Hawaii Five-O Season Finale Spoiler: Who Will Die?

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We already know both The Vampire Diaries and Castle will bid goodbye to at least one important player next month.

Now, we can add Hawaii Five-O to the list of shows that will conclude its season with a major death. Says producer to Peter Lenkov to TV Guide: "There will be a murder."

Cheers to Five-O!

Lenkov also teases that "Jean Smart [Governor Jameson], Kelly Hu [Laura Hills] and Will Yun Lee [Sang Min] are all coming back" for the May finale, with both Jameson and Hills decent candidates to be killed off because each actress has signed on for an NBC pilot.

If the spoiler of a major death isn't intriguing enough for you, Lenkov says the show's cliff-hanger will be a "Holy crap! I-can't-believe-they-did-that whodunit!"

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If I had a vote to suggest who could get killed off,of course it would be Lori. In my humble opinion, she brings nothing to the show. It can't be the new governor, he has a minor role anyway and they knocked off the first governor already. It would be boring. Sorry that Jenna Kaye got killed by Wo Fat. The head of the IA is another suggestion for killing him off. He hasn't been in that many episodes and he has not given a stellar performance.


none of the 4 die, its the governor bitch.


Fritz, What part of Chin is working the inside of the police dept, did you not understand? He knows what he's doing and he will clear McGarratt.


I love the show, I do not like the chemistry with the new girl, they do not need her.
Also, why would Danny's wife leave Hawaii, she is pregnant and went to Hawaii following some guy she was having an affair with. Danny's character follows her to Hawaii from New Jersey, upsets his whole life to be near his child. Now this dumb women leaves to go back to New Jersey, Why.... Would she not stay for the father of her child and her expected baby, it did not make sense. Now she expects him to upset his whole life again and follow her to New Jersey. The scene of her disapointment at the terminal was stupid. Does she not realize her does not have a 9 to 5 job. No women I know whould have left him again


I love this show too! Please let them keep the four characters that they have now as the Five O team, their chemistry is great together and they keep you coming back for more and more.. I just love this show! I can't wait for next season but why frame Garrett? Can you believe Chin, McGarrett was the only one that believed in him and gave him a chance; and he turned on him just like that, snap....


I love this show as well. I do not see them killing off steve or danny. I'm thinking it could be danny's wife. If you watched last weeks episode(may 9) they made a big deal about her driving away and danny looking as she drove away. I almost thought something was going to happen then like she was going to get hit by a car or something. Just my thought.


it would suck to see any of the main 4 characters go. who knows. this could be one of those stunts they are pulling where the character "dies" but is really not dead. have to find out the next season. ;)


if kono goes please replace her with tia carrere, if anyone should die it should be kim...i dont really like him but if kono and tia wouyld pair up wouldent that be fantastic

Ann parker

not near as good as the original Hawaii Five-O.


Why do producers/authors those days ever feel the need to add extra drama to the shows with killing a beloved character? I'm tired of this. It's overused. Hawaii 5-0 has a great cast with a really great chemistry so has Castle. No matter which character - it would be a loos which can't be properly replaced. Besides both shows are so good because they are not too dark/dramatic but have this underlying humor in it. Why to chance this and make it depressingly dark?

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