House Review: "The Dig"

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This week’s episode of House, "The Dig," featured the return of Thirteen, who had been in prison for the last year or so. House had a martini in hand when Thirteen unexpectedly discovered him waiting for her upon her prison release.

The silent first moments of the show emphasized the strong bond between the two and their quiet mutual understanding. 

Release of Thirteen

Throughout their journey to the spud gun competition, House obsessed over what crime Thirteen could have committed in the same way he usually focuses his energy on solving the newest medical mystery at the hospital.

As House slowly shared more information about his failed relationship with Cuddy, Thirteen seemed to become more comfortable sharing information about her crime.

Eventually, House used various clues to determine that Thirteen must have euthanized her brother who was suffering from advanced Huntington’s disease.

Thirteen emotionally shared her fear that no one would be available to help her die if she was in the same position and then became upset when House did not give her any feedback whatsoever.

I thought House’s statements at the end of the episode, when he told Thirteen that he would help her die one day if she needed him, showed the complexity of his personality in a way that the past episodes have not. 

I thought one of the best moments of the episode was when Thirteen waited outside of the local police station to pick up House who had violently shot his teenage competitor with a spud gun. Thirteen had a soft drink waiting for him, which perfectly mirrored the first scene of the episode.

I also liked seeing Thirteen and House work as a team once again, even if it was over something silly like a spud gun competition. This episode also left us with the knowledge that Thirteen will be rejoining the team at some level.  What do you think will happen with Thirteen’s medical license? 

Firing a Spud Gun

The whole sub-plot with Foreman and Taub was not all that interesting. I did think it was surprising that when Taub tried to do the right thing and break things off with his wife, she admitted that she liked the new casual relationship and that Taub was not taking advantage of her.

The portion of the episode dealing with the patient and his hoarder wife was not incredibly exciting, but it did, once again, show us how much Masters emphathizes with her patients.

Now that Thirteen seems to be returning, what do you think will happen with Masters? Do you think the team dynamics will change dramatically? 


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it wasn't as good as I thought it would be I think am about to give up House and the end of the season. I honsetly thoght it be better for thw 150 episode it wasn't as good as I thoght it would be.


I have done all I know how to like this show again, but now even the House character has become dull and story line--what story line?


I don't think House showed real compassion....if he knew the real reason that she was in jail, he wouldn't have shown up at all....and he saying he would kill knew that he would...especially since that is a one shot deal, that doesn't involve any follow up from him... Anyway, though it was a good episode...but the above was just obvivious.


Jill took the words right out of my mouth! I liked the episode, and it even made me like Thirteen a bit more.


I was never interested in Thirteen. They pushed the she's hot!she's mysterious! too much and Olivia Wilde is not a good enough actress to make up for that. I prefer the characters who actually care about the patients like Cameron, Amber, Kutner and Martha. If they had given Cameron half as much as they give Thirteen, this might still be one of my favorite shows. But it was nice to get away from all the Huddy focus at last.


Last night's episode revealed what I have
long suspected: Gregory House does have
a heart under that gruff grumpy hardened
exterior. For him to appear as 13 gets out
of prison and to treat her with such compassion


I was glad to see Thirteen back. Her combination of emotional detachment (similar to House), and vulnerability makes for some interesting interactions between her and the other doctors and patients. I thought this was an exceptionally good episode. It's strange how even though House has hurt so many people's feelings, I still find myself having sympathy for the guy when is on the receiving end of it. When Thirteen told him that she could understand why Cuddy left him, it was probably the most painful thing she could have said to him. And you could tell it hurt him deeply. She seemed to realize right away she shouldn't have told him that, but yet never said she was sorry - even when House told her he would be there for her like she was for her brother. But I guess that's just not Thirteen's way and maybe we were left to just assume House knew she wished she hadn't said it and understood why she did, but I would have preferred her just telling him she regretted it.


I wouldn't expect Olivia Wilde to return on a regular, weekly basis. This is 1 of 2 episodes she is in but I really don't see her sticking around. Have you seen all the movies she has done since TRON LEGACY? One popular actress. Looks like Jennifer Morrison won't be coming back ever and if Olivia won't be back after this season, well, guess they will have to fine a new 'hottie' for HOUSE to abuse mentally. Like Amber Tamblyn but let's face it, she's no Jennifer or Olivia.


wow thank you im from ecuador and i cant watch the episodes at my house but i was waiting to know what happen and your post is the only one that explains what happened clearly serious thanks you're great :-) (sorry bout my writing i'm just learning english)

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