Harry's Law Season Finale Review: "Last Dance"

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It is rare when the title of an episode fits more than one story. Unless you’re a David E. Kelley show, in which case the title of the episode will be fitting on many levels.

In "Last Dance," we wrapped up the first season with Puck doing his last dance as a D.A. and cleaning out his office and offering advice on the Brian Jones case.

While Rachel and Adam attempting to get a convicted murder a chance at his last dance in the form of a second appeal. Of course, it was also the season finale.

Kathy as Harry

And that last one could become the most poetic; you may or may not know, that the fate of Harry’s Law has not yet been decided. While most signs are good, there has been no official word on if NBC will renew the show. 

I was glad that Jenna admitted that she goes a little crazy at the beginning of a relationship.

This is good because anyone in recovery can tell you admitting you have a problem is the hardest step. Now that she and Malcolm both know she has a problem, they can find her some counseling and in two or three years she might be sane enough to date.

Do two different people write the relationships between Malcolm/Jenna and Adam/Rachel? There is such a night and day difference.

I know that Malcolm/Jenna are younger and are closer to the “teen angst” ages. But, when you look at the distance between “you need to kiss me in front of Harry to fix this” versus “I came here to tell you I love you more,” you can’t help but wonder.

Let me say up front that I am happy that Adam and Rachel look to be getting back together. Rachel has grown on me over the last 11 episodes and after seeing the two of them in the courtroom fighting for Brian, I agree with D.A. Kim Mendelsohn, they make a great team.

Adam brings the passion out in Rachel, and Rachel helps keep Adam from flying around the room like a balloon someone cut the knot off of. The final straw for me was the symmetry between Puck’s song and Rachel realizing how she felt for Adam. 

The only true negative for this episode for me was the overt social statement (or warning) made about our justice system. A couple of TV Fanatics had mentioned in comments previously that they were seeing it in those episodes. While I may have not seen it in those episodes, I certainly did in this one; it really pulled me out of the story overall.

The point I became aware I was hearing a social warning was when Kim Mendelsohn (portrayed by Camryn Manheim) began going on about the thousands of appeals and how the system is choking; and it continued into Adam’s speech about how we have appeals to assure we have the right person for the crime. Which made me connect it to what Puck talking about how broken the system was (last week and this week).

David E. Kelley, has done no less than four hit shows based around lawyers (not counting Harry’s Law.) He started with L.A. Law in the 1986 and continued through Boston Legal that ended in 2008. Standing on his soap box banging this drum is awfully close to biting the hand that feeds you.

However, I think the most important thing Kelley needs to remember is that we (the audience) watch TV to be entertained, if you spread a thick social message every episode, we will find something more entertaining to watch. Pace yourself a bit David; remember that you got into this to entertain, not petition for signatures.

What did you think of the season finale? Should NBC renew Harry’s Law? Sound off below and tell us your thoughts.


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My husband and I are sad that the first season is over PLEASE COME BACK HARRY'S LAW WE MISS U.


The whole family enjoys Harry's Law. It is a show that will guarentee us a laugh. I also like the way issues of society are surfaced and such a great manner. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!


Harry's law: almost there I really like the show and its premise and, especially Kathy Bates and her character. But she is not working with the kind of cast or the quality of writing that could give this show the kind of longevity it should offer an actor of her stature. For example, if there are any 'romantic' pairs that are less interesting than the two on Harry's Law, I can't recall them. The writers give them schlock dialogue. They deliver scenes that have the emotional depth of a napkin. When Harry returns, I believe the show would benefit from having law clerk, Aml Ameen, return to writing briefs, his original brief having been highly praised by Harry. Since the very fine episode where he was called upon to adjudicate between two gangs, he has been reduced to stocking shoes and the occasional vertical lip lock with Brittany Snow’s shoe clerk/secretary. As to Brittany, writers need to expand her area of interest by having her bring in a client or two, actually take a sympathetic part in the defense, then get out of the way. However, the incident of the stolen car was funny. The young lawyer, Nathan Corddry, needs to grow up, and Jordana Spiro, his plastic significant other, needs to fade, so he can attend to serious work. Tommy Jefferson [Christopher McDonald] needs to appear less often and with reduced bombast, and the ex-husband, Richard Kind. only once a season, just for fun. As for Harry, Kathy Bates is such a fine actress, she actually steals the show from the younger comers. She is able by facial expression alone to express a full range of emotion; from skepticism - her most frequent - to deep empathy with the characters who need her help. Her 'I don't get it' line in the episode when a gang member was 'only' beaten half to death instead of killed when he opted out, resonated with an entire nation of those of us who have no clue about that part of our world, but who believe life should offer something better than that. One final note: lose the revolver in the promo and the show. Even Kathy seems to recognize the inanity of having it in her hand. Or at least get one that is not so large she might need a crane to carry it. I look forward to seeing Harry's new season and hope the writing and the people who surround her will match the quality she offers.


At the start, I thought the show was great. Have always liked anything with Kathy Bates. Very interested in how the law works. But sometimes there are too many problems at the same time happening in the show, and that can be confusing. Hope they do renew it though, because there aren't many others we even care to watch.


Please do not cancel Harry's Law. I love the show! Kathy Bates is terrific and the supporting
cast are great.


Please bring Harry's Law back ... I have two shows I watch that make me break red lights for and that's Parenthood and Harry's Law. I love the family value both shows add to their characters. Not only that I love Kathy Bate and Craig T. Nelson. Must I say more. PLEASE ... I AM BEGGING YOU ... PLEASE BRING IT BACK AND LET KATHY BATES ADD HER SPIN ON THE SERIES. IT WILL DEFINITELY BE A WINNER NEXT SEASON. I AM SO HOPING ... I NEED TO WATCH A SHOW THAT IS WORTH RUNNING A RED LIGHT FOR.


One of only 4 shows that I watch consistently. I love the show and everything I have seen so far. As a matter of fact this is the only show I watch on NBC unless there is absolutely nothing else I like on. Please keep this special show.


I love Harry's Law, please bring it back.. will there be more series? Yes I rather have the drama part.. instead of all the soap opera part.. Thanks!!


Loved the last episode, cried when I realized what Puck was going to sing (loved Fame, movie and series). Hate David E Kelley shows! Players/Roles get under your skin then they get canceled.
Does anyone know what's up with him and Star Trek? Is he a Trekkie? He uses Trek cast members all of the time and I often wondered what if any was the connection.


I like Harrys Law, Kathy Bates is a hoot, so let me pose this idea, if the execs want to cancelled this show and others you like to the following - Send them one of the television you no longer watch, fill it with cockroaches and send the set to the execs. Since the cockroaches will spread thoughout their office so quickly it not funny which is also my thought about the cancellation of show like Harrys Law, Not Funny. Come on can we really stand another reality TV show or yet how about a cooking show - Send a message that Neilson families are not the only ones who watch and enjoy shows, we the little people like them too - if just awlful no one can hear our voices.

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