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NCIS returns to CBS Tuesday, and when Tony's ex-partner, Danny Price, appears to be the Port-to-Port Killer's latest victim, he revisits his days as a detective in Baltimore.

In this much-anticipated "origin" episode, we'll also see DiNozzo's first encounter with the man who's been his boss for the better part of 10 years now: Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The episode, appropriately titled "Baltimore" also marks the first time in at least 40 episodes that Michael Weatherly has gotten to wear casual attire on the show ...

Tony Meets Jethro

Shooting an NCIS interrogation scene quite unlike any other, Michael and Mark Harmon are in flashback mode, circa 2001, facing off as captor and the captured.

An abandoned newspaper office building in downtown Los Angeles has been transformed into a Baltimore police station, where DiNozzo has brought a handcuffed Gibbs in for questioning after tackling and arresting him on the street.

When he learns that his future boss is not a crook but an undercover NCIS agent, he is dumbstruck - by Gibbs' seeming stupidity in getting busted.

"Well, it's official," DiNozzo says as he cuffs Gibbs ...

"He's a cop — a Navy cop. Navy NCIS," the actor adds, in as patronizing a tone as possible - an inside joke for fans, since that was the silly full title the series.

Weatherly promises that the episode will shed new light on his character, whose competence was being sacrificed for comedy in the eyes of some fans - and Michael.

"I have been more alert about: Are we going to step on Tony and put him in a position where he suddenly doesn't know how to fight very well?" he tells TV Guide.

"I've always thought, well, it'll be fine - until this year. In 2011, I'm like, no! We've got to protect him a little. But I think the writers were having the same idea."

For much more on the episode, as well as the origin of the head slap and the first time Michael met Mark Harmon in real life, check out TV Guide's cover story!

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This episode explained the real reason why Tony left Baltimore.
He let everybody believe he left due to personality problems, when it was actually because he couldn't turn in his partner but he couldn't ethically stay if he didn't. We have seen the writers going deeper into the DiNozzo character this last couple of seasons. And that is a good thing. He is beginning to be more than just comedy relief when he is in the squad room.


from your lips to God's ear..I hope she dies too - and soon...


i dont think he will marry ej i think she will die


oh Janet...not Tony's butt..unless he marries ej..that Michael heres butt..anytime !


glad you liked it editor and loved tonys casual clothes he should wear them more often and yes im ready anytime to kick tonys you know what.

Heather moyer gendeloff

He looks so hot in casual clothes. I wish he could ware them more often. I loved him in jeans and a leather jacket. But the dark hair not so much. He looks better with the lighter color hair. Wish there was more to the flashback and Tony and Gibbs meeting. Still it was pretty good.


Michael someone should kick your ass - Ziva or Janet or I. Get real will ya ? Ziva is likely the only reason that Tony is so popular. This Episode was 'Bellissimo'...loved every second of it.
Janet - Tony's hair was so black because they wanted to go back to 2001 and apparently accordingly to MW he had just finished doing that Robert Wagner movie and his hair was like that (although maybe not soooo dark) when he started Season 1. I have the tapes and really it is not as dark as that for sure. Loved finding out about Tony's stapler..cute..didn't know that Tony was engaged to his high school Music Teacher, Wendy. According to writers she left him (maybe at the Alter?) and that is perhaps why Tony became a womanizer. Man, Tony has issues with romance for sure from way back. Enjoyed the 2 new Gibbs rules and the very best scene - the ending when he "smiled"...Best part of the whole night - no ej and her team..did not enjoy even hearing her name from Tony. I am so wishing for more Tony/Ziva scenes but with Gary Glasberg writing the final season show - likely not gonna happen..glad I watched and it was totally different from what I had expected it to be. That's normal for me - can never guess anything. However, I do believe that Mike Franks gets killed and am so sad about that.

Matthew lee

One more thing..... It deals with the whole Tony/Ziva angle.. Ok this is a Bellasario production. If you noticed in his last three series he has played the same lingering, love undertones storyline and its a rehash...
Look at JAG, Harm and Mac where flirting with love interests for like seven seasons. When you thought it would get close something would come up and start all over again... and it never really ended right, they flirted and skirted round the issue and the ending was left in air.
NCIS- Tony and going on what its fourth/fifth season of flirting, will they/wont they storyline. You think after Somolia youd have them exploring, and then BAM its JAG all over again.
NCIS: can see him rehashing it again with Kensi and Deeks. Dont get me wrong I dont mind it but the whole Tony Ziva thing, dont be waiting patiently for that, Bellasario will play that out for the length of the show.

Matthew lee

"loved this episode just a few points first why did they make tonys hair so dark and second why where there no connection with ziva and tony they only spoke a few words when tony lost his cell come on you writers give us something." I believe there was something there about Tony's phone being lost, also did you notice Gibbs lost his glasses as well... think that meant something otherwise why spend time on Gibbs losing his glasses or Tony's phone....... Everything is done for a reason....


oh my god michael put a sock in it.a big F for your writing skills.

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