Hawaii Five-O: Sean Combs Surprises in "Ho'opa'i"

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I didn't have very high expectations for tonight's episode of Hawaii Five-O.

In fact, I was a little unhappy about it because I wasn't sure about the guest star, Sean "Puffy"Combs. So, I was pleasantly surprised to have my low expectations greatly exceeded with "Ho'opa'i".

Sean Combs did an outstanding job as undercover officer Reggie Cole. It was easy to like his character, and care about what would happen to him. Combs managed to realistically convey a man running on adrenaline seeking justice and revenge for the murder of his wife.

Hawaii Five-O ep. 21

The only thing that sort of had me raise an eyebrow was when Reggie used two guns to take out one of the hired killers. Hawaii Five-O runs on action movie rules so a certain heroic badass factor often comes into play.

There was just something a little off that made the choice stand out. Perhaps, it's simply because McGarrett manages to be a badass with just one weapon most of the time.

Since he's no longer running the Carnival of Crime it was a treat to see Keith David make an appearance as a crime lord that could actually be taken seriously. I would have liked to see a bit more of him as Jimmy Cannon, but it likely would have detracted from the story.

McGarrett and Danno had some excellent exchanges, as always. I think my favorite occurred just before McGarrett used Danno's car to bust through Jimmy Cannon's gate.

Though Danno's reaction to McGarrett claiming he would work by the book were he in Reggie Cole's shoes was also a great moment. I'll definitely have to look for The Patriot Act for Dummies, and War & Peace without the peace part.

Even though this was a fun episode and I enjoyed Sean Combs, I'm hoping the suggestion that Reggie join the Five-O remains unfulfilled. I'm not sure the team needs to expand since there's already a new team member helping McGarrett investigate Wo Fat.

Although at this point, I'd take Reggie over Jenna Kaye.

Bit by bit McGarrett, is still receiving pieces of evidence stolen from his father's tool box. I have a feeling the returning evidence is building to something that will be addressed by the end of this season. I'm still not entirely sure it's Wo Fat that has been sending McGarrett the evidence, but I don't quite have any other suspects.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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he should have been a main cast, they can remove that 38 year old ugly woman, she is a bad actress


I think we have a voice. The problem is the changes we want can not be performed earlier than in the next season when the pilot airs the whole season is planned out.Peter Lenkov and Company can only make a few changes in the last part of the season just like they did with Jenna Kaye last year so I still have hope we get or wishes and I bet the last 5 episodes will safe this season for me.


wooow. Diddy really CAN'T act.


Being Caucasian and having lived in Hawaii my entire life I am glad to see that this show is stopping (well almost stopping) the constant barrage of disparagement of us "haoles." Being white and living in Hawaii is hard enough being racially despised, but when this show started talking about stupid haoles and no haoles allowed, I was ready to stop watching.
They have calmed it down, but McGarrett's obese "shave ice" buddy is embarrassing to the good Hawaiian people I know. Every Hawaiian on this show is either a low-life criminal living in condemned plantation houses (and sporting a horrible number of tats) or the dumbest people in the world.
Overall as a resident of Hawaii, I think this show is horrible. Living here is NOTHING like this. But according to this show, one either lives in shanties or palatial 5 million dollar mansions in Kahala! Hey most of us live in boring one or two bedroom homes, condos and high rise apartments! And Scott Caan seems to be the only one with intelligence. Alex O'Loughlin is nice to look at but has none of the intelligence or class of Jack Lord even if commentators laugh about Lord's hair. Jack Lord was a gentleman and gave a lot to the people of Hawaii.
BTW, the medical examiner in this show is a disgrace. He couldn't be more bizarre. Does NCIS have to be the role model for weird forensics?
The real ME in Honolulu is a hard-working, gracious, compassionate woman with equally hard-working assistants.
I can't even watch this show anymore..it is Fantasy Island II.


btw i love that song the girl voice is Skylar Gray


The song is Coming home- Diddy


i am a big fan of hawaii 5 0.sean poof daddy stupid combs sucked in hawaii 5 0.i will give that show a half star.the worst in acting.it was slow and real boring.no action it was a waste of air time.he diddy managed to realistically suck on hawaii 5.0.acting skills a big fat 0.but i will give him credit for one thing he was a big diddy dud.sounds like a rap song ha ha ha.believe me i was not on the edge of my seat.please make it stop.hawaii 5.0 please bring me back to the edge of my seat action,more intense worth recording in case i miss the show.feel sorry for the people who diddy,record it!!!!!!


last nites episode was excellent,DIDDY did a great job THANX
Ithink that diddy isnt a bad actor hes been in a few dramas on the tube and actualllky did a good job in my opinion,I hope five0 stays on for a long run,one thing I had to adjust to from the orig seriesKono was played by kam fong a big hawaiian man made 3 of grace park but she holds her own and shes very cute
keep up the good work cbs keep five 0 on for along while


What was the name of the song playing at the beginning and ending of this episode, and the singer ? "please"



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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Richard Cannon: Don't try to tell me who my father is. I know who my father is.
Danno: Deep. Really, deep.

Danno: I don't even want to know what you would do.
McGgarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book?
McGarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book? What book would that be? I ask... Patriot Act for Dummies... War & Peace minus the peace part.