Hawaii Five-O: Sean Combs Surprises in "Ho'opa'i"

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I didn't have very high expectations for tonight's episode of Hawaii Five-O.

In fact, I was a little unhappy about it because I wasn't sure about the guest star, Sean "Puffy"Combs. So, I was pleasantly surprised to have my low expectations greatly exceeded with "Ho'opa'i".

Sean Combs did an outstanding job as undercover officer Reggie Cole. It was easy to like his character, and care about what would happen to him. Combs managed to realistically convey a man running on adrenaline seeking justice and revenge for the murder of his wife.

Hawaii Five-O ep. 21

The only thing that sort of had me raise an eyebrow was when Reggie used two guns to take out one of the hired killers. Hawaii Five-O runs on action movie rules so a certain heroic badass factor often comes into play.

There was just something a little off that made the choice stand out. Perhaps, it's simply because McGarrett manages to be a badass with just one weapon most of the time.

Since he's no longer running the Carnival of Crime it was a treat to see Keith David make an appearance as a crime lord that could actually be taken seriously. I would have liked to see a bit more of him as Jimmy Cannon, but it likely would have detracted from the story.

McGarrett and Danno had some excellent exchanges, as always. I think my favorite occurred just before McGarrett used Danno's car to bust through Jimmy Cannon's gate.

Though Danno's reaction to McGarrett claiming he would work by the book were he in Reggie Cole's shoes was also a great moment. I'll definitely have to look for The Patriot Act for Dummies, and War & Peace without the peace part.

Even though this was a fun episode and I enjoyed Sean Combs, I'm hoping the suggestion that Reggie join the Five-O remains unfulfilled. I'm not sure the team needs to expand since there's already a new team member helping McGarrett investigate Wo Fat.

Although at this point, I'd take Reggie over Jenna Kaye.

Bit by bit McGarrett, is still receiving pieces of evidence stolen from his father's tool box. I have a feeling the returning evidence is building to something that will be addressed by the end of this season. I'm still not entirely sure it's Wo Fat that has been sending McGarrett the evidence, but I don't quite have any other suspects.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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I'm not a fan of Diddy........but I thought he did ok. His acting was kinda uneven......at times very stilted & fake....and yet late in the eppy he seemed to have found his character's 'center' and really turned it on.
Alex & Scott are a great tandem....look forward to the repartee every week...and they never disappoint. The whole crew has done such an wonderful job bringing these characters to life & bring H50 into the 21st century. The actors & writers have converted many old show fans into new show fans.


I liked it. But where is the new woman? Is she going to be in anymore this season?


I loved last night episode I was a bit worried about P. Diddy but he was great last night. How cute was Steve with Kevin last night loved it and Alex rocked it he is suchs a great actor and one hell of a gorgeous men.
"I only answer to God and the Governor" way to go Steve LOL The carscene's were amazing like always very funny!! Happy we had less Danny last night that men can't act and he mumbling all the time It's hard to understand him. Looking forward to the last 3 episodes I expect a cliffhanger for next season. Love this show!!!!!!!!!

Mrs cleaver

Pretty good episode, better than I thought it would be as I'm not a Diddy fan. Just hope he doesn't return as a regular.
Joe-I thought the same thing till I figured it was the angle it was shot at (from below) and they squinted to try to look tough.
Iwa-Your Loss - Alex O is one beautiful man. Way better looking than Jack Lord w/his ridiculous hair.
Melly - I don't care if Alex can act or not I just like to look at him. Scott Caan is terrific.


I though Diddy was pretty good. Rather surprised he acted in anything. The only two I really like on this show are Scott Caan and Grace Park. Alex is an over actor with no talent. Daniel Dae Kim was so good in Lost, but disappointing in this show. I give the show 2 starts...I'm feeling generous today.


What's with the picture? Is it supposed to be cool not to open your eyes all the way?


I do not watch the new Hawaii Five-O.
I like the original.


I thought he did ok. The two guns were a bit much.I love the primary cast for this show and it is still such a new show he could come on as part of the team as they insinuated at the end.


I enjoyed H5O last night. When it first started I was shocked to see Diddy on there. But after it got going it was a great show. I always enjoy Steve and his positive ways! This has turned into a fantastic series and I hope it keeps on going. Look forward to watching every week. Keep up the good work everyone! Love the SHOW!!!


No offense but Diddy was hilariously bad. The intro alone had me just about crying with laughter watching him and Selita Ebanks stumble over their horrible dialogue.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Richard Cannon: Don't try to tell me who my father is. I know who my father is.
Danno: Deep. Really, deep.

Danno: I don't even want to know what you would do.
McGgarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book?
McGarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book? What book would that be? I ask... Patriot Act for Dummies... War & Peace minus the peace part.