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NCIS returns to CBS Tuesday, and when Tony's ex-partner, Danny Price, appears to be the Port-to-Port Killer's latest victim, he revisits his days as a detective in Baltimore.

In this much-anticipated "origin" episode, we'll also see DiNozzo's first encounter with the man who's been his boss for the better part of 10 years now: Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The episode, appropriately titled "Baltimore" also marks the first time in at least 40 episodes that Michael Weatherly has gotten to wear casual attire on the show ...

Tony Meets Jethro

Shooting an NCIS interrogation scene quite unlike any other, Michael and Mark Harmon are in flashback mode, circa 2001, facing off as captor and the captured.

An abandoned newspaper office building in downtown Los Angeles has been transformed into a Baltimore police station, where DiNozzo has brought a handcuffed Gibbs in for questioning after tackling and arresting him on the street.

When he learns that his future boss is not a crook but an undercover NCIS agent, he is dumbstruck - by Gibbs' seeming stupidity in getting busted.

"Well, it's official," DiNozzo says as he cuffs Gibbs ...

"He's a cop — a Navy cop. Navy NCIS," the actor adds, in as patronizing a tone as possible - an inside joke for fans, since that was the silly full title the series.

Weatherly promises that the episode will shed new light on his character, whose competence was being sacrificed for comedy in the eyes of some fans - and Michael.

"I have been more alert about: Are we going to step on Tony and put him in a position where he suddenly doesn't know how to fight very well?" he tells TV Guide.

"I've always thought, well, it'll be fine - until this year. In 2011, I'm like, no! We've got to protect him a little. But I think the writers were having the same idea."

For much more on the episode, as well as the origin of the head slap and the first time Michael met Mark Harmon in real life, check out TV Guide's cover story!

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The reason Tony Hair is so dark is because these was back before he join NCIS last night they show flashback of him joinning NCIS and Who care about Ziva she old now time for new blood


Janet you make a good point


loved this episode just a few points first why did they make tonys hair so dark and second why where there no connection with ziva and tony they only spoke a few words when tony lost his cell come on you writers give us something.


I read that all of the main characters are signed for next season so I do not think it is any of them.


(disculpen la traducción, soy argentina y escribo en castellano pero no siempre salen mis comentarios tal cual los escribo, espero que esta vez sí entiendan) Para mi el P2P es EJ. La reflexión que hace MW es simplemente xq él ve en EJ la vida que no tuvo x no aceptar la misión en Rota. Esa es la "fascinación" o unión que puede encontrar con EJ xq él piensa que son exactamente iguales. sólo eso. Ahora bien, al igual que muchos de uds. si TIVA no se concreta, para mi, tb. terminó NCIS.


For Long Time NCIS fan like me should Vivian Blackadder make a appears? I know that they didn't like her but should she be shown in Tony Flashback


boo hoo Janet, I hate to say this, but I think it's just you and me who think that at this point! Read the article "TV Guide Magazine" and you will get MW's insight - which will totally differ from ours - and in that article he says when Tony went back to the shower to read Gibbs wedding invitation (I figured something was odd with that scene) - "it was a place where they T/ej had shared intimate moments (they didn't put that on NCIS show thankfully)- not intimate sexually as much as intimate emotionally and Tony is wondering if he could achieve a life and kids with her ?? Oh, yes and she has a sunny disposition (not) which Tony also has and she's smiley (not) - and she's his equal (not) and not fraught with neurotic banter" (ha)...I could go on, but I will not. In my humble opinion Tony would chose ej over Ziva and I think that Michael never wants Tony and Ziva together on this show and for the life of me - I CAN NOT see it. Otherwise, why was the Somalia trip necessary and the "couldn't live without you" I am really annoyed!! Don't have the same desire to watch Baltimore tonight as I did earlier today. I have hope that enough people hate ej as I do and she will not be back -but the point is - we have waited for what 6 almost 7 years to have Tony and Ziva together and that may still be their end plan, but honestly if he has already been there done that this past few episodes in the show (like Rule # 12 I always thought the conversation with he and Gibbs would be over ZIVA) then for the next 2 years I can't see me getting into T/Z relationship just to have one. I truly don't watch it for the murders I watch it for the relationships and now I just don't know...distraught that is what I am..not even shooting ej will be enough for me now !! Lets just hope I am totally off base as is MW.....awhhhhhhhh! Come on!!!! I may have had enought angst - I can not see myself watching Season 9 at all!!! Tony would sure have a lot of making up to do to me (and Ziva - thank you very much!!!) Goof!!


oh my god editor dont say tony is thinking of marrying her he cant there is only one for him and thats ziva.


oh...I am sad if it is gonna be Mike Franks, but honestly Aura Z what you say makes perfect sense and the Pyramid (Franks-Gibbs-DiNozzo) idea is perfect. I suppose that the only thing I can actually hope for now is that sleazy agent is somehow responsible for his death and everyone will hate her and Gibbs will have been right. And Janet, I read somewhere this morning that Tony may actually be talking 'love and marriage' regarding her - so I don't know? This may just not be as 'wonderful' a season finale as we are expecting..what the heck is wrong with Tony ? - as she drugged him or something ??? Not liking this very much I think. Can't wait to see tonights least I think I can't wait !!


I think it will be Franks I don't think it be McGee

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