NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

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So says Pauley Perrette (Abby) on Twitter. Wow. As if the ending of this week's NCIS wasn't (forgive us) eye-popping enough, that's quite the scoop from P-squared.

Perrette Tweeted that piece of knowledge as part of CBS' Tweet Week, and it certainly puts a disturbing, mysterious twist on the startling discovery Tony made.

Abby Shot

In case you missed it, the episode concluded with the "P2P" sending a message to Ziva and Tony, who end their day at a bar, having failed to apprehend the serial killer.

After Tony surprisingly tells Ziva to ease up on Ray, the bartender delivers a drink from a patron who's since disappeared. Inside one of the ice cubes is an eyeball.

So whose eyeball is that, and on a related note, who's the P2P Killer?

Might he (or she) be someone we know as well? Discuss below!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Pauley also Tweeted that the baby doll used to lure the victim on Tuesday speaks with a computerized voice - one done by David McCallum (Ducky)!

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I thought maybe the p2p-killer is Simon Cade,
I speak a lot of languages :) And, he is where the p2p-killer is too :)


Pacci returns in 8x22, but alive ;) I don't think you get just a eyeball at somebodies head? My money is on Chad Dunham, he has blue eyes and he fits the age!


First off, where is Mike Franks? We have not seen him all season since he went to Isral..I think Vance is working with Ziva's father and have captured Franks..In the end Gibbs will kill Vance. How did the eye get into the drink, the bartender handles and makes the drink, NOT the customer..I think it belongs to Cort from the CIA.. The P2P killer has to be an agent who has acess to all the bases.


the eye belongs to Stan Burley from Season 1, the guy Tony replaced on team Gibbs. If not him Dunham


Chad Dunham, has blue eyes, fits the age, and we've meet him a couple times, and he's been over seas where the P2p killer could have been.


How could it be Vance's, I'm sure his secretary would have noticed him coming in with an eye patch, and again, HE'S NOT A MALE IN HIS 30'S. I have no idea what the spanish guy said, but again, look at the facts. It opens MTAC that means CURRENT agent, no one is left in a federal agencies active security clearance database after they are retired or dead, so no it can't be Morrow (Retired & Well Over 30) It can't be Vance (Same), and no it's not Tony's buddy (No Access) and the same with Kort. Michael I agree the flashback episodes are very high in popularity, however for one of the dead agents (Kate, Jenny, Pachi, etc...) to be missing an eye would mean one of two things, they were missing an eye when the autopsy was done, and when have you seen Mallard miss something that grossly obvious, but also after the autopsy, the funeral home would notice missing body parts (yes unless it was cremated) but second thing would be Mallard has been holding onto an eye for how many seasons now, and quite frankly, the old boy just isn't Leavenworth material.


Just a thought, but Leon has been acting a bit strange. Since the eye was left for Tony, and since it must be a current NCIS agent, could it be Leon's?


..if the eyeball is Tony's former Baltimore partner...didn't Pauley Perrette say we 'knew' the person whos eye it was...I don't know his partner and I KNOW NCIS backwards..just sayin'


some of the stuff i agree with you some I don't having a dead character from season past comes back is always good for TV look at the Kate eposide these season it was their most highest watch one


I love all of the guesses people have come-up with but i don't think it is pochie because he has been dead for too long and it wouldn't be Trent Cort because in season six he was in an episode and couldn't get into MTAC because he didn't have accesses but it would be interseting if it were someone like Jenny and Ducky got it wrong

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