I also think that this was the end of story for Blaine but who knows.
I would have loved to see Rachels two Dads, curious me. But Burt Hummel was there again and I hope to see more of him, I like the way he stands up for his son/sons. So much potential - screenwriter surprise me.

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