Harry's Law Season Finale Review: "Last Dance"

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It is rare when the title of an episode fits more than one story. Unless you’re a David E. Kelley show, in which case the title of the episode will be fitting on many levels.

In "Last Dance," we wrapped up the first season with Puck doing his last dance as a D.A. and cleaning out his office and offering advice on the Brian Jones case.

While Rachel and Adam attempting to get a convicted murder a chance at his last dance in the form of a second appeal. Of course, it was also the season finale.

Kathy as Harry

And that last one could become the most poetic; you may or may not know, that the fate of Harry’s Law has not yet been decided. While most signs are good, there has been no official word on if NBC will renew the show. 

I was glad that Jenna admitted that she goes a little crazy at the beginning of a relationship.

This is good because anyone in recovery can tell you admitting you have a problem is the hardest step. Now that she and Malcolm both know she has a problem, they can find her some counseling and in two or three years she might be sane enough to date.

Do two different people write the relationships between Malcolm/Jenna and Adam/Rachel? There is such a night and day difference.

I know that Malcolm/Jenna are younger and are closer to the “teen angst” ages. But, when you look at the distance between “you need to kiss me in front of Harry to fix this” versus “I came here to tell you I love you more,” you can’t help but wonder.

Let me say up front that I am happy that Adam and Rachel look to be getting back together. Rachel has grown on me over the last 11 episodes and after seeing the two of them in the courtroom fighting for Brian, I agree with D.A. Kim Mendelsohn, they make a great team.

Adam brings the passion out in Rachel, and Rachel helps keep Adam from flying around the room like a balloon someone cut the knot off of. The final straw for me was the symmetry between Puck’s song and Rachel realizing how she felt for Adam. 

The only true negative for this episode for me was the overt social statement (or warning) made about our justice system. A couple of TV Fanatics had mentioned in comments previously that they were seeing it in those episodes. While I may have not seen it in those episodes, I certainly did in this one; it really pulled me out of the story overall.

The point I became aware I was hearing a social warning was when Kim Mendelsohn (portrayed by Camryn Manheim) began going on about the thousands of appeals and how the system is choking; and it continued into Adam’s speech about how we have appeals to assure we have the right person for the crime. Which made me connect it to what Puck talking about how broken the system was (last week and this week).

David E. Kelley, has done no less than four hit shows based around lawyers (not counting Harry’s Law.) He started with L.A. Law in the 1986 and continued through Boston Legal that ended in 2008. Standing on his soap box banging this drum is awfully close to biting the hand that feeds you.

However, I think the most important thing Kelley needs to remember is that we (the audience) watch TV to be entertained, if you spread a thick social message every episode, we will find something more entertaining to watch. Pace yourself a bit David; remember that you got into this to entertain, not petition for signatures.

What did you think of the season finale? Should NBC renew Harry’s Law? Sound off below and tell us your thoughts.


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what was the song that Cassie and Lisa were singing on the stage in the bar?


Kathy Bates is one of our finest actors. It is a tragedy that NBC has decided to cancel "Harry's Law," one of the best shows on television. This is comparable to their decision to run Jay Leno at 10:00 p.m.


Why is it that everytime a great show comes along the powers that be cancel it! Harrys Law is great televison the actors are totaly awesome!Kathy Bates is one of my all time great actors.I was so happy that she finally got a show on TV.NOW YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IT ALL AWAY! PLEASEEEEE DO NOT DO IT!


Please do not cancel!!!!! Once again I am faced with crap reality shows or a show with morals. Gee what a choice. Our television has become what our society has become---Lacking in the moral compass. Again please leave us a wonderful show with a outstanding cast. We as Americans need shows to bring us back to the Amereica that we used to be.


This is a great show. Sign the petition to save it
Go to SaveHarry'sLawPetition


I am amazed - this show has extremely high ratings, yet it's being cancelled. I thought ratings counted - this show is terrific - one of a very few that does not pander to the idiocy of "reality tv" and ridiculous sit-coms. If you're even the least bit interested in keeping a show that challenges thought, as well as is entertaining, please KEEP HARRY'S LAW!


Please do not cancel Harry's Law. It's a great show with a great cast. I looked forward to it every week.I am tired of investing my time watching NBC shows that are constantly cancelled by NBC (also Prime Suspect,Playboy Club)I will be boycotting NBC in Fall of 2012. NBC= Nothing But Cancellations!


Harry"s Law has been one of the best "law" programmes - It is down to earth and absolute fantastic to watch. Cancelling it would be a shot in the foot for the Producers!


please dont cancell harrys law me and my boyfriend love that show theres not many new shows on that we injoy so much please dont cancell irt


i love harrys law please dont cancel it me and my boyfriend love and theres not many new shows that are on we like

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